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“After quelling Silesse's internal unrest, Grannvale's great military lay waiting for Sigurd. Sigurd hadn't a moment's rest since gaining control of Zaxon Castle. He sat face to face with Grannvale's military stationed over at Lubeck Castle. Commanding the forces was an enemy of Sigurd's father... Lord Lombard. Engaging Grannvale's military would provide Sigurd a chance to avenge his father's entrapment at the hands of Lombard. Stationed in the desert town Phinora were Lord Arvis' men, and the great Magefighter, Vaha. In Velthomer, Arvis' most trusted confidant General Aida was entrusted with the castle's defense. And in the capitol, Lord Arvis assisted the elderly bedridden King Azmur while Prime Minister Reptor maintained the public order. With such a great distance to the capitol, confrontation with Grannvale's forces seemed inevitable. Sigurd also knew he mustn't involve Silesia any further in the conflict with Grannvale. He resolved to fight this final battle. Gran calender - 760. Early Spring...All of Silesse rested peacefully under a heavy cover of snow...”
—Opening Narration

Doors of Destiny is Chapter 5 Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.


Initiator Receiver Receive Criteria
Edain Brigid - -
Sigurd Byron Tyrfing Byron appears
Arden - +5 Skl Have him wait at the tip of the hill with the village closest to Phinora. Arden must have a lover.
Sigurd Ayra - Lubeck conquered
Lex Azelle - Lubeck conquered
Dew Jamke - Lubeck conquered
Sigurd Aida Chapter clear Reptor defeated
Love Conversations
Initiator Receiver Receive Criteria
Claud Edain Rescue staff for Edain Phinora conquered
Tailtiu Azelle/Claud/Lex - Phinora conquered
Erinys Lewyn/Arden/Naoise - Phinora conquered
Sylvia Claud/Lewyn/Alec - Phinora conquered
Raquesis Beowolf/Naoise/Dew - Phinora conquered
Ayra Lex/Chulainn/Arden - Phinora conquered
Brigid Alec/Jamke/Midayle - Phinora conquered


  • Conquer Lubeck Castle
  • Conquer Phinora Castle
  • Talk to Aida at Velthomer after defeating Reptor

Strategy Edit

This chapter is your last chance to prep the second generation. Ensure that all your planned marriages occur before ending the chapter. Since the chapter does not end when you cap the last castle, but when Sigurd talks to Aida (a green unit), you can do inventory management for the entire army via the pawn shop in the last castle. Set up your characters' inventories to match your inheritance strategy. It is EXTREMELY useful for Sigurd to possess the Elite Ring when the mission ends: this greatly increases Seliph's leveling speed in the second generation. Likewise, getting key weapons (Sigurd's Silver Sword, Lex's Brave Axe, Ayra's Brave Sword, etc.) to 50 kills so they unlock the Critical ability before being inherited is very useful if you can manage it.


Doors of Destiny/Script

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