“My name is Felipe. I am a former attendant of His Majesty, Emperor Arvis. I had secret orders from His Majesty to safeguard all the abducted children from Julius.”
—Felipe talking to Seliph

Felipe (フェリプ Feripu) is a minor character encountered in the Final Chapter of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. A former attendant to Emperor Arvis, he is given secret orders to safeguard all the children abducted by the Loptyrian Cult from Julius and Hilda, safely hiding them in a monastery near Freege Castle. After Seliph's army conquers Freege Castle, Felipe informs Seliph of the mission he had undertaken and the location of the children, knowing that they will be safe in their care. He also mentions that he could not have succeeded without the tireless assistance of Ishtar.

Later, after Seliph's army conquers Velthomer Castle looking for the Book of Naga, Felipe informs them that Emperor Arvis had hidden it in the treasure hall, requiring a special key to be unlocked. He then tells them that the key is affixed to Empress Deirdre's Circlet, which is later discovered to be in Julia's possession.

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