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The Conqueror (オーバーロード Ōbārōdo, lit. Overlord in the Japanese version) is a combat physical class that was introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening.


In Awakening, the Conquerer class is the personal class of Walhart and is aptly named after his role as a warrior who embarks on a conquest to usurp control over the entire continent. It is similar to the Great Knight class but with higher Movement and more balanced stats, the Conqueror class is outfitted with Swords, Lances and Axes as its weapons of choice.

The class reappears in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It is an Over Class and functions as the promotion for the Hero class, making it exclusive to Alm.

The Conqueror class makes an appearance in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, where it functions as a promotion for Chrom. The class offers superior offense and defensive capabilities.


Base StatsEdit

HP Str Mag Skl SpdLck Def Res Mov ConWt.Wp.Rank
FE13 241039801258--SwordIconFE13 E LanceIconFE13 E AxeIconFE13 E

Maximum StatsEdit

HP Str Mag Skl SpdLck Def Res Mov ConWt.Wp.Rank
FE13 804525404045453510--SwordIconFE13 A LanceIconFE13 A AxeIconFE13 A

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl SpdLck Def Res Mov ConWt.Wp.Rank
FE13 50%20%5%20%20%0%10%10%----

Class SkillsEdit

Skill Requirements
FE13 FE13ConquerorConquestBase skill of the Conqueror class.


Base Class Promotion Method Promoted Class(es)
FE15 Alm Hero Echoes map spriteHeroVisit the Altar of the King when the relevant unit reaches Level 20.Alm Conqueror map spriteConqueror

Notable ConquerorsEdit


Echoes: Shadows of ValentiaEdit

  • Promotion for: Alm

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FEEdit

  • Possible promotion for: Chrom


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