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Elder Bael
First SeenFire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Promotes FromBael
Promotes ToN/A
Usable Weapon Types--
Class SkillsNone

Elder Baels (エルダバール) are giant magic-infused spiders, whose fangs contain lethal venom. They are the promoted versions of Baels so like an ordinary Bael, they can cross mountain squares. They can be found as bosses in the Tower of Valni.


Due to having massive reserves of HP, high defense, and low resistance, magic users are well-suited to destroying Baels. While their hit rate may be substandard, their standard Claws deal significant damage to units they hit, and their other variants, the Poison Claw and Lethal Talon, inflict poison as well. Fast, agile physical units, particularly Swordmasters, are capable of holding their attention without risk for extreme periods of time.

Maximum StatsEdit


  • It is interesting to note that Elder Baels have exactly the same stat caps as their unpromoted counterparts, with the exception of Max HP (Bael have a cap of 60).


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