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FE13 Chapter 9
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveRout the enemy
Units AllowedChrom +11
Units GainedLibra (NPC, talk with Chrom)
Tharja (Enemy, talk with Chrom)

“The rescue fails, and Chrom is forced to choose between the Fire Emblem and his sister. To spare him and the world further conflict, Emmeryn ends her life. She does this so the Fire Emblem  and Chrom can be safe.”
—Opening Narration

Emmeryn (Holy Queen Emerina in the Japanese version) is Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Recruit ConversationsEdit


  • Chrom: You there! Who are you? Why do you fight alone?
  • Libra: Good heavens! You're Prince Chrom, brother to Her Grace the Exalt!
  • Chrom: You know me?
  • Libra: Know you? Of course, sire! All Ylissean clergy do. I must thank the gods for uniting us! Oh, dearest and most heavenly fa-
  • Chrom: With all respect, now is not the time for prayer -- it's action that's called for
  • Libra: Ah, too true! We hurried here to help as soon as word came of the execution.
  • Chrom:  We? Then there are more of you?
  • Libra: Alas, there were. I lost many brave comrades along the way. In truth, I was starting to doubt the purpose of my struggle... But no longer! Pray, sire, let my axe serve you and your party!
  • Chrom: Your love for my sister is clear. I would be honored to be joined by such a formidable woman of the cloth.
  • Libra:...Man, sire. Man of the cloth.
  • Chrom: You're a... ...You're not a woman?
  • Libra:No sire, Women are clerics. I am a priest. Well, technically a war monk, if you care to split hairs...
  • Chrom:  Oh. Yes, well, I'm... I didn't mean to imply... Well, this is rather awkward.
  • Libra: Oh, it's all right, sire. You realized your mistake quickly enough. It could have been much more awkward. ...... MUCH more...
  • Chrom: Right! Let's stop there.


  • Chrom: You there! Are you with the Plegians? You seem reluctant to fight.
  • Tharja: Death comes to all of us eventually. Why invite it early, fighting for a cause I don't believe in?
  • Chrom: So... I should take that as a no, or...
  • Tharja: Let's just say I'm keeping my options open. I mean, long live the king and all, but I'd like to keep living as well. And I have a bit of a rebellious streak, I'm afraid. A...dark side.
  • Chrom: Then perhaps you would rebel now and fight for our cause?
  • Tharja: ...You would trust me? What if this all just a ploy to plunge a dagger in your back?
  • Chrom: My sister, the exalt--I think she would trust you. And I'm trying to learn from her. Besides, I already need to watch my back, whether you're with us or not.
  • Tharja: Well, that's odd... Ususally when I bring up the backstabbing bit the dicussion is over. All right, then--consider me your new ally. ...For now.


Like the previous map, this chapter takes place on a heavily sand based map. You will need to pair up most of your units with either Sumia or Cordelia due to their huge movement range and freedom of terrain movement penalties. Ricken, Miriel, and Lissa also prove to be effective on this map because of their Mage status. Once your army can approach the turn on the southwestern portion of the map, they will have free movement for the souther strip of the map.

You will need to get to Libra as quickly as possible because he is surrounded by numerous enemies. Though he can dispatch most with his Killer Axe, it is a weapon worth preserving for better, more powerful axe users like Vaike. Also, caution should be expressed on Lunatic+ because enemies will pack skills that can kill him before Chrom's army can even reach him. Once Chrom moves into his range, Libra will automatically talk to him and will be recruited. Tharja will require a bit of planning as she attacks from a distance using her Nosferatu tome, though as long as Chrom hasn't promoted to learn to wield Javelins, Chrom's speed and skill by this chapter should suffice to dodge most of her attacks or take minimal damage. To recruit her, simply do not kill her and have Chrom speak with her. On harder dificulties, immediately pair her with someone with better stats.


  • During the preparation phase, Gangrel is temporarily on-screen. Selecting his name on the lower screen lists his information as "The cruel and fatalistic former king of Plegia", his description from Paralogue 18. In Chapter 11, his information correctly displays as "The self-styled 'Mad King of Plegia'."
  • Phila dies in this chapter. However Cordelia's supports with Frederick and Stahl cause a paradox because Philia is already confirmed to be dead in these supports.

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