The Emiyu (エミユ Emyu) race was an advanced civilization of dragons that existed thousands of years prior to the events of TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. Their properties and history are almost identical to the Manakete race from the Fire Emblem series.


In addition to having the ability to harness advanced magic, the Emiyu possessed both immortal flesh and lifespans of several thousand years. However, 1500 years prior to the game's events, humans began appearing, and the Emiyu began to die out. The king of the Emiyu declared that humans were the rightful successors of the world and decided to seal his race's power by sending them into a deep sleep within the earth. To prevent rebel factions from obtaining his daughter Miradona's great power, he secretly sent her away to the continent of Lieberia to sleep.

Miradona was accompanied by her four servants and slept within Shiero Mountain, which the guardian beasts were created to defend from trespassers. Meanwhile, Miradona's followers told the native people of Zoa about the fabled dark god Gerxel, whom they made up. Five hundred years later, the Zoan tribe leader Kalbazan ignored the threat of the mountain's guardians in order to drink Miradona's blood, believing it to be that of Gerxel.

Being descendants of Miradona's supposed daughter, Utna, the four shamans (Enteh, Katri, Tia, and Neyfa) have inherited the power of the Emiyu and can transform into the four holy dragons (Muse, Neuron, Kranion, and Rakis respectively).

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  • The king of the Emiyu who is mentioned in the backstory shares many similarities with Naga from the Fire Emblem series.
  • Similar to Manaketes and degeneration, Emiyu can go insane if forcibly locked into dragon form.

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