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“Lord Leif... You're safe. You've grown so much...”

Dorias is the Duke of Leonster in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 and the father of Selfina. He lost his right arm during a battle in Alster. Alongside August, he serves as Leif's tactician.

Dorias had been training young Leonster knights under the protection of Hannibal of southern Thracia. He recommended taking the heavily defended northern path into Leonster to Leif, riding the banner of Leonster to bring hope to the oppressed people, while August suggests to go through the less defended southern forests, which would be easier to take advantage of. He saves Leif's life by separating their forces during the attack on Alster, with his group going first and Leif's following the next day, but is killed by the time Leif's forces arrive.


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