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Dragonlord (known as Lindwurm in the Japanese version) is the third tier class of Dracoknights. After promoting to a Dragonmaster, they can then promote into Dragonlords. The mastery skill of a Dragonlord is Stun, which triples damage and renders the foe incapable of acting or reacting for 1 turn. Dragonlords have amazing Skill, Strength, Defense, and HP, and a good amount of Speed. Their only real weakness is magic (especially Thunder Magic, which has weapon effectiveness towards Wyverns and Dragon Laguz). This class is probably one of the best classes of all in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It is best to avoid fighting a magic using unit, unless you can take it out in one hit.

Notable DragonlordsEdit

Fire Emblem: Radiant DawnEdit

Maximum StatsEdit

  • HP: 60 (M) 55 (F)
  • Str: 38 (M) 35 (F)
  • Mag: 10
  • Skl: 38
  • Spd: 32 (M) 35 (F)
  • Luck: 30 (M) 35 (F)
  • Def: 38 (M) 36 (F)
  • Res: 20 (M) 22 (F)


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