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Nah: All right, Nah… You can do this. You're strong! You're brave! You… EEEEEEK! Ha ha…haaaaaa… Just a statue. Nothing to be afraid of… AAAAAH! What the heck is that?! *Huff, huff* …Wait a minute, this is silly. I can turn into a dragon… What am I worried about? Now how do I get out of this wretched place?
Chrom: Did anyone else hear a girl scream? Come on, Shepherds! Hurry!”
Nah gathers her courage as Chrom and the Shepherds come to her rescue

Daughter to Dragons (Young Dragon Girl in the Japanese version) is Paralogue 16 of Fire Emblem Awakening. This chapter takes place in the Manor of Lost Souls.

Paralogue InformationEdit

This paralogue will appear once Nowi has achieved an S-Support with a male character.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

The player starts off in the north-eastern room, with the boss next to them. Unfortunately, a wall and a large number of Risen are blocking the path. Nah is in the south-eastern room. After the second turn, the wall will collapse. Instead of waiting, you can also use rescue.

Due to the nature of the manor, walls will continuously repair and collapse themselves at the beginning of both the player's and enemy's turns. The majority of the enemies are locked off, but once the walls collapse, they can move freely if one of your units are within range. There are some chests, so a unit with Locktouch will be helpful here. The top chest on the bottom left contains a Recover Staff. The boss is equipped with a Waste tome, and on higher difficulties have skills like Vengeance.

However, as the objective of the map is to simply kill the commander, you can simply use a Mire tome and kill the Risen Chief; Nah will be automatically recruited upon victory.


Recruiting NahEdit

Recruited by ChromEdit

  • Nah: Eeeeek!
  • Chrom: Wait! I'm a friend! We're here to help.
  • Nah: Whew, good thing you spoke up there... I was about to melt you with my breath.
  • Chrom: Huh? Your breath seems fine to me...? ...Oh. I get it. You're a manakete. So perhaps you'd like to tell me your name?
  • Nah: Nah.
  • Chrom: Look, if I somehow offended you, I apologize, but you could at least--
  • Nah: No, NAH. N-A-H. That's my name. Ugh, why does this always happen...
  • Chrom: Er, right. Let's discuss it later, okay? For now just stay behind me.
  • Nah: Behind you? I can turn into a dragon, you know. I'm pretty strong.
  • Chrom: Dragonkin or no, you're still a child, and I won't have you taking unnecessary risks. Now let's get you out of here.
  • Nah: Stern, aren't you? Fair enough. I like your attitude. Lead the way, sir--I'm right behind you.

Recruited by NowiEdit

  • Nowi: Ooh, you're the little girl we're looking for!
  • Nah: It takes one to know one...
  • Nowi: Ha-hah! It may look that way, but I'm actually quite old. I'm a dragonkin!
  • Nah: Oh? Well so am I, actua- Wait, are you Nowi?
  • Nowi: Wow, nice guess!
  • Nah: It IS you!
  • Nowi: All right, I've told you my name. Now you tell me yours.
  • Nah: Nah.
  • Nowi: Oh, come on, why not?!
  • Nah: No, NAH. N-A-H. That's my name.
  • Nowi: That's a confusing name...
  • Nah: And whose fault is that?!
  • Nowi: How the heck should I know? Anyway, this place isn't safe. Let's get you out of here!
  • Nah: After you...


Trivia Edit

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