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Denoas is a character mentioned in the backstory of TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He was an official of the then newly formed Republic of Reeve, a grouping of dukedoms formed by immigrants from the continent of Jugd who crossed over the River Reeve into the continent of Lieberia. Fearing the growing power of these outsiders, the native Zoa citizens launched an attack on Reeve. In just five years, Denoas played a part in subduing the Zoa attack. To avenge their defeat, Kalbazan of the Zoa tribe entered a forbidden temple and gained the power to become the Dark God Gerxel. Eventually, Gerxel was slain by the efforts of the hero Garlon and the goddess Utna.


Denoas' story is similar to Cartas' from the Fire Emblem Series.

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