Dawn Brigade

The original members of the Dawn Brigade from left to right: Sothe, Micaiah, Nolan, Edward, Leonardo.

“Who do you scum think you are? The Dawn Brigade?”
Pugo to any of the Dawn Brigade's members

The Dawn Brigade was the group that fought for Daein's independence after The Mad King's War against the Begnion Occupational Army. Later, in the Desert of Death, it merged with the Daein Liberation Army, led by Pelleas.

In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, the Dawn Brigade fights against the Greil Mercenaries in Part 3.


The group was formed from Micaiah and Sothe and their decision to save Daein from the Begnion Occupational Army by hindering the soldier's activities, and by Nolan's efforts to do the same with Leonardo and Edward joining him after he saved them from the soldiers pursuing them. In time, Micaiah learns of Nolan's group and Sothe leads them to one of his hideouts where they decide to join together to save Daein's people. Inspired by the sunset that was shining into the alley, Micaiah names the group the "Dawn Brigade", and Nolan, as the oldest among them, was agreed upon to be their leader.


The original Dawn Brigade consisted of Micaiah, Sothe, Edward, Leonardo and Nolan, who served as their leader at first. Later on, Laura joins their ranks and she recruits her friend Aran as well. Brom's daughter Meg joins the group while looking for Zihark.

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