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Generation 1

Chapter 4: Dance in the Skies


(Pegasus knights fly to Sailane)

Oifey: Sir, Lady Rahna is here.

Rahna: “Lord Sigurd, how is life in Sailane? Have you gotten used to it yet?”

Sigurd: “Yes. I truly appreciate your hospitality, Lady Rahna.”

Rahna: “I know it must be uncomfortable in such a small castle, but please bear it a little longer… I have been writing letters explaining your innocence to King Azmur, but he has yet to respond.”

Sigurd: “That’s… Prime Minister Reptor has probably been hiding them. I’m sure it’s he who tricked my father…”

Rahna: “Lord Sigurd… I understand how you feel, but you must not hold grudges against people like that. Hate will bring you nothing. I promise you I will think of something, so until then…”

Sigurd: “Yes… I really don’t know how to thank you.”

Rahna: “Don’t worry about it. Oh, one more thing. Something good has happened in Grannvale.”

Sigurd: “Something good?”

Rahna: “Yes. After being missing for so long, Prince Kurth’s daughter has turned up. The entire country is bursting with joy.”

Sigurd: “What? …Really!?”

Rahna: “King Azmur recognized her at once. She has the symbol of Naga, so she is indeed part of the royal family.”

Sigurd: “I see… Good. The royal heritage won’t die out…”

Rahna: “Also, the princess is apparently in a relationship with Lord Arvis. The King has approved their marriage, and there is to be a grand wedding soon.”

Sigurd: “With Lord Arvis?”

Rahna: “Everyone is saying they look perfect together, Lord Sigurd. It’s nice to be young, isn’t it? You… oh… I’m sorry, Lord Sigurd. Your wife…”

Sigurd: “Deirdre… she’s still gone… It’s already been over a year. Seliph has grown so much, but I still can’t show him to her…”

Rahna: “Lord Sigurd, I’m sure you’ll find her. So…”

Sigurd: “Yes, I know… I know that I will find her some day… I just know it.”

Mahnya: “Lady Rahna, it is getting dark…”

Rahna: “Oh, yes. We should be going soon… One more thing, Lord Sigurd. Please be wary of Duke Maios of Thove. He has had his eye on Sailane for some time. He may go so far as to attack you. We would offer you troops, but…”

Sigurd: “…Silesia needs to be protected in case of attack by Duke Daccar of Zaxon. Do not concern yourself with our protection. We can deal with any attacks by Thove’s army.”

Rahna: “Well, you are a veteran of many battles. It has been good speaking with you, Lord Sigurd.”

Sigurd: “Lady Rahna, it’s been a pleasure.”

Lewyn: “Mother! You talk for hours with Sigurd, but you won’t even spare one moment for your own son?”

Rahna: “My son left me two years ago and ran off to some faraway place. I don’t see him anywhere.”

Lewyn: “Ah… you’re still mad?”

Rahna: “You have no idea how worried and saddened I was!”

Lewyn: “I had my reasons, mother. But since I’ve come home in one piece, will you please forgive me? I’ll make up for the time I was gone. I know, do you want me to massage your shoulders for you?”

Rahna: “Why, I never! Treating me like an old lady… Lewyn, I have much to tell you. Come to Silesse. Soon. Understood?”

Lewyn: “…sigh…”

Mahnya: “Lord Lewyn, Rahna is very happy for you despite her attitude. She’s been so cheerful ever since you returned…”

Lewyn: “Thank you, Mahnya. You have my gratitude. Take care of mother for me, alright?”

Mahnya: “Yes, of course. As the flightleader of the Silessean Pegasus Knights, I will guard her with my life.”

Lewyn: “Thank you. Also… are you going to leave Ferry here?”

Mahnya: “Yes… I ask that you keep her at your side. She…”

Ferry: “Mahnya!”

Mahnya: “Oh, Ferry. You were there?”

Ferry: “Don’t tell Lord Lewyn any more than necessary…”

Mahnya: “Oh… Sorry, you’re right. I should have kept quiet. Ferry, I’m returning to Silesse with Lady Rahna. So make sure you protect Lord Lewyn, alright?”

Ferry: “I know, Mahnya…”

(If Finn is alive)

Quan: “Sigurd, I’m going to head back to Leonster. I’ll round up some reinforcements and meet up with you again. Until then.”

Ethlyn: “Sigurd, I’m leaving with Quan too, but we will be back. Take care of yourself!”

Finn: “Sir, I’ll be heading back with Quan as well. Thanks for everything! I know you’ll be cleared of that false accusation soon. Stay strong and persevere.”

Sigurd: “Thanks. Well, you’ve got a long trip ahead of you. I wish I could help you all out somehow… I’ll be praying for your safety.”

(If Finn is ”dead")

Quan: “Sigurd, I’m going to head back to Leonster. I’ll round up some reinforcements and meet up with you again. Until then.”

Ethlyn: “Sigurd, I’m leaving with Quan too, but we will be back. Take care of yourself!”

Sigurd: “Thanks. Well, you’ve got a long trip ahead of you. I wish I could help you two out somehow… I’ll be praying for your safety.”

(If Finn is alive and Quan or Ethlyn is ”dead”)

Finn: “Sir, thank you for everything. I’m heading back to Leonster to help Quan assemble some reinforcement troops. I know you’ll be cleared of that false accusation soon. Stay strong and persevere.”

Sigurd: “Thanks. You’ve got a long trip ahead of you. I wish I could help you out somehow… I’ll be praying for your safety.”


Maios: “Deet’var, where are we at with our preparations?”

Deet’var: “Bishop Cuvuli’s wind mages are standing by in a forest near Sailane. They await your command.”

Maios: “Alright then. Give my order to strike Sailane! Deet’var, your Pegasus squad knows what to do, don’t they?”

Deet’var: “Yes. Our squadron is to divert the enemy.”

Maios: “Alright, then get going! Heheh… The heads of the Grannvale traitors should fetch us a nice little sum!”

Turn 1 – Enemy Phase (Cuvuli’s wind mage squad)

Cuvuli: “The orders to take Sailane have just come through. Now to show these traitors the true ferocity of a wind mage!”


Daccar: “Maios has moved his troops, has he? Heheh. This is getting interesting. Wouldn’t you agree, Pamela?”

Pamela: “Indeed. The fugitive army is quite a surprise though. They may prove to be a real threat. So you think our takeover of Silesse will go smoothly if Duke Maios can just draw them in?”

Daccar: “I do. I’ve already reached a private agreement with Grannvale. Andorey’s reinforcement troops should be arriving shortly. Heh heh… Pamela, the day I am to become Silesse’s next king is not that far off.”

Pamela: “Yes, it shall certainly come.”

Sylvia Waits Next to Ferry (Sylvia’s Jealousy) Sylvia: “Hey Ferry, you don’t by any chance have a thing for Lewyn, do ya??”

Ferry: “What? I don’t. He’s just… Prince Lewyn is an extremely important person to Silesse.”

Sylvia: “I seeee. So you don’t mind if him and I go out??”

Ferry: “No, I don’t mind… (?)”

Sylvia: “Really?? You’re not pretendin’ t’not like him or somethin’ are ya?”

Ferry: “Pretend? What ar-… why would I need to pretend??”

Sylvia: “I don’t know. Well, then I’m goin’ after him.”

Ferry: “Umm… whomever is to be the next queen of Silesse needs to have a little grace and dignity like our own Queen Rahna.”

Sylvia: “So you’re sayin’ I’m no good somehow!? How rude!”

Ferry: “No, I’m just…”

Sylvia: “Hmph, Fine! You just wait and see!”

Ferry: “……”

Getting Near the Thove Bridge

Maios: “The Grannvale traitors are nearing, are they? Raise the drawbridge over Thove River. They can’t cross without this key. Heh heh… I can just imagine their dumbfounded faces!”

Dew Stands Next to the Thove Bridge

Dew: “Oh, it’s just one of these locks. These are nothin’. There ya go!”

Conquering Thove

Oifey: “Sir, one of the elders would like to speak with you.”

Sigurd: “Good, I’d like to have a word with him as well. Please, send him this way.”

Elder: “Sir Sigurd, you’ve done us all a great service by overthrowing Lord Maios. All the townsfolk are rejoicing!”

Sigurd: “…I don’t understand. I thought for sure you all considered us the aggressor here.”

Elder: “Listen here. Lord Maios was nothing but a tyrant. Plain and simple. There is not a Silessean alive who does not have the utmost of adoration for Queen Rahna.”

Sigurd: “Wow. You don’t say? I tell you what… I’m going to leave things in your hands. I’m sure you’ll be hearing word from Queen Rahna in a day or two. But until then, I think the people should have a hand at governing themselves.”

Elder: “Understood. Queen Rahna is a veritable jewel of this great land. Please keep her from harm.”

Sigurd: “Yes, I will protect her to the absolute best of my ability.”

(Enemy Phase, Zaxon)

Daccar: “Thove’s been captured? Hmph. My brother never did realize he was just a mere pawn in my greater scheme. Pamela, it’s time to prove your worth. Now go lead your Pegasus Knights to victory! You’re to capture Silesse Castle before Sigurd can provide reinforcements.”

Pamela: “Yes sir!”


Mahnya: “Your Highness, Pamela’s squad just left Zaxon and they’re heading our way!”

Rahna: “What!? Are you sure? Well, at least we finally know Lord Daccar’s true intentions.”

Mahnya: “No need to worry. My knights can handle Pamela’s squad.”

Rahna: “Are you sure of that, Mahnya? I’ve heard Pamela is quite a fierce warrior.”

Mahnya: “Yes, she is a formidable opponent. But a Falcon Knight never prepares to enter a losing battle.”

Rahna: “I’m sorry, Mahnya. I’m just trying to understand your feelings. I…”

Mahnya: “Your Highness, this is the only life I know. Please, you needn’t get so emotional. I need to get going. Pegasus Knights, get into formation!”

(Next Enemy Phase, Zaxon)

Daccar: “Ah, Lord Andorey. I see you’ve finally arrived… So this must be the Beige Ritter, the reputed archery knights of Jungby… Impressive!”

Andorey: “My father is no longer with us and my older sister is being pursued for her involvement with the Grannvale traitors. So as the new lord of Jungby I now command the entire archer brigade! Those Pegasus Knights won’t pose a problem in the face of the Beige Ritter. Now watch ‘em fall!”

Mahnya Gets Near Pamela Mahnya: “Pamela… haven’t seen you around for a while… and to think we trained together as knights. I never imagined we would come to this!”

Pamela: “Mahnya, are you still fool enough to stay loyal to the queen? She knows it’s over for her. Well, I’ll become the top ranking Falcon Knight once you’re gone. Nothing personal.”

Mahnya: “Pamela, you’re the one acting like a fool! Well… I guess if this is how fate’ll have it. Let’s at least fight with a little grace and dignity. We are both Knights of Silesse after all.”

Pamela: “Sheesh… Enough of your rhetoric!”

First Player Phase After Mahnya Is Killed (Silesse)

Rahna: “What!? Mahnya died in battle!? Aahhh… No… Mahnya…… Forgive me…”

(Where Lewyn is)

Lewyn: “What! Mahnya died!? Th, that can’t be!”

(Where Ferry is)

Ferry:Huh!? My sister was… No! It can’t be true! Ooooah! Please! Someone tell me it’s not true!!”

First Enemy Phase After Mahnya Is Killed Andorey: “Hmm… Silesse’s Pegasus squad aren’t posing much of a problem. Alright. My troops’ll finish up here. Then we’ll bring down Silesse Castle. Pamela, make your way north over these mountains and take Thove Castle.”

Pamela: “Yes sir!”

Andorey’s Squad Conquers Silesse Andorey: “We got Silesse Castle? Okay. We’re finished here. Let’s wrap up and head back to Grannvale!”

(Next Player Phase, Zaxon)

Daccar: “Heh heh heh… Silesse Castle is finally in my possession, is it? Okay. We need a patrol south of Silesse River. Send some wind mages. And Donovan, I want you to take your axemen to Silesse and occupy the castle. But don’t lay a hand on Queen Rahna. She’ll be a valuable hostage for us.”

Donovan: “You got it.”


Rahna: “Hurry! Get out of here as quick as you can!”

Woman: “But Queen Rahna…”

Rahna: “Don’t worry about me. Now get going!!”

Man: “Everybody! Let’s do as the queen says. Let’s get outta here!”

(The civilians escape Silesse, Donovan arrives with his men)

Donovan: “What? Where the hell is everyone!? You don’t want to mess with me! You guys go out ‘n kill every one of ‘em! No one gets away! You got me!?”

Rahna: “Please, stop! They’re just innocent people. You can do what you want with me, but please don’t hurt them!”

Donovan: “Heh… right. You’re gonna learn what happens when you go against Daccar!”

Rahna: “Oh, please no…”


Daccar: “Heh heh… Donovan’s working out real nice.”

Lamia: “Yeah, he’s a real animal! You guys are seriously corrupt, though! Tryin’ to seize an entire kingdom! Heehee!”

Daccar: “But YOU and assassins like yourself will kill anyone as long as there’s a paycheck involved. It’s no wonder they call you ‘Lamia the Wicked’. It sure suits you.”

Lamia: “Hehehe… I’ll take that as a compliment. So what’ll you have us do?”

Daccar: “For now I need you to watch the castle. Sigurd’s army just might try to attack us here.”

Lamia: “You gotta be kiddin’. That’s all? Well, you got it. Yo, everyone! We’ll be pickin’ off any stragglers who come this way. Stay near the castle.”

(Next Enemy Phase, Silesia)

Donovan: “Them Sailane troops are makin’ their way here, huh? Traitor scum’s gonna die! Hey! You guys get it together. Don’t let ‘em get anywhere near the castle!”

Saving Civilians

Civilian: “Oh… Thank you… Thank you so much!”

Civilian: “Ah! Thank you!”

Conquering Silesse (Daccar Is Alive) Sigurd: “Queen Rahna, you’re okay! Forgive us for taking so long to get here.”

Rahna: “No, I really… You did just fine making it this far. I feel so useless. So many people have died… I can’t tell you how horrible I feel! And poor Mahnya…”

Sigurd: “Queen Rahna, don’t lose heart. I will personally take it upon myself to avenge her death. And Daccar has gone way too far! I request your permission to lay siege to Zaxon Castle.”

Rahna: “Lord Daccar has put the innocent citizens of Silesse through enough suffering. The man’s a murderer, nothing more. He must pay for his crimes.”

Sigurd: “Alright. Well, we’d better start making our way to Zaxon. Please get some rest.”

Rahna: “Sir Sigurd, you be especially careful. Let’s meet up after you get Zaxon under control.”

(Enemy Phase)

Daccar: “Silesse was overtaken by the Grannvale traitors!? What the hell is Donovan doing out there!?”

(If Lamia is alive)

Daccar: “Damn, it’s inevitable. Order Lamia to attack them. We can’t let them get near the castle.”

(If Pamela is alive)

Daccar: “Tell Pamela’s unit to chase down Sigurd’s army. We’ll have to pull an all-out assault!”


Lamia: “Why’s Daccar so damn freaked out? Okay, let’s go work up an appetite!”

Conquering Silesse (Daccar Is Dead) Sigurd: “Queen Rahna, you’re okay! Forgive us for taking so long to get here.”

Rahna: “No, I really… You did just fine making it this far. I feel so useless. So many people have died… I can’t tell you how horrible I feel! And poor Mahnya…”

Sigurd: “Queen Rahna, don’t lose heart. We were able to avenge Mahnya’s killer. I wish to apologise for moving my soldiers without your permission.”

Rahna: “That’s not a problem at all. I really appreciate all you’ve done. I’ll be by Zaxon Castle later. Let’s meet up again then.”

Lewyn Enters Silesse Lewyn: “Mother! I’m so glad you weren’t hurt. I heard Silesse was overrun… I was so worried!”

Rahna: “Lewyn, I’m glad to see you. You’ve finally matured into a person who can keep his word. I think Sir Sigurd has had a good influence on you.”

Lewyn: “C’mon, give me a break. You’re treatin’ me like a kid or something. Sir Sigurd is NOT that much older than me, you know.”

Rahna: “Dear, Sir Sigurd is light-years ahead of you when it comes to responsibility. You still have much to learn from him. I need a prince who can put my mind at ease. Especially since Mahnya is no longer with us.”

Lewyn: “…That should’ve been me out there. Her death has really made me think, mum. Mother, I will protect you from here on out. I solemnly swear I will NEVER leave your side again.”

Rahna: “Lewyn… I never knew such endearing words could come out of your mouth. Well, that’s put me a bit at ease. But I want you to stay with Sir Sigurd. He needs your strength.”

Lewyn: “But what about you?”

Rahna: “I’ll be fine, Lewyn. You, as a descendant of the Wind Crusader, must guide the world onto the proper path. I believe the time has come for me to entrust you with the Sacred Wind Tome, Forseti. Here you go. It’s yours now.”

Lewyn: “So this is our family’s Book of Forseti! Eraagh… What power! Where’s this heat coming from?”

Rahna: “Lewyn, please remember the Wind Crusader flows like a cool breeze guiding all living beings to the path of peace. His way is never to be confused with violence.”

Lewyn: “Yes, I understand now. That is the only way I could hope to live my life.”

Rahna: “Hmm… You are without a doubt a child of the wind. Lewyn, you need to get going. Take care and use sound judgement out there.”

Lewyn: “But mother…”

Rahna: “Go! Please…”

Lewyn: “Okay. You take care.”

Rahna: “Lewyn…”

Conquering Zaxon

Oifey: “Sir, Queen Rahna is here.”

Rahna: “Sir Sigurd, that was a rough battle out there. Are you hurt at all?”

Sigurd: “Nope. I managed to get through somehow.”

Rahna: “If at all possible, I’d like you to station your troops here at Zaxon Castle. Duke Langobalt of Grannvale brought in a large military force and overran Lubeck Castle. They’re a mere stone’s throw to the east. The citizens of Silesse are a bit uneasy right now. They don’t want a war with Grannvale.”

Sigurd: “Langobalt’s military is here for us, not Silesse. The Silesseans have been too kind to us. This my problem, and I can’t drag them into it. We need to move out of Zaxon Castle at once and settle this with Langobalt.”

Rahna: “Wouldn’t that be a reckless move? I can’t see how you could win!”

Sigurd: “If we stay put, they’ll just attack us here. Queen Rahna, there’s no time to dispute this.”

Rahna: “You really think so? Oh, how sad this all is…”

Sigurd: “Queen Rahna, this year in Silesse has been wonderful for me. You’ve been like a second mother. You see, I lost my mother when I was very young. I grew up not knowing what a mother’s affection felt like. But for the first time I felt what that feels like through you. I’m sorry to leave so suddenly. I so look forward to the day we meet again. Until then…”

Rahna: “The same goes for me, Sir Sigurd. You be careful and don’t push yourself too hard. I’ll be praying for Deirdre’s safe return.”

Village Conversations Edit

Villager: “Magic has attributes much in the same way as weapons do. Fire is stronger than Wind, Wind is stronger than Thunder, and Thunder’s stronger than Fire. However, Light and Dark magic have the upper hand on all of ‘em.”

Villager: “Only direct descendants inherit the full power of the gods. And they’re the only ones who can handle divine items such as the Sacred Relics. However, if the blood of immediate family members crosses, the blood becomes enriched, and their progeny’ll reap the full power of their crusader… But that practice is strictly forbidden, and for obvious reasons!”

Villager: “There are various advantages that come with being of divine lineage. You’ll be able to handle items of a very high class, and your innate abilities will improve quicker than others. Granted, only a few can claim to be of such divine heredity.”

Villager: “Silesse’s Royal Family’s power is ‘Wind’ as is bestowed by Forseti, the God of Wind. The Velthomer’s power is ‘Fire’ as is bestowed upon them by Fala, the Crusader of Fire. And the Freege’s power is ‘Thunder’ as is bestowed by Thrud, the Crusader of Thunder.”

Villager: “The Dark Lord Loptous’s power is evil. Only the divine power of Naga could match it. And the only ones who inherit Naga’s power are Grannvale’s Royal Family, the Heims.”

Villager: “If Prince Kurth’s daughter were to bear a child, that child would become heir to the Grannvale Kingdom. That’d put the husband to be, Lord Arvis, into quite a position of power, I’d say.”

(If Dew has not fixed the bridge)

Villager: “The drawbridge over Thove River is under the control of Lord Maios. If it’s not down, and you don’t have a key, you’re not getting across. But I bet if you had someone handy along like a thief, you might be able get it down.”

(If Dew has fixed the bridge)

Villager: “Huh… The bridge is already down? How did you know how to do that?”

Second Most Northeastern village (Sylvia’s Dance) (If you enter with someone else than Sylvia)

Villager: “It is said that all direct descendants of the Crusaders have a sacred marking appear somewhere on their body during infancy. Prince Kurth’s daughter was recognized as a direct descendant of Saint Heim by the mark on her forehead.”

(If you enter with Sylvia)

Villager: “Wow! Sir Sigurd’s troops have come t’rescue us! Hey, you’re a dancer, arn’cha? If ya don’t mine, we’d sure like t’see yer dance. Things have been pretty rough lately. We rarely ever have time fer any fun.”

Sylvia: “Sure! I’ll dance for ya if it’ll cheer you up a bit. …okay… here I go!” (Sylvia dances) “…Cha! …Yes! …roonnn! Whew… (pant…) ahaa… Well… how was I?”

Villager: “Whoa! That was fabulous! That dancin’ energized me somehow! Thank you so much! Here’s a magic sword for ya in ‘preciation. It’ll protect ya good!”

Conversations Edit

Tailtiu with Azelle

Tailtiu: “Azelle, wait up.”

Azelle: “Tailtiu, what’s up?”

Tailtiu: “I need to ask you something.”

Azelle: “Me?”

Tailtiu: “Is that okay? It’s just that… Well, I’ve known you all my life, right? And I’ve got no one else I can talk to about this.”

Azelle: “Yeah, sure. What’s the problem?”

Tailtiu: “Well… it’s like… I’ve just been kinda followin’ Claud around, right? But I’m startin’ to wonder if it was such a good idea.”

Azelle: “Why?”

Tailtiu: “I don’t know. It’s just that everyone acts kinda funny around me. And no one ever talks about my dad when I’m around.”

Azelle: “Really? Yeah, that’d suck. But I think everyone likes you, Tailtiu. Everybody’s just not sure how to act around you. That’s all. Just be yourself! People’ll come around. You’ll see.”

Tailtiu: “Yeah, you’re right. Thanks, I feel a bit spunkier now.”

Azelle: “Hahaha! You’re too much, Tailtiu! Come find me anytime you need someone to talk to, okay?”

Tailtiu: “Will do! Thanks, Azelle!”

Sigurd with Claud

Sigurd: “Claud… Geez, I’m sorry to get you involved in all this.”

Claud: “No, I’m just sorry I haven’t been of much help to you. I made it back to Grannvale and I had every intention of telling His Majesty the truth. But Reptor’s people kept me from the king… Now, I too have been branded a traitor.”

Sigurd: “Claud, I’ve had it with them! I tell you, I’m just about ready to storm Grannvale to expose those bastards!”

Claud: “Sir Sigurd, violent tactics never yield positive results. We have to stick this one out.”

Sigurd: “But Claud…”

Claud: “I know exactly how you feel. Unfortunately, I believe this one is in fate’s hands. …There is little we can do right now.”

Adean with Midayle

Adean: “Midayle, I have something for you.”

Midayle: “…This is a Hero Bow, right? It’s okay for me to have this?”

Adean: “Yes. I bought it specifically for you. Silesse’s Pegasus Knights are fierce opponents. Now you’ll be able to properly defend yourself.”

Midayle: “My lady… I still feel like I’m in a dream or something. Being with you is all I ever wanted in life…”

Adean: “I’ve also felt the same way, Midayle. I had wanted to say something to you for so long. Just call me Adean, okay? Now, don’t get yourself hurt out here. I’ll be praying for you.”

Adean with Jamke

Adean: “Jamke, please have this bow.”

Jamke: “Wow, this is a… Hero Bow, right? You’re sure I can have it?”

Adean: “I want you to have it, Jamke. Silesse’s Pegasus Knights are fierce. Now you’ll be able to properly defend yourself.”

Jamke: “Thank you, Adean. I’ll take good care of this. Let’s catch up when this fighting is all over.”

Adean: “Jamke… I’ll be praying for you.”

Adean with Azelle

Adean: “Azelle, be careful out here, okay?”

Azelle: “Yeah, you too, Adean.”

Adean: “This is so strange. I would never have imagined we’d end up together.”

Azelle: “Why? Because I’m younger than you?”

Adean: “No, I don’t know… It’s just strange.”

Azelle: “Yeah, well, I’m pretty shocked myself. To think that you’d become my wife. This is like a dream!”

Adean: “Really? How come? Don’t you think we were meant for each other?”

Azelle: “It’s just that I always held you in such high regard. The first time I saw you my heart started beating so fast! I was just a kid, too! But ever since that day you were the only one for me.”

Adean: “Oh, Azelle!”

Azelle: “Gosh, I feel so stupid. Oh, I just remembered! Here, this is for you. This is called a Rescue Staff. You can use it to bring someone to you if they need help. I’m sure you’ll find a use for it.”

Adean: “Azel, I’m so happy to be with you! There’s no one in this world I’d rather be with.”

Sylvia with Claud

Sylvia: “Hello, Reverend Claud!”

Claud: “Hm? And who might you be?”

Sylvia: “I’m Sylvia.”

Claude: “Miss Sylvia? What seems to be the problem? Did you run across some bandits, perhaps?”

Sylvia: “…What?”

Claud: “Well, it’s just that… I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you’re in your underwear.”

Sylvia: “Huh!? Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a dancer before! This is my dancin’ outfit. It’s jus’ like you wearin’ a robe.”

Claud: “Is that so? But, you must be awfully cold.”

Sylvia: “Not at all. I’m burnin’ up in this. You see, my heart is on fire!”

Claud: “Dancing is that enjoyable, is it?”

Sylvia: “Yes! I want to do it for the rest of my life!!”

Claud: “Really? How do your parents feel about that?”

Sylvia: “I’m an orphan. This man took me in when I was real little, an’ raised me to be a dancer. But he was really mean! He would hit me when I didn’t even do anythin’. Anyway, I had enough, and I left him last year for good!”

Claud: “That’s horrible! I feel for you. You see, I have a younger sister. If she’s still alive, she’d be around your age.”

Sylvia: “You have a sister?”

Claud: “Yes. But she was abducted when she was just a baby. I’ve been searching for her all these years, but still no sign of her.”

Sylvia: “Ohhh! I bet your sister is real elegant an’ beautiful an’ all. Nothin’ like me.”

Claud: “That’s not true! I find you very attractive, and you have a grace all of your own.”

Sylvia: “Really!?”

Claud: “Of course. I’d never tell a lie.”

Sylvia: “Wow! No one’s ever said anythin’ so nice to me! Er.. I feel funny inside… You are… so kind!”

Lewyn with Sigurd

Lewyn: “Sigurd… Hey, sorry to bother you.”

Sigurd: “Lewyn. I’m really sorry about Mahnya. I never would have imagined Jungby’s archer brigade would be here.”

Lewyn: “Yeah. Well, I was the one who screwed up. I haven’t had my head on straight lately. I should’ve been protecting the country and helping my mother. But instead, I just took off. I really think Mahnya got herself killed doing my job.”

Sigurd: “Well, I wouldn’t go that far, Lewyn. You need to care for your mother now. You must make sure Mahnya didn’t die in vain.”

Lewyn: “Yeah, I know. You don’t have to tell me that.”

Sigurd: “…Well, alright then. Ah! One more thing. Have you been to see Queen Rahna yet? Don’t forget to go. It’s very important!”

Ferry with Lewyn

Ferry: “Lewyn…”

Lewyn: “Ferry, I’m so sorry. Forgive me.”

Ferry: “What? Oh, about Mahnya…”

Lewyn: “…Yeah.”

Ferry: “Ah, so you and her were… I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

Lewyn: “Ferry! You’ve got it all wrong. When I was a little kid I thought your sister was hot. But that was then. Now it’s you.”

Ferry: “Eh!?”

Lewyn: “I love you, Ferry…”