Estobar (イストバル Isutobaru) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. He is a hunter working with bandits to make money for his family, but gives up thieving when he meets the Chinon Knights.


In-Game Edit

Overview Edit

Estobar is one of the worst units in Berwick Saga.

Although his endgame potential is certainly incredible, he does, after all, learn Aim and the coveted Pursuit skill and, with his incredible bow skill, will eventually be able to use the powerful Pascannon without fear of backfiring. His good stat growths and decent promo gains mean that, by the end of the game, he will likely have competent stats.

The issue is, this is all if you train him. He has got an incredibly poor start as a unit, comparable to the likes of Ruby, or Sherlock - his low base level prevents him from using any good Bows to compliment his high bow skill, and his base stats are some of the worst in the game for his join - he may have decent hit rates, but he's unlikely to deal any significant damage for a long time. He simply struggles to do anything significant until endgame and before then he's almost completely useless.

To summarise, Estobar has prospects, but they don't make trying to get over his awful start worthwhile.

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