Generation 1

Chapter 2: Disturbance in Agustria



Eldigan: I'm off to Agusty. I must get King Chagall to end the military buildup.

Lachesis: Eldigan, wait! King Chagall killed his own father. He's not about to listen to you! You're putting your life in peril!

Eldigan: Nonsense. Look... I've heard all about Chagall supposedly killing his father. But there's no proof! If I can just speak with him, I know I'll get through to him.

Lachesis: But...

Eldigan: Lachesis, enough already. I'm leaving three of my best men behind for your protection just to be on the safe side. Lachesis, don't be so down! I promise I'll make it back. I've no intention of dying out there!

Lachesis: Eldigan...

(Eldigan goes to Agusty)

Eldigan: Your Majesty, please consider putting an end to your military buildup. Your father always strived for a peaceful coexistence with Grannvale. Besides, war is very hard on the people. You're risking your reputation for these actions. You must not let this war happen!

Chagall: My father always had a soft spot for you, Eldigan. And all the while you had it in for me. Well, he's gone... and now I rule Agustria! You're going to pay fully for making me the fool. Throw this trash in the dungeon!

Eldigan: Wait, Your Majesty... NO!!!

(Eldigan is taken away)

Chagall: Hmph... such a pain he is. Give my order to Boldor to seize Nordion. Once we're through there, I'm taking the whole show to Grannvale!

Manfroy: Your Majesty... You have made your decision I see.

Chagall: Manfroy, is that you? Yeah, I did just as you asked. My father's dead now. There's no going back. I just wonder if we really have a chance here...

Manfroy: Well, Grannvale still honors the Anti-War Pact with Agustria. Their entire military is still in Isaach. If we strike now we cannot lose!

Chagall: Hmm... If we can just overthrow Grannvale, Agustria will become the new world leader. And I'll be emperor of the world!!

Manfroy: Heheh... Yes, consider that a possibility.


Eve: Your Highness, we've received word that King Eldigan was arrested in Agusty!

Lachesis: He was what?! No! I knew I shouldn't have let him go...

Eve: There's more. We'll need to keep a close eye on Heirhein. If they learn of the king's disappearance, they'll attack without a moment's notice. I'm sure they're not pleased with what happened in Verdane, especially Prince Elliot.

Lachesis: That Elliot just can't handle the fact that I'll have nothing to do with him. God, I can't stand conceited men like him. I need a man the caliber of my dear brother. That's why I'll never marry.

Eve: His Majesty's Cross Knights are stationed well north at Fort Silvail. There are just a few of us soldiers left here. But my brothers and I will do our best to hold the castle. Just be ready for the worst.

Lachesis: Understood. Eve, thank you so much. Now don't you overdo it, or worse, get yourself killed! Please let Eva and Alva know how sorry I am for all this.

Eve: Er, no need to apologize, Your Highness. King Eldigan left us behind for your protection in good conscience. We, as Holy Knights of Nordion, shall protect you to our dying breath!


Boldor: Eldigan angered the king and got thrown in the dungeon, did he? Excellent! Elliot, here's your chance to even the score. Go take Nordion by storm!

Elliot: Yes, father.


Oifey: Sir, we've got trouble. King Eldigan was imprisoned in Agusty. Now Nordion is under attack. We've received a request for backup from Princess Lachesis.

Sigurd: Why would they seize Eldigan of all people?! Well, let's gear up. We're heading for Nordion. I'd put my life on the line for Lachesis if it came to it. Eldigan would never admit it, but he cares for that sister of his more than anything. If he ever lost her, there's no telling what he'd do.

Deirdre: Sigurd, are you going off to fight again?

Sigurd: I am. Sorry, Deirdre. I can't turn my back on Eldigan. Lachesis must be pretty shaken up as well. I've got to help her out if I can.

Deirdre: I understand. It looks like I'll be joining you then, Sigurd.

Sigurd: What? Forget it, Deirdre! I can't get you involved in this.

Deirdre: Sigurd, you promised you'd never leave my side. I'm... I'm scared. If you leave me now, I... I fear I'll never see you again. Please... let me go with you.

Sigurd: Hm... I did say that, didn't I... All right, we'll go together, but don't you dare leave my side!

Deirdre: You can count on that!

Turn 1, Enemy Phase

(Outside Heirhein)

Elliot: Princess Lachesis of Nordion... that little wretch. Her days of jerking me around are over. Just wait and see! What could she possibly do surrounded by a military of this force?! She's coming back to Heirhein with me, whether she likes it or not!!

(Elliot's troops mobilize)

Philip: We've got the castle, understood?! Now don't be led astray by the enemy. Defend to the death!


Macbeth: Heirhein finally took up arms, did they... Brilliant, we're right on schedule. Let the bandits loose on the villages. We pretty much have free reign now that Chagall has taken the throne. Strip the villages of all valuables and return them to the castle!


Clement: Heirhein is assaulting Nordion? Hmm... where do my loyalties lie...? I'm not lifting a finger 'till the dust settles. Keep our soldiers put for the moment.

Chulainn is defeated in the Arena

Chulainn: I've never been defeated before! Who the hell are you?! You've got some serious spirit in your attack. Obviously you're not here for the money. Cash has been my motivator all these years... But after seeing you, it kinda loses its meaning. You mind if I tag along? It'd be nice to fight for something real for a change.

Sigurd speaks with Lachesis

Lachesis: Sir Sigurd! Thank you so much for coming! For a moment there, I...

Sigurd: I'm glad you're not hurt, Lachesis. Any word from Eldigan?

Lachesis: No, he's still being held in Agusty. It seems all of Agustria has turned on us. Sir Sigurd, please... I need your help. I must free my brother!

Sigurd: I usually try to keep our troops off foreign soil, but this time it's unavoidable. I've already received King Azmur's approval to engage the enemy. His Majesty is aware of King Imuka's assassination by Chagall's hand, as well as Chagall's plans to invade Grannvale. His majesty has also stressed the importance of Eldigan's rescue for future peace negotiations. Don't worry, Lachesis. I promise we'll get Eldigan out.

Seizing Heirhein

Oifey: Sir, Heirhein's under our control now. What's our next move?

Sigurd: Well, the imminent danger has passed for now. But Eldigan is still being held in Agusty. And that's not all...

Oifey: Yes?

Sigurd: Bandits are laying siege to the pioneer villages in the central forest. We've got to intervene.

Oifey: Agreed. That'll help convince the citizens of Agustria that we are not the aggressor here. If that's your decision, then we'd better get moving. We've no time to waste!

(Enemy phase, Anphony)

Chagall: You imbecile! Your greed has lost us Heirhein! How do you explain this carelessness, Macbeth?!

Macbeth: M...My humblest apologies, Your Majesty! I'll dispatch Voltz and his mercenaries immediately!

(Outside Anphony)

Voltz: We're to attack, are we? Hmph... as fate'll have it. Hey! Why're we first to go in? I'm staying pt. I wanna see how this unfolds first. Yo, Beowolf... Whaddya think?

Beowolf: I'm not buyin' any of this. I'm 'bout ready to walk on that Macbeth sleaze.

Voltz: Well, do as you see fit. As a mercenary you're free to work for whomever you please. Strange how one day we're fighting side by side... the next day, who knows.

Beowolf: Sure is. I just hope I don't gotta face you, ever. I wouldn't stand a chance.

Voltz: Heheheh... Ain't a soul alive who can take me!

(Next turn, a central village)

Lewyn: Hey, what's all the turmoil?

Villager: Well, if it isn't our little traveling bard. Best get a-movin'. Bandits are headin' this way.

Lewyn: Bandits? Where's the Agustrian army at a time like this?

Villager: There's mutiny in th' streets, m'boy. Ain't nobody got time ta worry about us! Ta tell th' truth, there's a bit more to th' story... Rumor has it Lord Macbeth himself set them bandits loose on our villages.

Lewyn: Grr... he's gotta go. Look, I'll see what I can do. I'll take care of that scumbag. And y'all can whip up a nice reward for me when I get back.

Villager: There you go again with that big talk of yours. You best just get a move on. We ain't got time to be gettin' cozy with ya.

Lewyn: Sheesh... gimme a little credit, would ya? Ah, screw it.

Sylvia: Lewyn! You ain't splittin' on me, are ya?

Lewyn: (Crap...) Sylvia! Eh... you found me, huh?

Sylvia: You've had your fun with me so you just up and leave, huh?

Lewyn: Hey now... Be nice. We've only been out like, what, 2 or 3 times together?! I mean come on! Besides, you're a traveling dancer, and I'm a bard. Doesn't that about sum it up?

Sylvia: But you said you thought I was cute. That meant something to me.

Lewyn: Yeah, sometimes I say things like that. It doesn't mean anything. No, no! Don't dry! I... I... Crap, now look. Everybody's starin' at us. All right, you can come with me if you want. But things might get a little rough. You okay with that?

Sylvia: Yeah! I like it rough!

Lewyn: Sheesh... You were cryin' like a baby a minute ago, now you're all smiles.

Sylvia: What?

Lewyn: Never mind! Let's go.

Sigurd's army nears Anphony

Voltz: It's showtime, boys. 'Retreat' ain't an option. Now show 'em what our corps is made of!

(Next phase, north of Agusty)

Erinys: That looks like Agusty Castle. Everyone, let's take a breather. Let's hope we can get a lead in town on Prince Lewyn's whereabouts.

Speaking with Beowolf with insufficient funds

Beowolf: Ya need to cough up 10,000 gold if ya intend ta hire my services.

Speaking with Beowolf with sufficient funds

Beowolf: You wanna hire my services? Goin' rate is 10,000 gold. Okay, it's a deal. You'll get your money's worth outta me!

Seizing Anphony

Oifey: Sir, Lord Filat of Belhalla is here to see you.

Sigurd: Lord Filat, it's good of you to come.

Filat: Sir Sigurd, looks like we've reached full-scale war with Agustria. What's your prognosis?

Sigurd: We seem to be holding up all right, but it's been no easy fight.

Filat: I see. Incidentally, I've come with a bit of bad news.

Sigurd: Sir?

Filat: There's been some nasty rumors making the rounds in Royal Court. It's going around that Prince Quan of Leonster, King Eldigan of Nordion, and yourself are all conspiring against His Majesty. They say that explains why you're hiding the Prince of Isaach.

Sigurd: That's absurd! Who could've started such a story?!

Filat: Duke Reptor and Lord Lombard.

Sigurd: I see... those two have had it in for my father for some time, but this has gone far enough.

Filat: I believe they're put off by the way Prince Kurth goes to Lord Byron for everything. Once the prince ascends the throne, those two are sure to be ousted from their posts, and that has them worried. At any rate, I'd watch your back.

Sigurd: Thanks, I'll do that. Tell me, how fares the Isaachian conflict?

Filat: We expect Prince Kurth's and your father's triumphant return any day now.

Sigurd: I'm glad to hear His Highness made it through all right. My father sure worries about his safety. He fears the Royal Family's blood would be lost forever if anything were to happen to him.

Filat: Indeed. We've been trying to hasten his search for a bride as of late.

Sigurd: Huh? Is there any special reason for that?

Filat: Er... Well, only a select few at the Royal Court know this, but... It seems His Highness is having problems letting go a love of his past.

Sigurd: Really? Why didn't the two marry?

Filat: Oh, I may as well tell you the whole story. This all took place nearly 20 years ago. The lovely duchess of Velthomer, a married woman mind you, fell for the prince. Now, the duke of Velthomer was a... reputed womanizer, and had several lovers. The prince, however, was a proper gentleman. Initially, the prince merely sympathized with the duchess, but then one day the two fell deeply in love. Now the duke lost his head. After writing a letter denouncing the two, he committed suicide. The duchess, clearly distraught, disappeared without a trace. I believe her name was Cigyun.

Sigurd: Wow... I never knew. The duchess would have been Lord Arvis's mother, correct?

Filat: Precisely. Oh, what a pity... To lose both parents like that at the age of seven...

Sigurd: Poor Prince Kurth... and the duchess.

Filat: Oh, I'm sorry to run on and on. Soldiers like yourself have no time for Royal Court gossip. Just forget I said anything. I'm sure this conflict is keeping you plenty busy. Sir Sigurd, we anxiously await your return to the homeland!

(Enemy phase, Mackily)

Clement: What? They've taken control of Anphony? Do they plan to subdue all of Agustria? We've no choice but to fight. Get the ballistae in position. The Grannvale army must not reach Agusty!


Erinys: King Chagall, how long do you intend to keep me waiting? I must find Prince Lewyn as soon as possible! I'm only here because I heard you knew his whereabouts.

Chagall: Prince Lewyn's been captured by the Grannvale army... the very army that's currently invading Agustria. My sources tell me they are executing anybody and everybody they run across. The prince is being held at their base in Evans. Word is he's about to be executed.

Erinys: Oh no! I must rescue the prince! We'll leave for Evans at once. Queen Rahna of Silesse warned me to keep out of combat, but this might be unavoidable. If I come across any Grannvale troops, I will engage them.

Chagall: Uhh... Hopefully it won't come to that. May your mission be a success.

Erinys: All right. We're off!

(Erinys and four Pegasus Knights leave Agusty)

Chagall: Did she leave yet? Stupid woman. Ready Agusty's cavalry. One swift blow, men!

Lewyn speaks to Erinys

Lewyn: Erinys?! What on earth are you doing here?

Erinys: Huh? No way! Prince Lewyn! ...What's with your clothes?

Lewyn: Ah, this getup? I'm doing the 'traveling bard' thing. Whaddya think?

Erinys: Well, it's... fine. But why? I heard Your Highness was being held prisoner in Evans, so I came as fast as I could.

Lewyn: Me? A prisoner of Evans? Ha! Who told you that?

Erinys: King Chagall of Agusty.

Lewyn: Haha! Erinys, my girl... you've been had! It's nice of you to be so trusting, but you wouldn't last a day in the city! You'd get caught up with the wrong people... end up like Sylvia.

Erinys: Lewyn, who's Sylvia?

Lewyn: She's, uh, um... Never mind. Anyway, what're you doin' here again?

Erinys: Obviously I'm here to take you back to Silesse! It's been nearly 2 years since you just up and left. Queen Rahna is a complete wreck. Please, come back with me.

Lewyn: If I go back, I have to succumb to the will of my late father and succeed the throne. But my uncles would never have it. One slip-up and there'd be mutiny, like there is here. You know who suffers then? The people! Give the throne to someone who can handle that. I like the freedom I've got now. I've no use for the crown. Give it to one of my uncles.

Erinys: You know that Silessean royalty claims direct lineage with the Wind God Forseti. That means you are the only one capable of succession. Only you can preserve the Silessean lineage. And the people wish it of you as well. Lewyn, the queen was in tears when I left. Please... Sniff... just come back with me.

Lewyn: Erinys, you're not gonna start cryin' on me too, are ya? Agh! Give me a break. I've got a soft spot for crying girls, y'know. Okay. I'll return once I've... sorted some stuff out. Just let me rack my brain a bit, okay?

Erinys: Okay. Then please let me stay with you until you do return. I'll send word back that you're unharmed.

Lewyn: You just don't take no for an answer, do ya? Well, I'm gonna hang a bit with Sir Sigurd. We hit it off, we did. And his army's full of chicks! You should get to know the girls... polish up your style a bit.

Erinys: Um... okay.

Lewyn: Erinys! I"m jokin'! Don't be so damn gullible. You really are a sweet girl. You put all the other girls to shame. Don't you change a thing, okay?

Erinys: Um... okay. Ah, no, I mean...

Seizing Mackily

Sigurd: Good. Mackily's no longer a problem. Our next stop is the capital, Agusty.

Oifey: That's right. But there's still reports of a good-sized army waiting in Agusty. So take extra precaution!

Sigurd: Yeah, you're right. Just what is our boy Chagall up to...

(Next Enemy Phase, Agusty)

Chagall: What?! Mackily has fallen? Zyne, it's all up to you. Lead the remaining troops into battle.

Zyne: Ah, yes, but ah... don't you think...

Chagall: Stop your nitpicking and go!

(Zyne leaves)

Manfroy: Pull yourself together, Chagall! All is not lost.

Chagall: You! Manfroy!! Y-You're the one who told us what to do and it's all backfired! How are you going to fix this?!

Manfroy: I merely advised the removal of the king. He was getting in the way. I believe the rest is your doing. Wouldn't you agree?

Chagall: Damn... I just never imagined Sigurd's army would be this strong. Manfroy, help me... What should I do?

Manfroy: There's still hope. If necessary we can make use of that rascal you're holding in the dungeon... Eldigan. Sigurd will listen to anything Eldigan's got to say. Now go and give him a formal apology.

Chagall: Uh... okay. Yeah. I'll do that. Let's put him to some use.

(Chagall leaves)

Manfroy: Feh... Fool.

Lopto mage: Archbishop Manfroy, I just witnessed the assassination of Prince Kurth.

Manfroy: Is that so? This is getting interesting. Only one descendant remains of our old foe Naga, and he will die before long. Then all that's left is the revival of our Dark Lord. Then the world will be ours!

Lopto mage: Has Arvis consented to your proposal?

Manfroy: Of course he did. He's got Loptyr's blood flowing through his veins. If that ever got out, they would burn him at the stake for being of Loptyrian descent. I just wonder if someone as arrogant as Arvis can keep quiet.

Lopto mage: All right. Next we betray the king, and once you become emperor...

Manfroy: There's a bit more to it than that. To resurrect Lord Loptyr, we'll need not only Arvis but also that woman's daughter.


Zyne: Attack!! Nothing more noble than dyin' for the motherland!

Seizing Agusty

(If Deirdre was lost)

Sigurd: Deirdre?! You're all right!

Deirdre: Yes, I'm fine. They tried keeping me locked away, but I just knew you'd come.

(Otherwise, skip these two lines)

(If Eve, Eva and Alva all survived)

Eve: Your Highness, before we head back to Nordion, I have something for you. It's a magical bracelet called the Knight Ring. It bestows repeated movement on the wearer. I'm sure it'll come in handy. Take care of yourself!

(Otherwise, skip this line)

Oifey: Sir, word is that King Chagall was badly wounded and he's receiving medical attention by a priest of his royal staff.

Sigurd: I heard someone pulled him from the battlefield, but who was it?

Eldigan: I did, Sigurd. I saved the king. He is all that's left of Agustrian royalty. I don't care what he's done. He's still my master, and I can't sit back and let him die.

Sigurd: Eldigan?! You're not hurt! What a relief! I heard you'd been captured. We've been looking for you.

Eldigan: Yeah, I managed somehow. Sigurd, what's going on here? Your army has gained control of the capital city, and I hear that Grannvale has dispatched officials to each of our castles. You're treating us just like we were a satellite nation. Did Grannvale take occupation of Agustria while I was away?! Your answer better be good, Sigurd!

Sigurd: I know, Eldigan. It doesn't make any sense to me either. But, you aside, all of the lords of Agustria suddenly became hostile toward Grannvale. For the time being, I've been ordered to stay put so as to maintain public order. Eldigan, please... Just give me one year. By then the peace should be restored as well as Grannvale's and Agustria's relationship. And then we'll leave Agustria. Our king has given me his word on this.

Eldigan: Hmm... Really? Well, I'll take your word for it. Okay. You've got one year. Until then, I'll be up north at Madino Castle protecting my lord. I've also got the Cross Knights stationed up at Fort Silvail. If it came to it, I could take you out in a moment's notice... Sigurd, you break your promise and you can count on that! You got me?!

Sigurd: Of course! I give you my word. Eldigan, trust me!

Village conversationsEdit

Villager: Women and children are th' real victims in this war. Now go on... get back t' yer loved ones!

Villager: Thanks for comin' for us! Here, I want you to have this. Nice bracelet, huh? Wear it at the shops for a little discount, okay?

Villager: A thousand thanks to y'all for comin'! Here, I've a sword for ya. T'is called an Armorslayer. This sword'll pierce some of the toughest armor around. If ya can't use it, try sellin' it at the pawn shop. It should fetch a good price.

Villager: Lord Macbeth of Anphony sure is a greedy cur. He makes life downright miserable for us. I wish he were dead!

Villager: King Imuka was a great soul. His passing has been an enormous loss for us all. That son of his, Prince Chagall, is bound ta ruin the country before too long. Ahh... If only King Eldigan could've succeeded Agustria's throne somehow.

Villager: I wonder if there are still any blood descendants of the Dark Lord Loptyr around... Each year big towns like Agusty and Mackily hold witch hunts and arrest a ton of people. Then they burn 'em at the stake for doin' what? Absolutely nothin'! Is that crazy or what?!

Villager: King Eldigan of Nordion draws lineage from Hezul the Brave, one of the legendary 12 Crusaders. Eldigan's demon sword Mystletainn, along with the Tyrfing of Chalphy and Isaach's Balmung, are the strongest swords in all creation.

Villager: Hey, you there. Lend me yer ear for a sec. Wouldn't ya say King Eldigan and th' princess are a wee bit too cozy for siblings? Oh, how I love ta gossip! Eh? I've too much free time, ya say? Well, I'll shut mah mouth!

Villager: Keep an eye out fer th' lord of Mackily, Bishop Clement. He's got a magical staff called th' Sleep staff. Get too close an' he'll put yer lights out an' freeze every muscle in yer body!

Villager: King Eldigan is too honest for his own good. Why else would King Chagall have him put away? Please, I beg of you... Save King Eldigan!


Deirdre and Ethlyn

Ethlyn: Deirdre, you holding up all right? My brother really worries about you being out here.

Deirdre: Ethlyn... thanks for your concern. I'll be fine... as long as I have Sigurd at my side.

Ethlyn: I still can't get over how much he's changed since meeting you, Deirdre.

Deirdre: Ethlyn... I have something I'd like you to have.

Ethlyn: Isn't this... the Light Brand?! You sure you want me to have this?

Deirdre: Yes. I know you'll put it to good use.

Ethlyn: Thank you so much, Deirdre! I'll treasure it!

Dew and Lachesis

Dew: Lachesis... there you are. Hey, check out this cool sword I found for ya.

Lachesis: Wow, that's an unusual one, isn't it... What kind is it?

Dew: It's a Thief Sword. Now you can tear into them bad guys!

Lachesis: Er... thanks, Dew. But don't you want it for yourself?

Dew: Nah, go ahead. No point in me keepin' it. Let's just say it does more than cuts and dices, heheh. See ya, Lachesis!

Quan and Finn

Quan: Finn, these Agustrian knights are a good step up from those savages in Verdane. I'd say your weapon needs a little upgrading. Here, try using this lance.

Finn: A Brave Lance... Are you sure about this?

Quan: You're a valuable knight of the Leonster Kingdom, Finn. We can't afford to lose you. Giving you this lance is about all I can do to help you out now. Please have it.

Finn: Your Highness... thank you very much.

Sigurd and Lewyn

Sigurd: Aren't you Lewyn? I heard you've been helping out the villagers. I certainly appreciate it. I also heard you're a bard... but one that can do magic?

Lewyn: Yeah, call it... a hobby of mine. I take it you're that Sigurd guy. You must have an awful lot of free time to be runnin' around startin' wars all over the place!

Sigurd: Huh? I don't follow. What're you so angry about?

Lewyn: Try putting yourself into these people's shoes for a second! They're just tryin' to make a livin' here. Then you show up, flashin' your shiny swords around...

Sigurd: Hmm... I see your point. Geez, I feel awful about the Agustrian people.

Lewyn: Well, talk is cheap. If you really feel so bad, why don't you pack up and leave?

Sigurd: All right. Look, I'll go consult with my people.

Lewyn: W-w-whoa! You serious about pullin' out?!

Sigurd: Yeah, I've been tossing the idea around myself, and you just helped me make up my mind. I'm through fighting. I've got to try to settle this with King Chagall peacefully.

Lewyn: Ah... that'd be a complete and utter waste of your time. He wouldn't listen to you. And if Grannvale pulls out now, all the citizens who helped you guys out'll be tossed in jail! Doesn't that bother you?

Sigurd: Well, uh... of course it does! But... didn't I, er...

Lewyn: Hahaha! You're all right, Sigurd. Look, how 'bout I join up with you guys?

Sigurd: Join up wi...? Just who are you?!

Lewyn: Me? Just a traveling bard, my friend.

Beowolf and Lachesis

Beowolf: Hey, aren't you that princess from Nordion?

Lachesis: How rude! Just who are you?!

Beowolf: Er... sorry. Beowolf's the name. I'm just a mercenary, ma'am.

Lachesis: So what do you want?

Beowolf: Uh... I just came to tell you this is for real out here. This ain't no fun 'n games. And you inexperienced types ain't makin' things easy for the rest of us. Besides, this ain't no place for a princess. Why don't you get on back to your castle?

Lachesis: Where do you get off talking to me like that?! What I do out here is no business of yours!

Beowolf: Heheh... tough little cookie, aintcha. Reminds me a bit of Eldigan.

Lachesis: Wait! You know my brother?

Beowolf: Sure do. We go way back. Don't mean to be so nosy, but he asked me ta check up on ya.

Lachesis: Oh, I didn't realize. Sorry.

Beowolf. S'alright. Eldigan also asked me ta teach you a bit about warfare. How 'bout it?

Lachesis: That'd be great!

Alec and Sylvia

Alec: Ah! So you're Sylvia... Pardon me for sayin' so, but you are fine!

Sylvia: Well, it's about time someone appreciates my beauty! I tell ya...

Alec: Good think I showed up, huh? Sure glad I found you in all this mess.

Sylvia: Me too!

Alec: You wanna hang out sometime?

Sylvia: You bet! I can show ya my special dance! I ain't shown it to nobody yet. Let's just say it's, ah... VERY special.

Alec: W-Whoa! THAT I wanna see!

Sylvia and Sigurd

Sylvia: Eeee!! It's Sir Sigurd!

Sigurd: Er... are you a dancer? You certainly don't belong out here. Now get back to the castle.

Sylvia: Sir, dontcha know who I am? I'm Sylvia. Call me Sylvie if you'd like.

Sigurd: Look, I don't have time for this. Now be a good little girl and run on back to the castle.

Sylvia: Good little gi...? You ever seen a girl with THESE before?! Grr... what a moron.

Sigurd: Enough already!

Sylvia: Sigh... I'm just a lone flower upon the battleground. Beauty entrapped by adversity...

Sigurd: Now what's she... Geez, I'm never going to get rid of her!

Erinys and Sigurd

Erinys: Are you Sir Sigurd?

Sigurd: Yep, that's me. And who are you?

Erinys: I'm Erinys, a Silessean knight. I'm responsible for Prince Lewyn's welfare, so I'll be joining you.

Sigurd: ...Prince Lewyn? What are you talking about?

Erinys: Prince Lewyn is the successor to the throne of Silesse. He has inherited special powers as he is a descendant of Sety, the Wind Crusader.

Sigurd: Lewyn's the prince of Silesse? Heh... I thought there was something different about him. So why is he parading around as a bard?

Erinys: Well, that's a bit of a story, and I'm not the one to tell it. Can we let that rest for now?

Sigurd: Sure. I've got plenty of other things to worry about anyway. Erinys, having a Pegasus Knight on our side would sure help out. You care to do a little fighting?

Erinys: No problem!


(Arden's Pursuit Ring)

Arden: Sigh... I've trained hard to get as strong as I am, but everyone still just teases me. If only I could do a repeated attack like Alec... that'd give me the edge I need. Maybe I could even find me a girlie then. Ahh... it's tough being a guy! Hm? What's this ol' ring doing here... Looks magical or something. Let's try 'er on. Ooooh! What's going on?! ...... The Power of Pursuit!!

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