Dragonlord (神竜騎士リンドブルム Rindoburumu, lit. Lindwurm in the Japanese version) is a Wyvern-mounted combat physical class that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The promoted form of the Dracoknights class, the Dragonlord class wields Lances and Axes as its weapons of choice.



Dragonlords have superb HP, Strength, Skill and Defense, alongside a decent amount of Speed. Their only real weakness lies in their Resistance, a fact that makes them vulnerable to magical attacks. This is especially the case with Thunder Magic, which is imbued with weapon effectiveness against Wyverns and Dragon Laguz.


Base StatsEdit

HP Str Mag Skl SpdLck Def Res Mov ConWt.Wp.Rank
FE10 512121817020/194/5913/844/39FE10 Lance C/B FE10 Axe A

Maximum StatsEdit

HP Str Mag Skl SpdLck Def Res Mov ConWt.Wp.Rank
FE10 60/5538/35103832/3530/3538/3620/22913/844/39FE10 Lance S FE10 Axe SS

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl SpdLck Def Res Mov ConWt.Wp.Rank
FE10 80/70%50/45%10/25%40%35/65%25/30%50/40%35/40%----

Class SkillsEdit

Skill Requirements
FE10 ShoveShove
Base skill of all flying and mounted units.
Mastery skill of the Dragonlord and Seraph Knight classes.


Base Class Promotion Method Promoted Class(es)
FE10 FE10 Jill Dragonmaster Sprite
Use a FE10mastercrownMaster Crown on a Level 10+ Dragonmaster or train a Dragonmaster to Level 21.FE10 Jill Dragonlord Sprite

Notable DragonlordsEdit


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