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Crossbows are a special type of bow in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn which can only be wielded by four classes: the Sniper, Marksman, Warrior, and Reaver. They have exceedingly high power, even with the fact that strength is not factored, and excellent accuracy, which along with effective bonuses makes them perfect weapons to destroy Pegasi units and Bird Laguz. There are only a limited amount of the strongest three crossbows, and the two that can be purchased in armories are expensive. The greatest difference between crossbows and bows is that crossbows can attack at close-range in addition to firing from a distance of two spaces. So far, crossbows have only been shown in Radiant Dawn. Another interesting thing about crossbows is that they have no weapon rank, allowing any user of crossbows to use any of them. Crossbows also use stones or sticks to attack, not arrows, which is another major difference between them and regular bows.

List of CrossbowsEdit

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