With JesseEdit

C support Edit

  • Jesse: Oh, hey! It's Deen, right?
  • Deen: What do you want?
  • Jesse: Nothin' much. Just thought I'd say hey, see what your deal is... Say, doesn't your face get tired from scowling all the time?
  • Deen: Did you have a point? Because if not, we're finished here.

(Deen leaves)

  • Jesse: Wow, okay. Nice talking to you, too...

B support Edit

  • Jesse: Heeeey! Look who it is again!
  • Deen: Ugh.
  • Jesse: Look, you could at least pretend like you enjoy our little chats. C'mon! Tell me something about yourself! It won't kill you.
  • Deen: I don't talk about myself in front of annoying strangers. ...It's a policy.
  • Jesse: Ooooh, I see. So you don't want to talk about your past, huh? Listen, I get it. Everybody's got a few painful memories these days.
  • Deen: ......

A support Edit

  • Deen: Hey.
  • Jesse: Wait, what? Are YOU actually striking up a conversation with ME?
  • Deen: I have a proposal. A trade, actually. You give me your history, and I'll give you mine.
  • Jesse: Oh man, that's never gonna work. My history is preeeetty boring. It wouldn't be a fair trade at all.
  • Deen: Let me be the judge of that.
  • Jesse: Look, at the very least, no one's died on me. And I haven't murdered anyone.
  • Deen: ......
  • Jesse: Uh oh. Did I hit a sore spot there? That's rough, man. Another person's life is a heavy weight to bear. To be honest, the reason it's not a deal for me is because I ran away from it.
  • Deen: A man can't run forever. You seem like the sort who'll eventually have to deal with his own burdens.
  • Jesse: Woof, bite your tongue! That's a scary thought.
  • Deen: Heh...

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