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“No... I will go with you. I've decided never to flee again. I cannot tolerate people being hurt for my sake any more!”
—Enteh, in a conversation with Maruju

Enteh (エンテ Ente) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga and the heroine of Runan's storyline. She is the Shaman of Water and therefore can use the Ring of Reeve to transform into the holy Water Dragon, Muse (ミユース Miyūsu). Because she is one of the four shamans required to resurrect Gerxel, she is being pursued by Gwenchaos.

Enteh holds significant importance in the story and is required to be deployed in all of the chapters in which she is available. If she is defeated, this will result in a Game Over.


Enteh's true identity is Maeve, the surviving princess of Reeve. Through her mother, she is the niece of Naris and a cousin of Rishel and Meriah as well as a granddaughter of Mios. She is also related to Rentzen through his mother.

After her birth, Naris discovered the holy markings of Muse on her body and imprisoned her in the Temple of Water, intending to use her for his political ambitions. This resulted in her mother dying of grief and his wife committing suicide. Her whereabouts were discovered by Duke Glamdr of Razelia, who managed to smuggle her out of the temple for three days. Glamdr gave her the name "Enteh" and introduced her to his son, Runan. During one of the days, Enteh began crying out of fear that she would eventually transform into a dragon and kill many people, and Runan comforted her by making a promise to protect her. Later, she was released and reinstated as the princess of Reeve when Mios returned to Reeve and banished Naris.

When the revived Zoa Empire invades Reeve, the Ring of Reeve falls into the hands of Gwenchaos, who uses it to control Enteh's mind. Wishing to prolong the war, Gwenchaos forces her to transform into Muse and attack the peace conference at Nolzeria between Glamdr and Canaan's Prince Arless, killing both of them as well as many other people.

Afterwards, the Ring of Reeve is retrieved by the Octavas and Eisenbaha and entrusted to Clarice, while Enteh is sent into hiding in the Kingdom of Wellt. In Wellt, she settles in the village of Taurus and aids the people as a healer. When the bandit leader Yazam falls ill, Enteh selflessly treats his poison, only to be captured by him and later rescued by Barts. During the resulting battle, she reunites with Runan, whom she immediately recognizes. However, he does not recognize her at this moment, so she decides to keep her true identity as a secret. From this point on, she accompanies him as a companion and a healer for his army.

After the liberation of Reeve from the Canaan forces headed by Julius, Enteh's true identity is revealed and she is reinstated as the heir of Reeve. This causes a fight between her and Runan, as he is angered by her refusal to reveal herself and her suddenly leaving him years before. Afterwards, they part ways as he marches to meet with Arless's son, Sennet, in Nolzeria.

Fearful for Runan's safety, Enteh follows him in secret and transforms into Muse in order to protect him from a controlled Rakis. After the battle, she gives the Ring of Reeve to Runan and begins on a solo mission to rescue Neyfa. However, she is kidnapped by Nefka and handed over to Gwenchaos. Despite Runan's best attempts to rescue her, she is ultimately sacrificed to Gerxel alongside Katri and Neyfa. After Gerxel is defeated by Runan, Holmes, Sennet, and Tia, Enteh is revived by Miradona alongside the other fallen shamans and Richard.

In the ending, Enteh is immediately betrothed to Duke Tatus in order to continue the royal bloodline. However, Runan successfully stops the marriage from happening with the support of his allies. Afterwards, Enteh boards the Sea Lion to travel around the world with Runan, Holmes, Katri, and Shigen. She embraces her birth name of Maeve, which means "seagull" in the language of the people of Jugd.


Enteh is a selfless, kindhearted, and mature fifteen-year-old girl who is admired by others because she seems to be fearless and never expects anyone to repay her. She has a tendency to keep secrets, making her appear as distant and mysterious. She also has low self-confidence, as shown by her reaction when Barts compliments her by favorably comparing her to Plum. She believes that she is cursed to bring misfortune like her father told her. She would do almost anything for Runan because she deeply loves him, although she would never give in to darkness for him.



Automatically from the start of Map 2.

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class Group
Sister Sister TS group priest Priest
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
2 15 0 7 5 8 7 1 7 4
Skills Weapon Starting Items

TS Summon Summon (Lv 30)

TS StaffStaff

Staff1Healing Staff
Save Staff☆Memory Staff

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Wlv Def Mov
30% 0% 30% 20% 25% 30% 50% 5% 0%



Enteh is the first healer to be recruited and comes with a ☆Memory Staff, which allows her to permanently save in the middle of a chapter. She is required to be used in many of Runan's chapters and must be protected from harm, as her death will result in a Game Over. Her Weapon Level is high, granting her access to a wide variety to staves. Her Magic Power is decent as well, but her Speed and Luck are rather low, so her evasion will not be particularly great. Due to this and her very poor HP and Defense, she will often need to be kept behind the main force. She is very good at using Far-Healing Staves, as they allow her to heal without putting herself in danger. During the one chapter that she has the Ring of Reeve equipped, she has extremely powerful offense and high durability.


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