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“Respecting Hector's last wishes, Roy made his way west toward Ostia. On the way, he passed through Laus, a Lycian territory governed by Lord Erik, Marquess Laus. With calm meadows and clear streams, Laus seemed peaceful at first glance. However, Roy was to discover a dark conspiracy that would shake the very foundation of the Lycia Alliance...”
—Opening Narration

Collapse of the Alliance (同盟の崩壊 Dōmei no hōkai) is Chapter 4 of Fire Emblem: Binding Blade.

The chapter begins with Roy making his way towards Ostia, the ruling territory of the Lycian League. However, on his journey through Lycia to Ostia, Roy passes through the Lycian territory of Laus.

After the chapter's introduction, a conversation is shown between one of Bern's Wyvern Lords, Narcian, and the current Marquess of Laus, Erik. The conversation implies Laus's betrayal of Lycia to Bern, and also involves Clarine, whom Erik had brought to Laus on the request of Narcian.

During the conversation, Narcian and Erik are made aware of Roy's forces, who will be momentarily passing by Castle Laus on route to Ostia. Narcian then soon after takes his leave, and Erik prepares the Laus army to ambush Roy's forces to prove himself a worthy ally to Bern. The battle then after ensues.


See: Collapse of the Alliance/Script


The battle takes place in the area around and to the east of Castle Laus. The player's units are deployed in the north-eastern side of the map.

The south-east portion of the map is dominated by a large body of water that streches off-screen through the south and east. This body of water includes three miniature islands which are impossible to reach (due to the water) by any of the player's units except Shanna, who can fly there. Two of these islands include forts, which Pirates will come out of in the later turns of the battle.

The north-west side of the map is covered by a small mountain range, which will play very little into the battle. This range extends from above Castle Laus to near the middle of the map at the top.

Three villages also exist on this map. The first one is to the North-East, and can be reached in the first turn; it gives a Door Key. The second is to the North in the middle of the map; there, the player will receive a Steel Blade. Finally, to the South near the middle of the map is a final village which is far from the main area which the battle takes place in. This village is the most important, giving the player an Angelic Robe. The Pirates will try to reach this Southern village, although they can easily be routed or beaten to the punch.

A few forested spaces are scattered around the edges of the map, although they will not often come into consideration due to their placement. However, if the battle takes an odd turn, they can offer good defensive cover.

Also, a cliff lays underneath the northernmost village, making access to it limited to only a space or two. This could be used tactically to invade from the north, but is not necessary.

Initial EnemyEdit

1 Cavalier L2 w/ Iron Sword

2 Cavalier L2 w/ Iron Lance

2 Cavalier L3 w/ Iron Sword

3 Cavalier L3 w/ Iron Lance

1 Cavalier L4 w/ Iron Sword

1 Cavalier L5 w/ Iron Lance

1 Archer L4 w/ Iron Bow

2 Archer L5 w/ Iron Bow

2 Nomad L1 w/ Iron Bow

Erik: Cavalier L10 w/ Steel Sword, Javelin


  • It should be noted that this map is almost identical to that of Chapter 14 of Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, False Friends, with the only difference being the addition of the northeast village. There are many parallels between the two chapters in terms of storyline, as well, with Erik serving as the boss of both chapters; Erik's meeting with Narcian paralleling Darin's with Ephidel, and Erik's pursuit of Clarine mirroring Darin's pursuit of Priscilla, who is likewise the lone Troubadour to join your party in that game. Also, both are nobility and have an elder brother who is a recruitable enemy.


Door Key - Northeast village

Angelic Robe - Southern village

Steel Blade - Northern village

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