“Following Uhai's last words, Eliwood ventures toward the heart of the forest. He is greeted by an extraordinary sight. A building unlike any he's ever seen. It was clearly not wrought by human hands. It is waiting...waiting for the masters who abandoned it centuries past. Massive beyond belief, these ancient ruins have nothing to do with humankind. Eliwood has arrived. He has found the Dragon's Gate.”
—Opening Narration

Dragon's Gate is Chapter E19/H20 of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.


Upon arriving at the Dragon's Gate, Eliwood notices that Ninian is trembling. Lyn says it must be her power, which allows her to sense impending danger. Ninian says that she should not have come here, and begins to panic, saying "something awful will happen if I'm here." Eliwood tries to take her away from the Dragon's Gate, but is interrupted by the appearance of Ephidel. Ephidel introduces himself and states that he knows who everyone is. He asks if they liked the "gift" he left them in the forest, which enrages Hector. He attacks, but Ephidel disappears and reappears behind Ninian. He states that she is needed for his master's ceremony, and disappears again, taking Ninian with him. He appears next to Darin, shows him that he has Ninian, and tells him that they have "an infestation of mice to deal with." Darin says he'll take care of it, and Ephidel moves to the back, where Nergal and Elbert are. Nergal praises Ephidel for recapturing Ninian. Elbert asks where Eliwood is, and Nergal says that it's only a matter of time before the Black Fang finish him off. Elbert suddenly attacks Nergal, but is stopped by Jaffar. Nergal wonders when Elbert might have undone his bonds, then tells Jaffar to take Elbert and Ninian to the far chamber while he begins preparing for the ritual.

After the battle, Eliwood, Lyn, and Hector begin to search for Eliwood's father. They quickly find him. Elbert is relieved to see Eliwood, but tells him to take Ninian and flee, saying "she's the key to the Dragon's Gate." Eliwood tries to call to Ninian, telling her to flee, but she doesn't respond. Hector tells Eliwood to grab Ninian, while he grabs Elbert. Before any of them can begin to run away, Jaffar appears, blocking the only way out. Elbert warns them that Jaffar is dangerous, and they can't defeat him on their own. Eliwood says that they have to face this danger, but Ephidel appears, saying he should listen to his father. He says that even among the Black Fang, Jaffar is feared, and Eliwood doesn't stand a chance against him, not even as a group. He then tells Jaffar to go to Bern and begin his next assignment. Jaffar silently obeys.

Ephidel then announces that his master has prepared a special show in honor of Eliwood's hard-fought arrival. Elbert says that they cannot release the dragons, and Eliwood asks what's going on. Ephidel says he'll learn soon enough, but at the expense of his father's life. Suddenly, Elbert begins to grow weaker, as if the life was being drained out of him. Nergal appears and tells Ninian to open the Dragon's Gate. Ninian, still in a daze, does as she is told. The ground begins to shake as a fire dragon emerges from the gate. Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn are shocked, stunned beyond belief at what they are seeing. At that moment, a voice is heard. Nils runs from the shadows and calls Ninian's name, saying she must not do what they want. Ninian regains her senses, and upon Nils's command, everyone flees as the dragon crumbles, unable to stay whole now that Ninian is gone. Nergal teleports away, leaving Ephidel to die in the fiery explosion.

After the explosion fades away, Nergal reappears, annoyed that his plans were ruined. He tries to force Ninian and Nils to come with him, but is stopped by Elbert, who stabs him in the back. Wounded, Nergal is forced to retreat. Elbert collapses, and Eliwood catches him before he hits the ground. Elbert warns his son that Nergal will return, and that he must be prepared, and Eliwood says that they should leave the island. Elbert weakly replies that he is done here, and that Eliwood must finish this. Eliwood tells him not to say that, and tells him that Mother is waiting at home for him. Elbert remarks that she will be cross with him, and asks that Eliwood tell her that he's sorry, before he dies in Eliwood's arms. Eliwood begs him to open his eyes, but he never does.

Eliwood ModeEdit


Initial EnemyEdit

-A * denotes an item dropped upon defeat


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Secret Shop (South-East)

Secret Shop (North)

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