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Emma (エマ Ema) is an original character from the trading card game Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher). She is a trainee Sky Knight from the Kingdom of Hoshido, and the rival of her Nohr counterpart Shade.

In series 3, Dual Swords of Hope, Emma along with Shade join Ike's Radiant Army.

In series 4, Glittering Concert of Illusions, Emma and Shade join Itsuki's Ylissean army.


Unlike Shade, Emma is fairly inexperienced and ignorant. She is a very cheerful thirteen-year-old girl, but she also seems to fluster easily. She always strives to better herself and further her training, being a fledgling sky knight.


Emma appears in the following cards:


The literal spelling of Emma's name, Ema (エマ), is from the small wooden plaques used by Shinto worshippers to write their wishes, so that the Kami will then receive them, Ema usually have various animals pictures on them as well, befitting their meaning of the name meaning's Picture-horse (絵馬, Ema).

Trivia Edit

  • Emma was featured as part of April Fool's Day prank when Cipher producer Ryota Kawade tweeted a fake Emma card he had illustrated.

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