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The Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Comic is a comic made in a collaboration between Nintendo, Udon Comics, and This is a promotional comic hosted on that shows a battle occurring before Renais is taken over by Grado. It was part of a promotional campaign involving a number of gaming websites that ran a few weeks before the game's North American release.

The protagonist is an unnamed high-ranking commander of Renais, who is shocked at Grado's sudden betrayal. Though he is able to defeat the enemy leader by disarming him, he is too late to save Renais, as Glen and Valter appear before them (strangely on horses rather than their usual mounts) with a large army. Eirika, Ephraim, Seth, Fado, Glen, Selena, Duessel and Vigarde make cameos on the first page, when the two nations are signing a peace treaty.

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