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Dragon Tribe Laguz are Laguz who can transform into dragons. They are known for their might and for being very un-welcoming towards strangers. The dragon laguz are capable of living for great amounts of time, with their oldest being Dheginsea, who is over 800 years old. The dragon laguz's appear almost identical to Beorc in their human form, their most notable feature are the markings on their faces.

Home Country & LeadershipEdit

The Dragon Laguz live in Goldoa and are ruled by king Dheginsea. During the events of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Ike and the Laguz Alliance had to pass through Goldoa to get to Gallia, however, since Goldoa wanted to stay neutral in the Alliance's war, they were ordered back the way they came, through the Kauku Caves. Fortunately, Nasir and Ena were able to convince their king, Dheginsea, to let the Alliance pass. Dragons seem to follow a strength hierarchy through their colors: red dragons are the weakest, white dragons in the middle, and the black dragons at the top. The black dragons are considered extremely powerful, and even the other Laguz tribe leaders fear their power. Despite their power, the dragon laguz are very wary to engage in war, due to it being difficult for them to withhold their fighting instinct after they start. Aside with the Laguz tribe leaders and those with blessed weapons, only dragons can hurt someone wearing blessed armor. It was shown that a Dragon Laguz pregnancy last around 17 to 20 years, which was the time Rajaion was captured by King Daien. However the pregnacy duration would be dramaticaly reduced to at least 9 months if they give birth to a Branded.

Notable Dragon LaguzEdit

Notable Dragon BrandedEdit

Classes of Dragon LaguzEdit

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