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“The Caer Pelyn Range... According to Ewan, a little-known passage to Jehanna lies there, hidden within its cracked red bedrock and knife-edged peaks. To avoid Carcino and combat, Eirika's troops take the mountain path. They begin climbing higher and higher toward Caer Pelyn. Unbeknownst to the group, hordes of dark creatures now roam the peaks.”
—Opening Narration

Creeping Darkness is Chapter 11 of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones in Eirika's route. It is notable that this chapter is the second in Eirika's route to contain only monsters as foes, the first being Ancient Horrors. In the chapter, Dozla, a Berserker wielding a Battle Axe, and L'Arachel, a Troubadour, are available for recruitment, both of whom appeared in Ancient Horrors as well. To have them join, talk to L'Arachel with Eirika, and then talk to Dozla with L'Arachel. Alternatively, both are automatically recruited at the end of the chapter if they survived and were not recruited by the player. This chapter also marks the second appearance of Ewan, brother of Tethys, though he is not yet playable.

Initial Enemy Edit

  • Boss: L8 Wight w/ Steel Sword




  • Chest Key (Bonewalker near the eastern chest)
  • Chest Key (Bonewalker who appears during Turn 9)
  • Chest Key (Bonewalker to the south east)


Previous chapter:
Revolt at Carcino
Creeping Darkness Next chapter:
Village of Silence

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