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Faye (フェイ Fei) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. She is a swordfighter from the eastern land of Izmir who fights as a mercenary in order to improve her skill with a sword.



  • Mercenary: Available automatically from the start of Bandit Suppression, then appears in the Mercenary Guild.
  • Permanent: Raise her Level to 10 or higher and her Happiness to 12 or higher (after completing Chapter 10, the Happiness requirement is removed) to unlock her personal mission Raze Altar; complete it, and she will leave, then reappear and join permanently at the start of the next chapter.


Faye is, overall, a superb unit. From the beginning, she has amazing Agility, making her excellent at dodging and getting double attacks despite her low Defence, the ability to counter 1-range weapons, and she owns a strong personal sword, the Cutlass, which boosts her Attack and critical rate. She also has a good selection of skills, with Continue, Critical and Parry, as well as Iaido, which she will activate often with her high dodge rate. Faye becomes even better after her promotion (which is easy to get, coming automatically upon joining permanently) - her Agility will be boosted even further, and she will obtain the Starstrike ability, which can easily one-round many enemies. She is also required in the final chapter if she was permanently recruited; this will be very helpful, as she is the only character who can wield the Divine Sword Vajra, which negates the damage-reduction effect of Chaos' Divine Sword Vritra and makes him much easier to defeat. Faye's main drawbacks are her low starting sword skill (though this will soon be fixed, with a growth of 90%) and her low Strength, which will affect her ability to wield heavier swords (and, after promotion, Blades) and do major damage to late-game enemies; the player may therefore wish to give her the Strength Potion to rectify this.


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