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“After the battle with the Empire, the Razelian Knights were decimated, leaving only the youngest soldiers. Eugen went through hardship after hardship to protect us, and now he can't even hold a sword any more after all the wounds he's suffered. The young knights all know his pain... That's why they do their best to repay him.”
—Runan talking about Eugen

Eugen (オイゲン Oigen) is the adviser and personal guardian of Runan. He is a sixty-year-old veteran knight who holds deep loyalty to Razelia. While most of Razelia's knights were killed in a struggle against the Zoa Empire, the younger ones survived, and he looks after them, training them to become fine knights.

Early in the game, Eugen advises Runan to never concern himself with the personal problems of the enemies and instead simply kill them for being on the opposite side of the war. He is particularly harsh towards Narsus, and also admits to thinking that Enteh is beautiful.

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