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“Avatar enters Hoshido and discovers that a Nohrian ally, Mokushu, has been under attack for day. Avatar rushes to assist their besieged troops.”
—Opening Narration

Den of Betrayal (裏切りの魔窟 lit. Thieves' Betrayal in the Japanese version) is Chapter 17 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Conquest Version.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

The objective of this mission is to kill Kotaro; you do not have to rout all the enemies.

There are several caltrops placed around the map. If any unit without Locktouch is standing on a caltrop tile, they will lose 3 defense, 30 evasion and will take 30% of their max health as damage at the start of the player phase if they are still on those tiles. The caltrops can be disarmed by units with Locktouch. To ensure the enemies are not severely weakened by them, every enemy has Locktouch.

All the Master Ninjas come with Poison Strike regardless of difficulty.

On Lunatic Mode, this chapter can be very irritating. The normal Ninjas will come with Vantage and Poison Strike. All of the Master Ninjas will also get Grisly Wound, which means they will deal 40% of their target's health as damage if they are not killed at the end of the battle. This means if a unit gets stuck with a large group of ninjas nearby, they will most likely die as soon as the enemy starts moving. There are also other units that can be concerning and should be dealt with appropriately.

While not needed, a Golembane unit can help take out the numerous Automatons and Mechanists on the map, as it deals bonus damage to them.

Saizo carries Immune Status on him, which prevents post-battle damage and debuffs inflicted on him. However, do not rely on him to take out the enemy alone, as he will most likely be defeated if he does. If Saizo survives the battle, he will reward you with a Speedwing; however, since he will most likely suicide on the enemy, it is best to cramp up one of the passageways so that he will be unable to move if you really want the Speedwing. He can be held in place by using 7 units as a roadblock, allowing you to progress through the map at your leisure, although extra care must be taken with the reinforcements that spawn. Saizo will prioritize taking out any active caltrops on the field as he slowly makes his way to the boss, unless there are enemies in his way. Rescue staves may also be used on Saizo, keeping him away from danger (and away from stealing experience from your units).

Kotaro is at the other end of the map, surrounded by a clump of caltrops. On Normal, he has Trample, meaning that he does five extra damage against a nonmounted unit. On Hard and Lunatic Modes, he gets Duelist's Blow (giving him 60 extra avoid when he attacks (30 from Duelist's Blow and 30 from the throne tile) in addition Grisly Wound. Kotaro's throne is surrounded by caltrops, so it is best to have a unit take it out first so non-Locktouch units do not suffer from its effects.

The Dragon Vein makes an appearance in this chapter, and will open and close protrusions. This means when used, it will cause all inactive protrusions to rise and all active ones to fall. Using this is recommended to prevent Saizo from accidentally suiciding and to limit the flow of enemy hostiles attacking you. Units that are standing on an inactive protrusion tile when activated are able to move out of it.

Captureable EnemiesEdit

Note: This only applies onto Lunatic Mode.

  • All generic Master Ninjas on the map carry Grisly Wound, along with Poison Strike which stacks up with Grisly Wound, as well as Locktouch. One Master Ninja at the very top of the map has Movement +1, in addition to all of the other skills the Master Ninjas have on them.
  • A Mechanist on the map very middle map has Life and Death equipped on to him.
  • Swordmasters in this map carry Lunge.


Chest ItemsEdit

Other Items Edit

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit

  • When the halfway point is reached, a Mechanist and two Automatons will appear from the northwestern passage, while a Master Ninja and two Ninjas appear from the southern passage.
    • On Lunatic Mode, two Mechanists/Master Ninjas and three Automatons/Ninjas will appear instead.
  • When the player is 3/4th of the way to Kotaro, a Mechanist and two Automatons will appear from the southeastern passage, while a Swordmaster and two Samurai appear from the northern passage.
    • On Lunatic Mode, two Mechanists/Swordmasters and three Automatons/Samurai appear instead.

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