Clifford (クリフォード Kurifōdo) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. He is an once-famous knight and father of Ruby. After his wife died, he sunk into depression and now fights as a mercenary to pay his alcohol debts.


In-Game Edit

Overall Edit

He is available for recruitment as soon as Chapter 3, at which point he's more or less invincible, and can trivialise any chapter you deploy him in. The Shield Mastery skill does a lot for his bulk (which, with a base of 11, was already good to begin with), and in conjunction with his absurd 23 base small and medium shield skill, he'll proc shields virtually all of the time. He has an astonishing base spear skill of 31 and as a result he'll rarely miss with spears, and with his excellent strength base of 13, he hits incredibly hard with them. He joins at level 20, too, so he can use all the equipment he'd ever need immediately.

His growth rates are low, certainly, but this doesn't matter whatsoever to him - he'll never fall off anyways.

There's never a point in the entire game where Clifford isn't a worthwhile unit to bring along, and his only real limitation is that you have to train Ruby, a significantly inferior unit, in order to permanently recruit him and get over his rather expensive recruitment price.

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