“C,crap! My father's grudge... I will have his revenge!”
—Battle Quote with Seliph

Danann is an enemy character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is the son of Lombard, the half-brother of Lex, the father of Brian, Iuchar, and Iucharba, and the King of Isaach for the period of time from the Battle of Belhalla to Seliph's uprising in Isaach.

Danann is mentioned by Lombard in Chapter 5, who refers to him as being useless, as he is unable to quash a small uprising in Isaach. Danann eventually ascends the throne, whereupon he rules with an oppressive hand, going so far as to lower the social class of the Issacian people to that of slaves. When Seliph initiates the liberation of Isaach in Chapter 6, Danann attempts to stop him. Unfortunately for Danann, the mighty Helswath is in Brian's capable hands at the time. Without his mighty axe to support him, Danann perishes at the hands of Seliph's army.

In GameEdit


  • Minor Holy Blood Indicator - Minor Holy Blood
  • Major Holy Blood Indicator - Major Holy Blood

Starting Class Holy Blood
FE4 Baron SpriteBaron Neir Holy BloodMajor Holy Blood IndicatorNeir
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov Lead Gold
25 60 21 10 14 13 0 20 10 5 4FE4 Leadership Star 5,000
Skills Weapon Starting Items

Big shieldGreat Shield

FE4 SwordSword - A
FE4 LanceLance - A
FE4 Axe Axe - A
FE4 BowBow - A
FE4 FireFire - A
FE4 ThunderThunder - A
FE4 WindWind - A
FE4 StaffStaff - A

FE4SilveraxeSilver Axe
ThiefswordThief Sword


Danann is very difficult to defeat in close combat, as he at a high level of 25, when a majority of characters obtained by that time are at relatively low levels. However, Danann does not have the Helswath in his possession, and is thus unable to attack at a range. This thus gives the player the chance to drain his Hit Points with characters such as Arthur or Lester. It is also possible to Boss Abuse Danann, on the condition that the character being trained can survive at least one hit or attack at a range.


Battle conversationEdit

“Rebels! Don't underestimate the Grannvale Empire!”
—Battle quote
(Facing Seliph in battle)
Danann: Y, you're the son of that Sigurd! C, crap! My father's grudge... I will have his revenge!
Seliph: King Danann... Under your rule, many people have suffered and died. Now you must face the consequences.

(Facing Iuchar in battle)
Danann: I, Iuchar... That woman has turned you against me!?
Iuchar: Sigh... I pledged my life for her love. Forgive me, father...
Danann: Y, you fool...

(Facing Iucharba in battle)
Danann: Iucharba, you...! How dare you rise up against your father!!
Iucharba: Sorry... I don't want anything more to do with your evil deeds. It's nothing personal.
Danann: D, damn it...! Iucharba!

Death quoteEdit

“Cough... Lord Arvis, your majesty...”
—Death quote


Danannd was the granddaughter of Ogma and mother of Brian, Iuchar, and Iucharba in Irish Mythology.


  • The family tree in Fire Emblem Treasure revealed that Danann has a deceased younger sibling, alongside the fact that he and Lex had different mothers. [1]
  • The "Choose Your Legends" event of Fire Emblem Heroes revealed that he was 789th place out of 791 with 18 votes, tying him with Bloom for lowest scoring character in the Genealogy of the Holy War portion.