Respecting Hector's last wishes, Roy made his way west toward Ostia. On the way there, Roy passes through the Laus territory, governed by Lord Erik. At a glance, Laus is a peaceful territory with vast meadows and clear streams, but there was great skullduggery going on behind the scenes...

Chapter 4: Collapse of the Alliance

(Inside Castle Laus)

Erik: Ah, Sir Narcian.

Narcian: Lord Erik. I have not praised your wise decision of turning against Lycia to come to our side yet.

Erik: There is no future for us if we are chained down by old, moldy traditions, sir.

Narcian: That, my friend, is a wise way of thinking. Now, where is the gift that you promised me? She does not seem to be here.

Erik: Ah, yes! I have prepared her in a separate room. She is a naive girl, you see. When I told her that I would let her meet her brother, she came right along with us. You, over there! Bring her here!

(Clarine is brought)

Clarine: What is this room? Where is my brother, Klein?

Narcian: Welcome, Lady Clarine.

Clarine: Who might you be?

Narcian: I am Narcian, one of Bern's Three Dragon Lords. My Lady, I shall play with you instead of your brother. Hehehe...

Clarine: Hahahahaha!

Narcian: ? What is so amusing, my lady?

Clarine: You? Instead of my brother? Take a good look in the mirror. Your clothing, your hair, your speech... every aspect of you completely lacks finesse.

Narcian: Lacks finesse?! Me, lacking finesse?!

Clarine: Comparing you and my brother is like comparing a turkey to a peacock!

Narcian: You, you vermin!! Saying that I lack finesse, of all things!

(A soldier appears)

Soldier: Sir Narcian, I have just received a report that Castle Araphen has been retaken by the enemy!

Narcian: What! What happened to Slater?

Soldier: Er... His whereabouts are unknown, sir. The enemy has been reported as Roy, son of the Marquess of Pherae.

Clarine: ......

Narcian: Damn! Lord Erik, lock the girl up in some cell. I shall have much 'fun' with her when I return! You, close down the highroad leading to Ostia. This Roy figure might pass by.

Soldier: Yes, sir!

(The enemy army takes to the battlefield and Narcian flies away)

(Turn 1 begins)

(Before Turn 3 properly begins, inside the castle)

Clarine: They shall pay for locking me up in here...

Unknown person: ... Hey.

Clarine: Is someone there?!

(Rutger appears)

Rutger: I'm a mercenary hired by Lord Erik. He wants to see you.

Clarine: I refuse. I do not wish to meet with such lower-class people.

Rutger: ... Just get over here.

Clarine: Let go! You shall pay! Do you know who I am?!

Rutger: .....

Clarine: Let go, I say!

(Before Turn 4 properly begins, inside the castle)

Clarine: I said, let go!

Rutger: Shut up. You won't be able to escape with all the noise you're making.

Clarine: ! Then you're...

Rutger: I've prepared a horse for you over there by that tree. Get on it and leave while you can.

Clarine: ... Why are you helping me?

Rutger: I have hatred against Bern.

Clarine: Hatred?

Rutger: It's none of your business.

Clarine: Putting it that way only makes me more curious.

Rutger: Time's running short. Go!

Clarine: .....

(Clarine leaves the castle as a NPC)

Clarine: This is in the middle of a battlefield! What was that man thinking?1 A proper gentleman should escort the lady to her mansion! Well, putting that aside... I came here all the way on my own to meet my brother, and now look at the state I'm in... What should I do now?

(After Turn 4, on the forts of the southern islands)

Pirate: Heh... all this crap about Lycia and Bern or whatever. People of nobility have so much to worry about. Well, we can't complain 'cause we make our living off of turmoil. Hehehe...

(Before Turn 6 properly begins, inside the castle)

Erik: Ah, there you are!

Rutger: What do you want?

Erik: Our forces are having trouble out there. Take some more troops and assist them.

Rutger: ......

Erik: Didn't you hear? I said to go help them!

Rutger: I heard you. I'll leave as soon as I'm ready.

(Rutger leaves)

Erik: Hmph, not the friendliest of people. Well, he's supposed to be one of the best swordsmen out there.

(After Turn 6, Rutger and some reinforcements enter the battlefield)

Rutger: .....

(After conquering the castle)

Merlinus: Master Roy! The Laus soldiers are retreating.

Roy: Okay, good. Tell everyone to get some rest.

Merlinus: Yes.

(Merlinus leaves)

Guinevere: Roy... are you all right?

Roy: I would have never guessed that Lord Erik would turn to Bern's side. I thought the members of the Lycia Alliance had a strong bonding to each other. Damn Bern! Playing dirty like this!

Guinevere: ... I apologize.

Roy: Oh... I'm sorry! I wasn't even thinking about your feelings...

Guinevere: No... you are right.

Roy: We will now proceed west towards Ostia. But we can no longer trust the other marquesses and now that Lord Hector has passed away, there may no longer be a peaceful way to end this war. My lady, do you plan on returning to Bern? If you need anything...

Guinevere: No, please allow me to stay, if it would not be a burden.

Roy: It would never be a burden! But why do you wish to stay?

Guinevere: My brother is wrong. He is dragging the Dragons into a human war. If he thinks that is the way to liberate the world, I must stop him.

Roy: To liberate the world?

Guinevere: Yes, he has always been talking about liberating the world. He is saying that this war is to do so.

Roy: What does he mean?

Guinevere: I do not know... But my brother is not the kind of person that would think about taking over the world. So he must have a very important reason for conquering Elibe. Still, that is no excuse to cause war, killing innocent people...

Roy: Princess Guinevere...


Roy and ClarineEdit

Clarine: Pardon me, you over there!

Roy: Me?

Clarine: Who else? You are the leader of this group, are you not?

Roy: Yes.

Clarine: That is most convenient. All right then, you are to protect me.

Roy: Excuse me?

Clarine: Are you deaf? I said that you are going to protect me from harm.

Merlinus: Mind your mouth, young lady!

Clarine: Please step back. I was not addressing you.

Merlinus: What?! Who do you think...

Roy: Now, now, Merlinus... It looks like she's being pursued by the castle's soldiers. That is why she wants us to guard her. Right?

Clarine: Um, yes! That is correct...

Merlinus: What... what impudence! Our army isn't so lenient that we are going to take along some girl who would be of absolutely no use!

Clarine: My name is Clarine, not 'girl'. And I am not of no use! I can use these staves to heal wounded allies.

Roy: So you will fight alongside us?

Clarine: ... Yes! Of course!.. I would certainly not ask to be protected without doing anything in return!

Roy: Thank you for joining! We're going up against Bern, so we need all the people we can recruit. I'm Roy. Pleased to meet you, Clarine.

Clarine: I am also pleased... Hmph! I will not be friendly with you...

Clarine and RutgerEdit

Clarine: Oh! You are...

Rutger: What, you're still here?

Clarine: "Still here?" You just abandon me in the middle of a battlefield, and you still have the nerve to say that?! I could have been killed!

Rutger: Then you're lucky that you're still alive. Is there anything else you need to say to me?

Clarine: Wait a minute! You are just going to walk away after abandoning me? I do not think so. A proper gentleman should take responsibility for his actions.

Rutger: Responsibility? What responsibility?

Clarine: If a gentleman rescues a lady, he must also escort her to her mansion! I've never heard any story from any barf of a man just abandoning the lady.

Rutger: ... What in the world are you talking about?

Clarine: Besides, do you not have a grudge against Bern? Then you shouldn't be trying to fight us, who are going up against Bern.

Rutger: What? Wait! Is that true?

Clarine: ? Is what true?

Rutger: Is the army that you're in really fighting against Bern?

Clarine: Yes... the leader named Roy or something say so.

Rutger: ... All right.

Clarine: ?

Rutger: I'm going to join your army. Happy now?

Clarine: Ah... I guess so.

(Rutger leaves)

Clarine: Wait! The most important thing is not to fight Bern, but to protect me!

Against ErikEdit

(Before battling him)

Erik: You fools who are bound down by old, moldy tradition! I shall teach you the ways of the world!

(After defeating him)

Erik: Ha... haha... Fools... There is no future for those... who try and oppose absolute power...

Villages and housesEdit

Village: "If you don't have a thief, you won't be able to open chests and doors. Only a thief can use lockpicks. But I have a key called the door key, which can open any door if anyone uses it. You should thank me." (Door Key received!)

Village: Everyone here is your ally. We're not about to abandon the land in which we were born in and change sides. Please take this treasured sword. It was given to us generations ago. A gift from the king. (Steel Blade received!)

Village: "I can't believe this war is happening... Under Bern's leadership, we will definitely wither. Here is something that will help you stand longer. Think carefully before using it." (Angelic Robe received!)

House: "The mountain bandits and pirates attack towns. Once they destroy a town, there won't be anything left. Save the towns!"

House: "In the Laus army, there are mounted soldiers who use bows. This is the nomad tribe. Everyone wants their military might nowadays..."

House: "Do you know the main point of combat? There are weapons known as Buster weapons, which defy the weapon triangle!"

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