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Fibernia (フィベルニア島 Fiberunia Shima) is the largest of the three largest islands in the Western Isles featured in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and is located in the middle of the archipelago. Important locations on the island are Jutes, the capital of the Western Isles, Mt. Eburacum, the Mines of Death where slave labor is used to mine for natural resources, and Castle Armagh, a fortress guarding a valley leading to Mt. Eburacum.

Durban the Berserker, founder of the Western Isles and one of the Eight Legends, hid his legendary Axe of Thunder, Armads in a dark, poison-filled cave near Jutes on Fibernia.

Fibernia is the setting for six chapters in The Binding Blade's Chapter 9, Chapter 10A, Chapter 11A, Chapter 10B, Chapter 12, and Chapter 12x.


Fibernia is a loose reference to Hibernia, the Classic Latin name for Ireland.

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