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Generation 1

Chapter 5: Doors of Destiny


(Byron rides towards Zaxon)

Byron: “Ooooh… I’ve only… (pant..) a little strength left in me. Sigurd… I must get the Holy Tyrfing to you!”


Slayder: “Langobalt, I spotted Lord Byron due west of here. He managed to get away just as I was closing in. I believe he intends to seek refuge in Silesse.”

Langobalt: “Then what the hell’re you doing here!? Get after him!! We must finish him off now! Otherwise our entire effort spent wiping out Chalphy’s Gruenen Ritter will have been for nothing!”

Slayder: “Y, yes, of course. He has sustained heavy injuries, so he shouldn’t get far.”

Langobalt: “You gravely underestimate the situation. Byron is prepared to spill his last drop of blood to get the Holy Tyrfing to his son. Do you have any idea how much trouble we’ll face if that sword reaches Sigurd!? Depart immediately and kill him!!”

Slayder: “Y, yes sir! Right away, sir!”

(Slayder leaves)

Langobalt: “Damn it. Danan still hasn’t shown up with his reinforcements. The axe knights of the Grauen Ritter are all elite warriors. With that much power on his side, Danan has no excuse for taking so long to quell some little uprising in Isaach. Both my sons, Danan and Lex, are absolutely worthless.”

Andorey: “Don’t lose heart, sir. Those rebels won’t stand a chance against the Beige Ritter.”

Langobalt: “I appreciate it, Lord Andorey. Do lend us a hand if things get too out of control.”

Andorey: “Heh heh… With pleasure!”

(Andorey leaves)

Langobalt: “That contemptuous little brat. He shows absolutely no remorse for killing his own father. Lord Ring… may you rest in peace.”


Oifey: “Sir, there’s a lone knight heading this way from the east.”

Sigurd: “What? An enemy!?”

Oifey: “I don’t think so. Lubeck Castle has put out troops in pursuit of the knight. He could be an ally.”

Sigurd: “Then let’s try to help him. We have to face Langobalt’s army sooner or later anyhow. Okay. Let’s take the enemy’s front line in one sweep. Our first strike’ll decide this battle.”

(Enemy Phase, Belhalla)

Azmur: “Lord Arvis, is it true that Sigurd’s party is making an advance in Belhalla’s direction?”

Arvis: “Yes, but there is no need for alarm. Lord Langobalt’s army has already reached Lubeck. Subjugation of the insurgents should be forthcoming.”

Azmur: “Yes. Well, I’m not so sure I buy all this. Lord Byron assassinating Kurth, and Sigurd causing all this ruckus… I don’t know.”

Arvis: “Your Majesty. Please, I’ll explain once more. Lord Byron assassinated the prince with the help of Lord Ring of Jungby. Duke Reptor and Duke Langobalt both witnessed the entire horrible spectacle! The prince learned of their plot to usurp the throne, and that cost him his life. Sir Sigurd is also without a doubt involved in the conspiracy. Why else would he harbor the prince of a hostile country? Isaach no less. These are clearly acts of treason against the kingdom. The late Prince Kurth is also now a father-in-law to me… And for my beloved princess, Deirdre, I must put an end to Sigurd’s path of destruction! If Lord Langobalt cannot successfully subdue the rebels, Velthomer’s fire knights, the Roten Ritter, will stop Sigurd’s rebel army in their tracks!”

Azmur: “Well, you obviously have strong feelings about all this, and rightly so. Arvis… (cough.. cough..) about Deirdre…”

Deirdre: “Grandfather, are you alright? You mustn’t overdo yourself. Would you care to lie down?”

Azmur: “Ahh, Deirdre. You’re such a sweet child. I’m… wheeze… not long for this world, but you give me hope for the kingdom’s future. I don’t know when or how Kurth could have acquired himself such a wonderful daughter, but the markings on your brow clearly identify you as a direct descendant of the Royal Family. Where in heavens have you been living all this time?”

Deirdre: “I’m sorry. I don’t know. I don’t remember anything from my past. Not a single memory I can speak of…”

Azmur: “Ahh, forgive me. You’ve gone through more hardship than the lot of us.”

Arvis: “She had no recollections from the moment we found her near the castle grounds. Aside from her name she doesn’t remember a thing. I was simply looking after her out of sympathy, but then I fell deeply in love with her. With all due respect, I never in a million years would have suspected she was of royalty.”

Azmur: “The day you brought her in to the Royal Palace to announce your wedding intentions, I tell you… I could have sworn my eyes were playing tricks on me! I don’t know. Call it a family’s intuition, but somehow I knew. And sure enough under her circlet were the markings of Naga. Lord Arvis, you understand what this all means, don’t you? According to the Book of Naga only descendants of Heim, like myself, can give off that kind of vibration. And Naga’s power is the only one capable of standing up to the Dark Lord Loptyr.”

Arvis: “Yes, I’m aware of that.”

Azmur: “Lord Naga’s lineage through Saint Heim must not be allowed to perish! I want the two of you to bear a son as soon as possible! If the child inherits the power of Naga, he shall be Prince of Grannvale. And once I pass on he’ll become the King of Grannvale. Lord Arvis, until the boy is old enough to rule, you shall be the provisional king. Do raise him well. I hope you understand all of what I’ve told you. (cough.. Ah…ack..)”

Sigurd Talks with Byron

Sigurd: “F, father! Is that you!? You’re alright!”

Byron: “Sigurd… I see you’ve grown into a fine young man. (cough.. cough..)”

Sigurd: “Father! Hang in there!!”

Byron: “Son, I’m afraid I’m at death’s door, so listen up. Langobalt killed Prince Kurth, not I. And just above him in the chain of command is Reptor. Please inform His Majesty of this. I’m not afraid to die, son. But I must live long enough see our good name restored!”

Sigurd: “I knew it! Don’t worry, father. I will restore your honor in the kingdom. Rest assured!”

Byron: “Son, I’m sorry. My negligence has led to all the hardships you’re currently facing. Here, take this from me. It’s the Holy Tyrfing.”

Sigurd: “The Holy Tyrfing! But father, you can still…”

Byron: “Take it! And restore our good name!”

Sigurd: “Father! C’mon, hang in there for me. Father!”

Oifey: “Sir…”

Sigurd: “I’ve had it with those two! Reptor and Langobalt… I’m taking you both out!!”

First Enemy Phase After Slayder Is Killed Andorey: “Okay, we’re off! Show them the sheer power of the Beige Ritter!”

Sigurd Didn’t Talk to Byron (Lubeck Conquered)

Byron: “Ahh… No… Sigurd!! Just one more step… Oh, why have the heavens forsaken me!”

Conquering Lubeck

Oifey: “Sir, that sure wasn’t an easy one.”

Sigurd: “Yeah. And that was just Grannvale’s standing army. Things are only going to get worse. Oifey, I need a favor of you.”

Oifey: “Sure. What is it?”

Sigurd: “Isaachian territory is just northeast of Lubeck, right? Langobalt’s oldest son, Danan, has been stationed in Isaach ever since their defeat. But I’m willing to bet his authority hasn’t reached the outskirts of Isaach. So…”

Oifey: “Just a second! Are you suggesting I leave you all and head for safety!? Forget it! I’m not leaving your side, sir! I’m here till the end!”

Sigurd: “Oifey, I hate to impose on you, but please understand my situation. I don’t want to lose Seliph. He is not even two yet. But I can’t fight and take care of him. Oifey, please. I want you to take Seliph and go to where it’s safe. You are the only one who I can feasibly count on to do this.”

Oifey: “…Alright, I’ll do it. …I’ll guard him with my life. But you have to promise me something. When this war is over you must promise to come get us. Otherwise, I’m not leaving.”

Sigurd: “Of course. I promise. I’ll come for you.”

Oifey: “Okay.”

Shanan: “Hold on a second! Deirdre put me in charge of protectin’ Seliph! And I’m not handin’ him over to Oifey or anyone until she says it’s okay!”

Sigurd: “Shanan, come on… I know how you feel. I’m not any happier than you are about Deirdre not being around, but this is for the best.”

Shanan: “Forget it! It’s my job! Besides, Isaachians hate you guys. You send Oifey by himself and he’ll be in big trouble! I’m the prince of Isaach. I can protect him better than anyone. Besides, I promised I would.”

Oifey: “Sir, I would be a bit more at ease if Shanan came along. I know you don’t want to get him involved in this. He is still pretty young. But he can hold his own. His presence would add a level of safety I can’t provide in Isaach.”

Sigurd: “Hm… …Alright. Shanan, watch over Seliph, okay?”

Shanan: “You got it! I’m gonna get even tougher, you’ll see. No one’ll lay a hand on him! And I’ll tell him all about Deirdre, too!”

Oifey: “We’ll be off then. Sir, please take care. I’ll be praying for our victory.”

Sigurd: “Thanks, Oifey. Stay well.”

Oifey: “Will do!”

(Oifey and Shanan leave for Isaach)

Sigurd: “Seliph… forgive your father. Grow up strong.”

(When ending the Player Phase, Quan and Ethlyn appear with an army in the desert)

Quan: “Alright, everyone. Hang in there. We’re getting there. I heard Sigurd’s troops are coming south through the Yied Desert. So if we head north, we should meet up with them at some point.”

Ethlyn: “Quan, I’m so sorry to put you through all this. It was so kind of you to agree to help my brother… especially with your father being so sick. But making enemies with a major power like Grannvale… Well, it really concerns me about Leonster’s future.”

Quan: “Ethlyn, Leonster may be a small country, but it’s a country of warriors. My entire family is descended from the Crusader Noba. In a war of justice there is no loser. My father wants us to give this battle all we’ve got. Ethlyn, don’t worry. I have the Gáe Bolg with me. I’m not going to fall with this at my side. Anyway, I really believe I can help Sigurd out.”

Ethlyn: “…I know you will.”

Quan: “Ethlyn, we’re in enemy territory now. You better head on back. The fighting may start anytime.”

Ethlyn: “Quan, I’ve been thinking. I… I’m coming with you. I want to see my brother again, and I just can’t stand to leave your side!”

Quan: “No way! You said you were only coming part of the way. That’s why I let you bring Altena along. Look at her sleeping on your lap. She’s only 3 years old! What would you do if we were suddenly attacked!?”

Ethlyn: “I’ll keep her safe with me!”

Quan: “I would have never brought you along in the first place had I known your intentions!”

Ethlyn: “But Altena wouldn’t stop crying… I (sob..) had to bring her! But you’re right… You’re right. I’ll go back.”

Quan: “I’m sorry, Ethlyn. I know how you feel, but you just gave birth to Leif, as well. Our children need you. Look, Finn is in charge of Leonster. Please go back and wait for me.”

Ethlyn: “Okay, but let me stay with you a little longer… just a little. Please, Quan.”

Quan: “Well… okay, but keep it short.”

(Travant appears with an army of dragon knights behind them)

Travant: “Heheh… Quan has no clue we’re here. He’s got a woman with him, too. That’d be a mistake. Let’s bid a fine farewell to Leonster’s Lance Ritter! The desert’s hinderin’ their movement. No way they can put up a fight here! Let’s move! The future of Thracia is in our grasp!”

(Quan’s army)

Quan: “What!? Thracia’s Dragon Knights!! Argh… No! Travant’s followed us! Ethlyn!! Get out of here! We can’t put up any kind of fight in the desert!”

Ethlyn: “But… but what about you?”

Quan: “Ethlyn, they’re like a pack of hyenas. They’ll show no compassion for a child! Thracia has been after our country for quite a while. I left half of our military behind with Finn in case of a surprise attack by Thracia. But I never dreamed they’d come after us… I’ve made a grave miscalculation!”

Ethlyn: “Quan, don’t give up yet. We can take ‘em if we fight together! Now let’s do this!”

Quan: “Ethlyn… thank you!”


Arvis: “Lord Langobalt was killed, was he?”

Reptor: “Arvis! Now are we going to do!? You’re the one who said Sigurd wouldn’t pose any problems! You KNEW Langobalt and I sent most of our military off with our sons to subdue other areas. You’ve explicitly gone against your word!”

Arvis: “Lord Reptor, calm down a second. I already have Velthomer troops positioned in the Yied Desert. And Thracia’s mercenaries should be here shortly. Reptor, as long as you and I engage our armies together, the rebels WILL fall.”

Reptor: “Arvis, you better be right this time. You can have the throne for all I care. But you best not forget about us once you become king.”

Arvis: “Don’t worry. When this war is finished, your family will take Agustria. And the Dozel family will take Isaach. Rest assured. Those countries are rightfully yours.”

Reptor: “Well, alright then. We’ll take on the rebels with all we’ve got.”

(Reptor leaves)

Manfroy: “Hmhmhm… Lord Arvis, I see things are proceeding smoothly.”

Arvis: “Manfroy? How many times have I told you not to show yourself around here!? All members of your Lopto Sect must stay completely hidden until I’ve taken power!”

Manfroy: “Yes. You’re too weak to admit our presence, and you let that greedy Reptor and Langobalt run all over you! The original plan was to dispose of those two once they proved useless and work through their sons instead!”

Arvis: “Hmph… Manfroy, I’ll say this once and only once, so listen good. I haven’t the slightest intention of rebuilding your Lopto Empire. I have no problem with your Lopto Sect existing, but I’m not leaving the world in the hands of the Dark Lord. You follow!? I don’t care if I have the Lopto Clan’s blood in me. I have Saint Maira’s blood and he fought for the good of the people. The Fire God Fala is also one of my ancestors. I will use my power to create a world which is free of prejudice. One where all peoples can live without fear of repression! Of course, Sigurd knows way too much. Consider him a sacrifice to the greater good.”

Manfroy: “Hohoho… I assume that greater good includes Deirdre as well! Lord Arvis, you’re afraid, aren’t you. Afraid her memories may be restored!”

Arvis: “Enough, Manfroy! We-are-in-love. And no one’s going to get in our way!”

Manfroy: “Hmhmhm… Well, the two of you need to get busy and bear a son. That child is certain to become a magnificent king! Heeheehee…”


Vaha: “The rebels have shown up? Hmhm… Just a little closer for a good dose of Meteor! This desert can be their grave!”

Ethlyn Is Killed (Quan Is Still Alive)

Travant: “The woman brought a child with her, did she? Ahh… Quan’s daughter. This is gettin’ good! You tell ‘im to hand over the Gáe Bolg, otherwise the little girl gets it. Heh heh… Quan, whatcha gonna do?”

Quan: “No! Altena… Ethlyn… Argh!! So this is as far as I get… He can have the damn Gae Bolg, but he better not lay a finger on Altena!”

(When Quan is killed)

Travant: “Quan’s dead, is he? Good. Magorn, take our men up an’ raise some hell on Sigurd’s troops. There’s a nice reward on their heads, so don’t let a single one slip by ya.”

Magorn: “Yes sir. What shall we do with the child? She won’t stop crying, and… um… none of the men know quite how to handle a child. Should I off her?”

Travant: “No, give her to me. I’m takin’ her an’ the Gáe Bolg back to Thracia with me.”

Magorn: “This is unexpected. Why would you want to take her back to Thracia?”

Travant: “Shut up! This ‘as got nothin’ t’do with ya! So keep yer trap shut.”

Magorn: “Ah, f, forgive me. I will… ah, lead the troops in pursuit of Sigurd then.”

Travant: “Yeah, ya do that!”

Ethlyn Is Killed (Quan Is Dead) Travant: “The woman brought a child with her, did she? Ahh… Quan’s daughter. This is gettin’ good! Hand her over. I’m takin’ her an’ the Gáe Bolg back to Thracia with me.”

Magorn: “This is unexpected. Why would you want to take her back to Thracia?”

Travant: “Shut up! This ‘as got nothin’ t’do with ya! So keep yer trap shut.”

Magorn: “Ah, f, forgive me. I will… ah, lead the troops in pursuit of Sigurd then.”

Travant: “Yeah, ya do that!”

Conquering Phinora

Sigurd: “So this is Phinora. Mmm… the motherland is not far. Oifey… Seliph… I wonder how they’re doing…”

Elder: “Welcome. You must be Sir Sigurd.”

Sigurd: “Ahh, a Phinora elder I presume. Phinora is quite the oasis in this desert. It’s unfortunate your town got caught up in the middle of all this.”

Elder: “Well, it can’t be helped. We just heard about another skirmish in the desert’s south end. I tell you, the world’s become a dangerous place.”

Sigurd: “There was fighting in the south end, too? Who was that?”

Elder: “According to our sources, Leonster’s lance knights were assaulted by Thracia’s Dragon Knights while coming north. Word is none of Leonster’s knights survived.”

Sigurd: “…are you sure about that!?”

Elder: “Pretty sure. I hear they had a little girl with them. The poor thing.”

Sigurd: “That must be… Ethlyn! And Quan! No… For…forgive me!”

(Outside Velthomer)

Aida: “Lord Reptor, we’re counting on you.”

Reptor: “I know. I just wonder if Arvis really is going to back me up, and is not just sticking us out here to die.”

Aida: “Arvis just put the finishing touches on his plan of attack. You’ve nothing to worry about.”

Reptor: “Hm… Well, I suppose I’ll have to trust him this time.”

Aida: “Reptor, I have orders to assume Velthomer Castle’s defense. So you’ll excuse me.”

(Aida walks into Velthomer)

Aida: “Hmhmhm! Good, that fool hasn’t caught on yet.”


Reptor: “Alright men! It’s just us until Arvis’ relief shows up. Don’t budge an inch until the enemy is well within range.”

Getting Near Reptor’s Army Reptor: “Okay, let’s do this! Velthomer’s fire knights are backing us up. Now let’s crush the enemy!”


Aida: “Lay in an attack on Reptor’s army according to plan. Kill every one of them. No one is to be spared!”

(Next Enemy Phase, outside Velthomer)

Reptor: “What!? Velthomer’s turned on us!? Argh… Arvis deceived me!”

Talking with Aida (Reptor Is Alive)

Aida: “This is no time to talk! Please find me after we’ve subdued Reptor.”

Talking with Aida (Reptor Is Dead)

Aida: “Sir Sigurd, I’m very happy to see you’re not harmed.”

Sigurd: “What’s going on here? Why has Velthomer suddenly turned in our favour?”

Aida: “Arvis has been aware all along of your innocence. This has all been a conspiracy by Duke Reptor and Duke Langobalt. Their influence was just too much for Arvis to be able to do anything.”

Sigurd: “Is that right? Well, good. This has all turned out for the best then. I can finally clear my father’s name.”

Aida: “…Yes. His Majesty and Arvis are anxiously awaiting your arrival in the capital. Please, see to it that you make your way there.”

Sigurd: “Really? Alright. Well, we should get going then.”

Aida: “Apparently, Arvis has arranged for Belhalla’s Royal Guard to receive you and your troops. It sounds like they’ve planned quite a celebration for your triumphant return.”

Sigurd: “Wonderful! That should make for a nice closing for all we’ve been through. And I can finally get some compensation to all those who have fought with me.”

Aida: “Indeed…”

(Sigurd’s army parades to Belhalla)

Arvis: “Sir Sigurd, this is an auspicious day! We’ve greatly anticipated your return to the motherland.”

Sigurd: “Lord Arvis. thank you so much for coming out to greet us. Where is His Majesty?”

Arvis: “Well, His Majesty has become extremely ill. He can’t even hold himself up anymore. Accordingly, I am currently handling all affairs of the kingdom.”

Sigurd: “Is that so? I’m sorry to hear that. I bet you have your hands full. I’ve caused His Majesty a good dose of anguish. I must stop by the Royal Palace later on and make a formal apology.”

Arvis: “…That won’t be necessary.”

Sigurd: “What’s that?”

Arvis: “I hereby sentence you to death for your acts of treason. No visits to the king today, Sigurd.”

Sigurd: “Wh, what? Lord Arvis, what is the meaning of this!”

Arvis: “Heh heh… You’re just now catching on? I’m afraid you’re far too late, my friend. You and your father plotted to usurp the throne. That hasn’t changed. As the husband of Princess Deirdre, I must subdue you. Nothing personal, Sigurd.”

Sigurd: “Princess Deirdre!? Wait a minute… That’d be…”

Arvis: “You didn’t know? I suppose an introduction would be in order before you depart this world. Deirdre, come!”

(Deirdre is brought out of Belhalla)

Arvis: “Deirdre, this is the son of the man who murdered your father. It’s Lord Byron’s son, Sigurd. Go ahead. Let him know how you feel.”

Deirdre: “…This is… …Sir Sigurd?”

Sigurd: “Wha-? Deirdre!? This can’t be!”

Deirdre: “…Why… Why are you speaking to me like that?”

Sigurd: “Deirdre! It is you! Aaagh!!”

Deirdre: “Do you… …know me?”


Arvis: “That’ll be enough from you. Deirdre, take a step back. This man is dangerous. He is guilty of treason and is to be punished.”

Deirdre: “But I… This person is… Please, just a little more time.”

Arvis: “I don’t think so. Quick! Somebody escort the princess away from here!”

Deirdre: “Wait! Arvis, please… just a little longer.”

(Deirdre is taken back into Belhalla)

Sigurd: “Wa, wait! Deirdre!! Arvis, please! That woman… she’s…”

Arvis: “That’ll be enough! Alright, inform the troops to seize Sigurd and his party. We no longer need to keep them alive. Let them serve their sentence right here!”

Sigurd: “Arvis! YOU DASTARD!!”

Secret Event with Arden (Arden’s Decision)

Arden: “Heh… I got married and got a kid! My family’s gotta come first, so I best not be dyin’. What’s dis ole book sittin’ here. Hmph… Dis is all gibber gabber. Eerrrr… mmmmnugh! What da… Wow! I feel all my senses done renovated!”


Villager: “Grannvale’s military went and seized Lubeck, did they? Ahh! Silesse’s days’re numbered.”

Villager: “Our Silesse remained peaceful for the longest time. Just when did things get so bad…”

Villager: “Children inherit certain traits from their parents. More often than not, boys inherit their father’s traits and girls inherit their mother’s.”

Villager: “Langobalt’s soldiers are looting all the villages! But we managed to sneak a little cash past them. Here, we would like you to have it.”

Villager: “Grannvale did subdue Isaach, but there still is some commotion going on over there. Apparently the people of Isaach are desperate to see Prince Shanan return.”

Villager: “Grannvale used to be a peace loving country, but things have changed. They’ve been sending troops to each and every nation with the intention of overthrowing them. Prince Kurth would never have allowed any of this if he were around. Please do something! Please return to Grannvale and remove those who are responsible for all this!”

Villager: “By the sounds of it, the late King Eldigan of Nordion and his queen had themselves a young boy. His name was Ares, I believe. I reckon he’d be about 3 or 4 by now. Poor thing.”


Adean with Briggid

Adean: “Briggid, what’s wrong?”

Briggid: “Adean, you heard what Andorey did, didn’t you!?”

Adean: “Yes, he killed our dear father, and Mahnya as well. He must have been possessed by something evil to do such unthinkable things.”

Briggid: “Well, that doesn’t matter ’cause I’m going to kill him! His little killing spree is over. Adean, you’re with me on this, aren’t you?”

Adean: “Briggid…”

Briggid: “I wish there was another way, but the crimes he has committed weigh heavily on us as well. Look, I may go down for what I’m about to do. I just wanted you to understand my reasons.”

Adean: “Yes, Brigid.”

Claud with Adean

Claud: “Adean, this is to be our last battle.”

Adean: “Yes, that’s what everyone’s saying.”

Claud: “Here, you should have this. Help our young soldiers with it.”

Adean: “Oh, this is a Rescue Staff. Why me?”

Claud: “I have yet to speak a word of this, but you being my wife, well… I should probably tell you. This war will end in our defeat. All that is important to us will be lost.”

Adean: “…What!?”

Claud: “I, too, had a difficult time believing the Lord’s words when I was at Blaggi Tower. But this is how fate will have it. I also will not likely survive. That’s why I’m entrusting this staff to you.”

Adean: “That can’t be true! I don’t believe any of what you’re saying!! Please… tell me it’s not true!”

Claud: “Adean, there’s really nothing to be scared of. My death is really just a new beginning. As life embraces death, that with form is lost, yet something still remains. There’s nothing to fear in death. It is merely a transition to a more perfect form.”

Adean: “But Claud…!”

Claud: “Just as I am to die, I shall also be reborn. Look, inside of you is a brand new life and I am a part of it. And that is why you must keep living.”

Adean: “How could you! You tell me to keep living while you…”

Claud: “Adean, I have been blessed to have met you. Forgive me if I have sounded insensitive.”

Adean: “Claud…”

Sigurd with Ayra

Sigurd: “Ayra!? I thought I told you to go back to Isaach with Shanan.”

Ayra: “Thanks, but it wouldn’t be right if I left now. I’m finishing this war with you.”

Sigurd: “Huh? You were entrusted with Shanan’s protection, but he’s in Isaach and you’re here!”

Ayra: “Ah, you’re talking about the promise to my late brother. My job is finished with Shanan. He’s old enough to look after himself now.”

Sigurd: “Yeah, but…”

Ayra: “I will return to Isaach as soon as this war is finished. And when that day comes, Sir, you too will be able to return to your homeland.”

Lex with Azel

Lex: “Azel, what’s up? You look horrible.”

Azel: “Well, what are you so happy for?”

Lex: “Huh? Ah, you mean my dad?”

Azel: “Yeah…”

Lex: “Yeah… Well, I’d be lyin’ if I said I didn’t feel nothin’. But I tell you, it serves him right. He killed a lot of innocent people.”

Azel: “Boy, you’re strong, Lex. I start to shake just when I’m around Arvis.”

Lex: “I can’t figure your brother out. I never thought of him as a bad guy. He was always kind to us.”

Azel: “Yeah, he always meant more to me than my dad did. But sometimes I feel like I don’t even know him. He can get pretty violent.”

Lex: “And that’s why you left your pad. Am I right? I don’t see any problem there, Azel. You’ve got your life, and he’s got his.”

Azel: “Yeah, I suppose.”

Dew with Jamka

Dew: “Hey, Jamka.”

Jamka: “Dew… What’re you still doing here? We don’t need you around here, so get lost!”

Dew: “Everyone’s been sayin’ that, and I’m sick of it! What’s up with everybody? We’re just about ready to win here, but everyone’s bein’ all weird.”

Jamka: “Er… Sorry, Dew. Yeah, you’re right. I am a bit on edge. I’m not sure why.”

Dew: “Jamka, look…I like you. You’re a nice guy. I know I caused you trouble before… Anyway, I’m sorry.”

Jamka: “Dew! What are you getting all mushy on me for? Now you’re the one being weird.”

Dew: “Yeah, I just… Never mind. I’ll see ya later.”

(Dew leaves)

Jamka: “Hmm… Dew’s also sensing something.”

Alec with Noish?I ( don’t think this is triggerable in the game?)

Alec: “Noish, this is it, huh?”

Noish: “Mmm.”

Alec: “Hey, uh… I just wanna thank you for everything.”

Noish: “Sure thing. Same goes here, Alec.”

Alec: “It’s been a blast, huh?”

Noish: “Yep.”

Alec: “Well, take care then.”

Noish: “Yep. You too.”

Tailto with Azel

Tailto: “Azel, don’t go!”

Azel: “Tailto, you promised me you’d head for Silesse. I told you, I’ll come as soon as I can!”

Tailto: “But…”

Azel: “You can’t fight Freege’s army! What, are you going to kill your own father?”

Tailto: “Well, no, but…”

Azel: “Good. I’d have second thoughts about someone who’d kill their own dad. You take care of the kids, okay?”

Tailto: “…Azel!”

Tailto with Claud

Tailto: “Claud, what should I do?”

Claud: “Well, you certainly can’t fight your father’s army. Go to Silesse. You’ll be safe there.”

Tailto: “But what are you going to do?”

Claud: “Well, it’s my duty to see this war out.”

Tailto: “How could you! Just how am I to raise our children without you!?”

Claud: “I know it is difficult, but please understand.”

Tailto: “…Claud!”

Tailto with Lex

Tailto: “Lex, you just have t’fight, don’t ya.”

Lex: “Hey! You get to Silesse where you’ll be safe.”

Tailto: “You’re so cruel! You want me t’go all alone.”

Lex: “Hey, everyone in the Freege family is breakin’ their back lookin’ for you, girl. And I don’t want my kids goin’ with them or the Dozels. You understand me!?”

Tailto: “Yeah, but…”

Lex: “Look, we’ve both been dealt a crappy hand. I wish we could’ve been together longer. I will cherish every single moment we had.”

Tailto: “Oh, Lex…”

Ferry with Lewyn

Ferry: “So this is it, Lewyn.”

Lewyn: “Yeah. Ferry, you keep your promise to me, okay?”

Ferry: “Yes, I’m to return immediately to Silesse. I know.”

Lewyn: “Look, I’m not gonna die out here, and you best not go doin’ so either!”

Ferry: “Yes. I can promise that! I’ve had my childhood dream realised. It would be just horrible to die now! I will always be with you.”

Lewyn: “Mother’s very anxious to see you again… more than she is me!”

Ferry: “Yes. Well, I just hope I can make my new mother-in-law proud.”

Ferry with Arden

Ferry: “Ardan, you okay?”

Arden: “I’ve had ‘nough of dis stupid desert!”

Ferry: “Heheh! Too bad you can’t ride my pegasus with me out of here.”

Arden: “Yeh. If only I’s ’bout a hunnerd pounds lighter.”

Ferry: “Arden, don’t you get yourself killed, okay?”

Arden: “You can bet on dat! I ain’t dyin’. Not after gettin’ someone as perdy as you for my wife! When dis war’s done wit we’s headin’ back t’Silesse. We can open a little veggie stand!”

Ferry: “Yes, that would be just fine with me.”

Ferry with Noish

Ferry: “Oh, Noish, I’ve been looking for you!”

Noish: “Ferry, you alright?”

Ferry: “I’m fine.”

Noish: “Good. Ferry, you be careful. You’re no longer caring for just yourself, you know.”

Ferry: “I hope our kids back in Silesse are doing okay, as well. I’m dying to see them again.”

Noish: “Yep, me too. Let’s get this war over with quickly.”

Ferry: “Yes, let’s do that. Noish, you be careful, too.”

Sylvia with Claud

Sylvia: “Claud, you okay?”

Claud: “Yes, I’m fine. But you cannot stay here. Now get going!”

Sylvia: “But…”

Claud: “You can’t stay with us. It’s too dangerous!”

Sylvia: “…Claud, I love you.”

Claud: “I love you too, but…”

Sylvia: “No! I’m not goin’. No way I’m leavin’ your side!”

Claud: “Sylvia, I can’t allow that! Please understand.”

Sylvia with Lewyn

Sylvia: “Hey, Lewyn!”

Lewyn: “Hey, Sylvia. What’s up?”

Sylvia: “You still like me?”

Lewyn: “C’mon. Give me a break, will you?”

Sylvia: “Well, do ya?”

Lewyn: “Yeah, I like you. That’s why we hooked up.”

Sylvia: “Good! That’s all I wanted to hear! ’cause I looooooove you! You are the only one… for me… Da-la-laa… la-la-laa!”

Lewyn: “Sylvia! You mind bringin’ it down a notch?”

Sylvia with Alec

Sylvia: “Alec, I’ve been lookin’ all over for ya.”

Alec: “Sylvia? You can’t be out here! Now get on back to the castle, will ya?”

Sylvia: “But I was gettin’ all worried ’bout you.”

Alec: “C’mon, Sylvia. You gotta start actin’ a bit more grown up. You are a full-blown mother now.”

Sylvia: “Don’t talk to me like you’re my father or somethin’! It was all your fault anyway.”

Alec: “Hey now! I think the, ah… willingness on both sides led to our little surprise, don’t you?”

Sylvia: “Yeah, right. Well, hurry back. Leen and I can’t live without ya forever. Okay? You gotta promise!”

Alec: “Yeah, I promise. I’ll come for you.”

Raquesis with Beowulf

Raquesis: “Beowulf…”

Beowulf: “Raquesis, if anything were to happen to me, I want you to go to Leonster. Finn is there with Quan’s children. Give him a hand, okay?”

Raquesis: “How could you say that? When we go, we’ll go together!”

Beowulf: “Raquesis, I’ve got a confession to make.”

Raquesis: “Hm?”

Beowulf: “I’ve known your true feelings all along.”

Raquesis: “What…!”

Beowulf: “Take good care of yourself. It was mighty nice while it lasted.”

Raquesis: “Wait! Beowolf!”

Raquesis with Noish

Raquesis: “Noish, wait!”

Noish: “Raquesis? You’re still here!? I told you to leave for Leonster.”

Raquesis: “I sent the kids already, but I’m staying to fight.”

Noish: “Why are you breaking your word with me? The kids need their mother. What if something were to happen to you? And you have King Eldigan’s child to consider, too.”

Raquesis: “I don’t know where Ares is anymore.”

Noish: “Well, Sir Sigurd is very concerned about Prince Ares. That boy has lost both of his parents. Ares must mean something to you, as well.”

Raquesis: “No, it’s just… Ah, nevermind. Look, I am your wife.”

Noish: “I know you are, and I love you dearly. Don’t you ever forget it.”

Raquesis: “I won’t. Sorry.”

Raquesis with Dew

Raquesis: “Dew, what are you doing here!?”

Dew: “What gives? I can handle bein’ here now. I’m not the same Dew anymore.”

Raquesis: “I know. But this next battle isn’t going to be like the others! It’ll be way out of your league, Dew.”

Dew: “Everyone’s been sayin’ that crap. I’m not a kid anymore!”

Raquesis: “I can definitely vouch for that, Dew. Heheh… Especially after what we…”

Dew: “H, hey! You’re gettin’ red there, girl!”

Raquesis: “Oh, Dew!”

Dew: “Raquesis, it’s been great bein’ with you. You’re always nice to me.”

Raquesis: “Same goes to you, Dew.”

Ayra with Lex

Ayra: “Lex, things are coming to a peak, aren’t they.”

Lex: “Yep, looks that way. Ayra, you are being damn stubborn. Why don’t you go back to Isaach?”

Ayra: “Why? Because I’m a girl!? Our responsibility to our children is the same in my book.”

Lex: “Oops… you got me. Sorry. But you had the perfect chance to get out. Our kids are only…”

Ayra: “Yeah, and that’s why we’ll go together, after we finish this war.”

Lex: “Right… right. C’mon, let’s go!”

Ayra: “Lex, I’m sorry, but this is the only way I know how to be.”

Lex: “Hahaha! I know. I’m just teasin’. That’s what I like about you, Ira. I don’t know how things are going to turn out, Ayra, but I’m in for the long haul.”

Ayra with Holyn

Ayra: “Holyn, things are coming to a peak, aren’t they.”

Holyn: “Uh…”

Ayra: “Holyn, I’ve got something I want to ask you. Is that alright?”

Holyn: “Yeah, what is it?”

Ayra: “Why do you look out for me? Is there something you haven’t told me?”

Holyn: “Ira, I’ve known you since I was a kid. Keeping you safe means everything to me.”

Ayra: “Eh!? Holyn… Hey, you weren’t that boy from…”

Holyn: “Yep. I’m the son of the lord of Sophara. You stole my heart at a tender young age, Ayra.”

Ayra with Arden

Ayra: “Ardan, you alright?”

Arden: “Whew… I’m beat. This armor’s dang heavy.”

Ayra: “Heh! But you look very manly. I like that about you.”

Arden: “Oh! That’s nice of ya t’say. I like you for bein’ all womanly like.”

Ayra: “Me? Womanly? That’s almost funny.”

Arden: “Yeah well, I think so at least. You’re the perdiest girl I can think of.”

Ayra: “Arden, are you sick or something?”

Arden: “I might as well just blurt it out… Ayra, I love you.”

Ayra: “What’s that!?”

Briggid with Alec

Briggid: “Alec, we’re almost to Belhalla.”

Alec: “Yeah. This is our grand return, huh.”

Briggid: “I wonder if I’ll be okay returning to the country I was born in. What is Jungby like?”

Alec: “Ahh… it’s a beautiful place with loads of beautiful women.”

Briggid: “Alec! I better not catch you cheating on me!”

Alec: “No way! You’d kill me if I did! Haha…”

Briggid: “That’s right! Besides, I want to keep you alive now. Your work with me has just begun! And for our children as well… I can’t let you die!”

Alec: “Don’t worry, I’ve got luck on my side. How else could I get such a beautiful bride!”

Briggid: “Alec…”

Briggid with Jamka

Briggid: “Jamka, you okay? You must be beat.”

Jamka: “Ah… I’m alright. How about you?”

Briggid: “I’m fine as long as you’re with me.”

Jamka: “Briggid, you know I don’t want you fighting. You won’t consider calling it quits?”

Briggid: “No! I will not call it quits! And it’s too late to turn back now, anyway.”

Jamka: “Alright… alright.”

Briggid: “Jamka, are you happy with me?”

Jamka: “Huh?”

Briggid: “Are you happy with me? Because I know Adean meant something…”

Jamka: “Briggid! Would you quit it!? I fell in love with you! And that’ll never change!”

Briggid: “Ah… S, sorry, Jamka. But I’m glad I asked…”

Briggid with Midayle

Briggid: “Midayle, are you alright?”

Midayle: “Yes, I’m fine. How are you doing, Briggid?”

Briggid: “I’m fine as long as you’re with me.”

Midayle: “Briggid, I’m very happy I met you and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.”

Briggid: “Midayle, you sound like you want to break up or something.”

Midayle: “Ah, forgive me. Briggid, I wanted you to understand something.”

Briggid: “Look, Midayle. I know you used to like Adean. Do you think you’ll be happy with me?”

Midayle: “Of course! Yes, I used to like Adean… Like. But you are the only one I’ve ever loved.”

Briggid: “Midayle, thanks! Don’t ever leave me.”

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