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Doors of Destiny
「FE4」Chapter 5 - Doors of Destiny
GameFire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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“After quelling Silesse's internal unrest, Grannvale's great military lay waiting for Sigurd. Sigurd hadn't a moment's rest since gaining control of Zaxon Castle. He sat face to face with Grannvale's military stationed over at Lubeck Castle. Commanding the forces was an enemy of Sigurd's father... Lord Langobalt. Engaging Grannvale's military would provide Sigurd a chance to avenge his father's entrapment at the hands of Langobalt. Stationed in the desert town Phinora were Lord Arvis' men, and the great Magefighter, Vaha. In Velthomer, Arvis' most trusted confidant General Aida was entrusted with the castle's defense. And in the capitol, Lord Arvis assisted the elderly bedridden King Azmur while Prime Minister Reptor maintained the public order. With such a great distance to the capitol, confrontation with Grannvale's forces seemed inevitable. Sigurd also knew he mustn't involve Silesia any further in the conflict with Grannvale. He resolved to fight this final battle. Gran calender - 760. Early Spring...All of Silesse rested peacefully under a heavy cover of snow...”
—Opening Narration

Doors of Destiny is Chapter 5 Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.

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