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Draconic Hex (竜呪 Ryū Noroi lit. Dragon Curse in the Japanese version) is a Skill in Fire Emblem Fates.


When the user fights an enemy (no matter if they initiated the battle) after the battle, if both units survived, the enemy will suffer -4 to all of their stats. These stat drains do not stack. The player should also be aware that if the enemy is suffering from a higher stat drain (e.g Caltrop's -8 speed/defense/resistance), Draconic Hex will not affect those stats as its stat drain on those stats is lower then the Caltrop.

Draconic Hex is learned by Nohr Nobles at Level 5 or higher.

Draconic Hex can be considered the skill version of the Enfeeble staff, as they provide the same effects. The only difference is the activation rate; Enfeeble has a chance of missing, while Draconic Hex will always go off if the user and enemy survived the battle.

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