Intro Cutscene Edit

  • "Are you prepared for this?!" (Female)
  • "You ready for this?!" (Male)

Switching to Character Edit

  • "I'll handle things here."

Ally Assist Edit

  • ""

Help Edit

  • ""

Critical Lines Edit


  • "Let's finish this!"


  • "Here I go!"
  • "We won't give up!"
  • "I won't let this happen!"

Dual Strike Lines Edit

As lead

  • "I'll give it my all!"

With Leo as support

  • Corrin: "Leo! Win and my tomato stash is yours!"
  • Leo: "Really!? Excellent!"

With Takumi as support

  • Corrin: "Are you in, Takumi?"
  • Takumi: "Yeah! Why are you even asking?"

As support

  • "Let's work together!"

With Leo as lead

  • Leo: "Theres no time like the present."
  • Corrin: "Yes, leave it to me!"

With Takumi as lead

  • Takumi: "Help me, Corrin!"
  • Corrin: "I'm happy to be fighting alongside you!"

Praise Lines Edit


  • "This battle is flowing pretty smoothly, don't you think?"
  • "Your techniques are a revelation! This whole battle may rely on you."
  • "Your strength has given me the courage to fight on!"

Level Up Edit

  • "Looks like I got a bit stronger."

Death Lines Edit

  • "I'm sorry. There was nothing I could do."

Victory Lines Edit

  • "I think that went pretty well!" (Female)
  • "I think that went well!" (Male)