The game series takes its name from the pivotal object of each game in the series: the Fire Emblem. These items are usually of immense power and can grant powerful abilities, both good (Shield of Seals) and evil (Grado's Sacred Stone) to whoever wields it. Usually, only the main protagonist/antagonist of the game can wield it. While the Fire Emblem may not be mentioned until late into the game, their influence can be seen even in the beginning of the game (such as the Dark Stone). Another common way of referring to it is as the "emblem of flame".

The original meaning behind its name, as explained on the official Fire Emblem World portal site, was to represent its connection to the power of dragons. Despite the connection being tenuous or non-existent in later games, the name has endured.

The following objects have been referred to as the Fire Emblem in their respective games:

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