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Fatigue is a gameplay element found in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. As units perform actions in the game, such as fighting, dancing, and using staves, a number accumulates on the second page of their status screen. This is their fatigue meter, and if their fatigue meter exceeds their maximum HP, they will be unable to take part in the next chapter. A unit's fatigue meter is reset to 0 after any chapter in which they are not deployed, regardless of what it was before. Alternatively, a rare Stamina Drink can be placed in a unit's inventory when on the Preparation Screen to reset their fatigue. Leif, as the main Lord, is immune to Fatigue as he is required in every chapter.

Usually, a unit's fatigue meter is only increased by 1 for each time they enter combat, but high-level staves increase fatigue by greater amounts; D-rank staves increase fatigue by 2, C-rank staves increase fatigue by 3, B-rank staves increase fatigue by 4, and A-rank and Preferential staves increase fatigue by 5. This can be problematic, as most staff-wielders have a low Max HP.

Fatigue caps at 99, although it is unlikely to meet this cap, excluding for Chapter 8, when all the fatigue from the Manster Arc is taken into consideration, unless the player is engaging in some form of EXP-grinding, such as Arena Abuse or Boss Abuse.

In Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, the system is reintroduced, but penalties are stat reductions instead of temporary incapacity. Those be cured by offering an item to a Mila statue.

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