“Myrrh returns safely to Ephraim's side. A noble warrior to the end, Selena fought with great honor, never once using Myrrh as a hostage. Ephraim renews his vow to pierce the veil of mystery surrounding the Grado Empire. Selena is added to the list of innocents who Grado must account for. The center of the Grado Empire. Emperor Vigarde should have been here, but...”
—Opening Narration

Father and Son is Chapter 14 of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones when playing Ephraim's route. This chapter has a Secret Shop.

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit

  • Turn 2: 2 Fighters from the west and 2 Soldiers from the east
  • Turn 3: 2 Soldiers from the west and 2 Mercenaries from the east
  • Turn 4: 2 Knights from the west and 2 Myrmidons from the east
  • Turn 7: 2 Mages from the north west and 2 Shamans from the north east
  • Turn 8: 2 Mages from the north west and 2 Shamans from the north east
  • Turn 9: 2 Mages from the north west and 2 Shamans from the north east


Enemy DropsEdit

Steals Edit


  • Spear (chest to the north east)
  • Angelic Robe (chest to the north west)
  • Guiding Ring (left chest in the southern treasure room)
  • 10,000G (middle chest in the southern treasure room)
  • Hammerne (right chest in the southern treasure room)


Secret ShopEdit

Name Uses Cost
Steel Blade 25 1,250
Silver Blade 15 1,800
Killing Edge 20 1,350
Killer Lance 20 1,200
Battle Axe 20 1,000
Killer Axe 20 1,200
Killer Bow 20 1,400
Barrier 15 2,250
Physic* 15 3,750
Lockpick 15 1,200
Hero Crest 1 10,000
Knight Crest 1 10,000
Orion's Bolt 1 10,000
Elysian Whip 1 10,000
Guiding Ring 1 10,000
Ocean Seal 1 10,000

* English version only

In Creature CampaignEdit


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

While strategies vary in this chapter, the seemingly best strategy for unit preservation is to start out with all of the slower units in the group on the left and the fastest on the right. If you have a Restore staff, it is highly recommended because of the Berserk staff the two Druids wield in Vigarde's room, the Bishop wielding the Sleep staff to the west, and the Bishop wielding the Silence staff to the east. As there are Archers and a Sniper with Longbows, it is your pick if you want to move your flying units to that vicinity, as the Archers on the two sides won't move unless they can attack a unit, and the two Archers and Sniper in the middle will be unable to move around with a friendly flying unit there. Artur and Lute will come in handy because of the Knights, although it should be noted that most if not all of the Knights are armed with Javelins. If Colm has not yet been promoted, he is not exactly needed with his lockpick because you can gain Rennac, who can automatically open all chests and doors, but nevertheless is still nice to have. Neimi, if she is alive and has a Longbow, would also find herself quite useful here. Note that Rennac will only steal from the top right and top left chests, then leave the map permanently using the stairs next to the northwest chest. So you will need to move quickly if you wish to recruit/kill him.

Start by pouring everyone onto the west side of the map, using your lance-users (preferably Cavaliers) to guard against the reinforcements that will chase the group down on the east side. Ignore the central treasure room, as you can always go back later. However, if you have any low movement units, it would be best to have another unit ferry them or kill them as they always have Javelins.

This chapter features hallways that split into two with two large doors on both sides. As you move the unit(s) upwards on the western side, the Bishop behind that large door begins to use Sleep on your unit(s). As you move the unit(s) upwards on the eastern side, the Bishop behind that large door begins to use Silence on your unit(s). Reinforcements also arrive from the west, but they are very easy to defeat if you have decent units and have been training on the Tower of Valni and skirmishes. Kill the Knight in the middle of the large door to the west to obtain a door key. The enemy unit(s) on the opposite side (depending on which door you unlocked) will not move to attack your unit(s), unless you move into their attack range. Apart from the reinforcements, which do move despite your location. Make sure you have a decent unit that has at least a C Rank in Staffs so they can use the Restore staff to remove the Berserk, Sleep, and/or Silence condition(s).

Once you open the door(s), enemies will begin to move in, including the Knights and Myrmidon. If you have any units near the doors, attack the Bishop behind the door as it is likely their Sleep/Silence will still have some charges and each one has Shine, which can deal a considerable amount of damage to your troops.

If you plan to attack both ways, make sure your units do not have any Killer or any other weapon (Lancereavers, Anti-dragon weaponry) because the Druids in the throne room may get lucky and make your unit go Berserk, and the affected unit may attack your weak units or specific unit and kill them. Make sure if they are low on health to heal them as they may also attack enemy units that they should not attack. An example would be the two Druids in the throne room, as one has Luna and another has Nosferatu which can deal decent damage against any of your units.

It is best to use Heavy Lance users on the right side to take out the swordsman and axe users on the left to take out the soldiers and knights. This setup gives the optimal Weapon Triangle advantage. Simply having a diverse team makes up for this, though.

When waiting out for the Druids' Berserk staffs, block the square where only one unit can get through. That way, Rennac will go around the whole map to go onto the other side (or will just stand there and not move). Rennac will not attack your units.

While playing Ephraim's route, this chapter is the only chapter and time where you can obtain a Sleep staff. If you are interested, then you are going to want to keep the Bishop wielding the Sleep staff to the west alive until the end. Unlock the large door to the east and deal with the enemies on that side first, including the reinforcements that spawn from the west and move to your unit(s). Once all of those enemies are defeated, you can proceed (while still being cautious about the Druids' Berserk staff(s) if they have not been used up completely). At the start of the chapter, this Bishop's inventory is comprised of a Shine tome and a Sleep staff, with the Shine tome flashing green. To obtain the Sleep staff, it is imperative that you control a unit with high resistance to magic. You can use a Barrier staff and/or Pure Water if you need extra resistance. The higher the resistance, the less chance for the staff to hit successfully. If high enough resistance, the hit percentage capabilities of the Bishop will be 0 or very low. If so, the enemy Bishop will not use the Sleep staff, but will instead attack with the Shine tome. To accomplish this, be sure to unarm a unit of weapon(s), and place him/her within attack range of the Bishop. It is imperative to unarm the selected unit of weapon(s), because if armed, your unit may be strong enough to kill the Bishop, which will result in the obtaining of a Shine tome. If done correctly, the Bishop will attack with the Shine tome; notice now the Sleep staff is flashing green. Now, kill the Bishop to obtain the Sleep staff.



  • In the Japanese version, the Secret Shop has Bolting and Purge tomes that are not included in the English version. In exchange, the English version's Secret Shop carries Physic staves that the Japanese version does not have.

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