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Elibe Map

The map of Elibe

Elibe (エレブ Erebu, Ereb in the Japanese version) is the fictional continent which serves as the setting of Fire Emblem: Binding Blade and Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Elibe mainly consists of 5 countries, the desert peninsula of Missur, the lone isle Valor and the Western Isles.



Founded by Hartmut the Hero, leader of the Eight Legends of Elibe, the monarchy of Bern is one of the most powerful military nations, having a large military force. Wyverns are native to this country. It is also the resting place for the Fire Emblem, which serves as Bern's national treasure, and it is also where the Shrine of Seals is located. Hartmut's Divine Weapon, the Royal Blade Eckesachs, as well as the almighty Sword of Seals, reside here.


Founded by St. Elimine, one of the Eight Legends, Etruria is one of the largest nations in Elibe and the most advanced civilization, rumored to rival Bern in military strength. The St. Elimine Church is based in this country, the source of the religion mostly popular in Etruria and Bern. Like Bern, it is also ruled by a monarch. The largest city and capital is Aquleia. St. Elimine's Divine Weapon, Aureola the "Pinnacle of Light" and the Saint's Staff reside here.


Founded by Roland the Champion, one of the Eight Legends, Lycia is geographically located in the center of Elibe and is home to every playable lord in both games. It is made up of a federation of numerous territories, each ruled by a powerful Marquess, and those leaders form a council which governs the country. The most powerful territory is Ostia, which leads the council as the ruling territory. Lycia later unifies into one kingdom, if certain conditions are met, after the events of Fire Emblem: Binding Blade. Roland's Divine Weapon, Durandal the "Blazing Sword", resides here.


Founded by Barigan the Holy Knight, one of the Eight Legends, Ilia is the northern-most nation in Elibe and is described as a snowy wasteland which cannot support farming very well. Most people become mercenaries to survive while there are some who become scholars. The largest city and capital is Edessa. Pegasi are native to this country. Barigan's Divine Weapon, Maltet the "Lance of Ice", resides here.


Founded by Hanon the Divine Trooper, one of Eight Legends, Sacae is a vast, open plain country of nomads. There are three main tribes of nomads in Sacae; the Kutolah, the Djute, and the Lorca tribe, although most of the Lorca were killed off before the events of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. The largest city and capital is Bulgar. Nomads and Myrmidons hail from this country. Hanon's Divine Weapon, Murgleis the "Gale Bow", resides here.


Western IslesEdit

Settled by the barbarian clans under Durban the Berserker, one of the Eight Legends, the Western Isles are an archipelago of 3 major islands off the coast of Etruria, mainly colonized by the Etrurians. The largest city and capital is Jutes. It is rich in minerals and resources, although piracy and banditry often occurs in the country. Durban's Divine Weapon, Armads the "Thunder Axe", resides here.

Nabata DesertEdit

The Nabata desert is located on Missur, a desert peninsula at the southwestern corner of Elibe. It is a desert wasteland, but it is rumoured that a secret village in the desert called Arcadia shelters a coexistence of dragons and humans. Athos the Archsage, one of the Eight Legends, took refuge in the desert after the events of the Scouring. It was here that he met Nergal and discovered Arcadia. His Divine Weapon, Forblaze the "Infernal Element", resides here.


Also known as the Dread Isle, Valor is located to the south of Lycia and is home to many mysterious ruins, including the Dragon's Gate. It was here that another of the Eight Legends, Bramimond the Enigma, sacrificed its humanity in order to gain the power of Apocalypse, the "Silencing Darkness," and best Dragons. This was the original location of Bramimond's Divine Weapon before it was hidden under the Shrine of Seals in Bern with its creator.

Territories and locationsEdit

AquleiaOstiaPheraeJutesThriaLausAraphenTarasBulgarRemiCarrhaeEdessaEburacumArmaghEdinaBernEtruriaSacaeIliaLyciaWestern IslesWestern IslesWestern IslesNabata DesertKaftiElibe6
About this image


'Elibe' is the romanized form of the original version of the continent's name (エレブ or Ereb the Dark Continent). This relates to the Greek 'Erebus', which refers to the Greek underworld. It means 'darkness'. Erebus was also a primordial Greek god who personified darkness.

The countries of Elibe seem to be arranged in a manner that evokes the real-world Mediterranean, with Etruria (Italy) on the west, Ilia (Troy) to the northeast, and Lycia (Greece) in the middle. In this way, Nabata Desert would evoke North Africa.

The geography can also be interpreted as all of Western Europe, with Etruria (France), Ilia (Scandinavia and Russia), Lycia (Nothern Italy), Bern (Switzerland and Germany). Nabata would mirror Spain, and the Western Isles would mirror the British Isles. Sacae could repersent the Hungarians or the Polish.

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