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Death Blow (鬼神の一撃, Kishin no Ichigeki lit. Fierce God Blow in the Japanese version) is a Skill in Fire Emblem Fates.


When the user starts a battle, +20 to their Critical hit rate. It is learned by Oni Chieftains at level 5.

Combined with high critical weapons, users with Killer weapons (also including the Barb Shuriken, Mjölnir, Odin's Grimoire, Beruka's Axe and the Great Club) can deal extremely high damage. It is best combined with high damage-boosting skills like Rend Heaven (to the applying stat), as it will almost always guarantee a one-hit strike if the target does not have any sort of Miracle protection on them. It is best combined with other factors (e.g Berserker provides additional critical bonus) to further increase the damage dealt in a critical hit.

However, most critical dealing weapons have low accuracy (and usually come with other penalties), so ensure that your units have high hit rates, as a chance to hit is rolled before the critical hit chance.

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