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Elder Bael
First SeenFire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Promotes FromBael
Promotes ToN/A
Usable Weapon Types--
Class SkillsNone

Elder Baels (エルダバール) are giant magic-infused spiders, whose fangs contain lethal venom. They are the promoted versions of Baels so like an ordinary Bael, they can cross mountain squares. They can be found as bosses in the Tower of Valni.


The best units units for fighting Elder Baels are by far ranged attackers, such as Archers and/or magic users. If they are not available, use high speed units (e.g Swordmasters, Assassins) or heavily armoured units (e.g Generals, Paladins), to dodge or absorb minimal damage. Many creature slaying weapons and sacred Anima and Light tomes are available that do massive damage to monsters.

Maximum StatsEdit


  • It is interesting to note that Elder Baels have exactly the same stat caps as their unpromoted counterparts, with the exception of Max HP (Bael have a cap of 60).


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