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GameFire Emblem Gaiden
First SeenChapter 5: Reunion, and Then...
Starting ClassDark God

“That should be enough... Hero Alm. I entrust everything to you. Inherit the will of us siblings and govern this land... Carrying both the strength of Duma as well as the love of Mila, guide the people justly... You must not repeat the same mistakes we committed. You must never again disturb our slumber...”
—Duma, after being defeated by Alm

Duma (ドーマ, Doma in the Japanese version) is the final boss of Fire Emblem Gaiden.


Duma and his sister Mila are the sibling gods who reside in the continent of Valentia, and he is patron deity of Rigel. In Valentia's early days he came into violent dispute with Mila over their beliefs: Duma believing mankind should strive for power and Mila believing that mankind should be led towards peace, and pleasure. Eventually the two came to a pact that divided the continent between them, the north to Duma and the south to Mila, although their heavy involvement led to the people of Rigel becoming too strict and the people of Zofia becoming too laid back.

Thousands of years later, Duma would supply Rigel's king Rudolf with the Falchion in order to seal Mila. After the war began, Duma's priest Judah attempted to sacrifice Celica and her army to him, which prompted Alm to rush to her aid, and into battle with Duma. After his defeat, Duma entrusts the fate of Valentia to Alm, and then falls into a great slumber with Mila. Duma and Mila's faith are merged into one religion afterwards.

In Fire Emblem: Awakening, the Demon's Ingle is said to lay on top of Duma's remains. Though, this is somewhat odd, as Duma was defeated in a location that would be closer to the Mila Shrine Ruins in Awakening, and was lying dormant rather then being deceased. While the Valm Citizen, Pheros refers to worshipping Naga, and Mila, there is no mention of Duma despite his religion being merged with Mila's at the end of Gaiden.

In GameEdit

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
Dark God
Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Move
20 182 20 10 10 0 20 20 5
Magic Starting Item

It should be noted that he cannot be defeated without the use of the Falchion wielded by Alm. Duma will not take damage past 52 HP with other weapons. However, Nosferatu will still be able to do damage, due to an oversight in the coding caused by the weapon's hard-wired 50% hit rate.

It should be also noted that the final map in Gaiden is one of the few maps where Megaquake occurs, presumably activated by Duma.


  • Duma is one of the few final bosses in the entire series to move. The others are Idenn, Fomortiis, and Ashnard.


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