Disarm (武装解除 Busō kaijo, Disarmament in Japanese) is a special skill from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, and may only be used by and against Beorc units. When activated, this skill allows its user to unequip an enemy unit's weapon. This skill works in a similar way to Cancel, as it is essentially able to prevent the enemy unit from retaliating with a counter-attack.

The unequipped weapon may be stolen by a Thief unit, rendering the enemy unit defenseless. This method is thus the only legitimate method for players to obtain poison inflicting weapons other than Valaura without the help of cheats.


Name Activation Capacity
DisarmDisarm (Skill/2)% 10
Effects Allows its user to unequip an enemy unit's weapon.
Notes Base skill of Brom; Can be assigned with the Disarm Scroll (FE10)Disarm Scroll.

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