• "I'm Faye. Glad to help. I've trained a bit with the Deliverance, you know, for Alm and all my friends."


  • "This place is... in a whole different world than mine? Fine by me, I guess, if maybe Alm is near."
  • "I'm not really one for fighting, but Alm joined the Deliverance... so I did too!"
  • "You on patrol? Thanks for watching out for us! Pass a note to Alm, if you happen by him? Nothing much... Just a little "hi" from me!"
  • "The Askran Kingdom is so pretty! I should visit all the nicest spots. I bet you can guess... with who."
  • "I'm sewing up a good-luck charm. Alm's always been good luck for me, so I think of him with every stitch."
  • "Oh, hello there! Are you Summoner? Guess who sent me? It was Friend!" (Greeting from friend)
  • "Oh! Well, it's you, isn't it, Summoner? My eyes light up every time I turn a corner around here, hoping that I'll see you-know-who. And, you know? You're not Alm, but you don't have to be. At least, not anymore. Funny how people can be so stuck on someone... that they don't see what's right there. I know you'd think I'm the last one to ever say something like that. But it's true. I have proof. See? I'm working on a good-luck charm for you. Thought of you with every stitch. Does it look good? Do you like it? I hope so. You mean a lot to me, so I really want it to be great!" (Upon reaching level 40)

Info screenEdit

  • "Now, now—what do you want?"
  • "Oh, you! Trying to get my attention?"
  • "Oh, Alm... Can't you see how much I love you? "
  • "I'd love to show you our village someday."
  • "What do I like? Sewing, flowers, and... sewing flowers. How about you?"
  • "I wonder what Alm is thinking about right now..."
  • "I'm really fond of Alm, as you know by now. But I've come to care for you too!"
  • "*giggles*"


  • "OK."
  • "Alright."
  • "Try my best."

Level upEdit

  • "For Alm and the others, I have to get even better!" (5-6 stats up)
  • "Hey, what do you think? Not bad, right?" (3-4 stats up)
  • "Aww...But I tried so hard." (1-2 stats up)
  • "You did that for me? One step closer to really helping!" (New skill learned)


  • "I've had it!"
  • "Wrong move!"
  • "For Alm!"
  • "No more!"


  • "Alm..."