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Fire Emblem
GameFire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
Units Allowed14
Units GainedRicard (Enemy, talk to with Marth or Julian)

“After shattering Medon's main force outside Aurelis Castle, Marth next led his army into the castle's halls to liberate the kingdom. A number of treasures slept in Aurelis Castle's nooks and crannies but how to extract them before they could fall into enemy hands? Only a thief could open chests locked that tight," grumbled one of Marth's men. But we don't have any thieves with us. ...Do we?”
—Opening Narration

Fire Emblem is Chapter 6 of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

You will fight your first promoted class boss within this level, the general Emereus. If you want to advance to Chapter 6x, you must have 15 characters or less alive by the end of this chapter.

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit



Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no TsurugiEdit

Items Price
Iron Sword 320
Steel Sword 500
Steel Bow 560
Bowgun 950
Lance 450
Javelin 600
Hammer 300

Fire Emblem: Shadow DragonEdit

Items Price
Iron Sword
Steel Sword
Iron Lance
Steel Lance
Steel Axe
Iron Bow


  • Rickard - A thief that has some affiliation with Julian. Rickard's usage varies with player's opinion, but out of the two, Julian is considered superior. He can be useful for missions with multiple doors and chests where 2 thieves are needed for quicker travel, or as an alternative back-up thief if Julian has been killed.


  • If you want to advance to Chapter 6x: In War's Grip, you must have 15 characters or less alive by the end of this chapter.
  • Treasure; Seraph Robe, Killing Edge, Physic, Armorslayer, Bullion.
  • Emereus drops a Master Key.
  • TIP: Don't allow thieves to get too far away after stealing items. If you can't catch up, they'll escape with whatever items they stole and almost all the items found on this map are valuable.
  • TIP: Shiida's Wing Spear is very effective against the boss. Magic and the Armorslayer found in a chest in this level can also prove very useful.
  • TIP: With Lena's Warp, warp someone to the northeast corner where the thief makes its escape, preferrably Wolf or Sedgar reclassed into a General.


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