Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher): War of Darkness (暗黒戦争篇 Ankoku Sensou Hen lit. The War of Darkness Compilation) is the first starter deck released for the trading card game Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher). It was released by Nintendo on June 25, 2015 alongside Fire Emblem Fates, Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher): Awakening, and Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher): Warblade of Heroes.

The key art is illustrated by Yusuke Kozaki, with the characters taken from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. It features five cards that can only be obtained in this set.

Deck ContentsEdit

  • Includes 50 cards (45 Normal and 5 High Normal cards).

Characters Edit

Contributing Illustrators Edit

  • Yusuke Kozaki
  • Douji Shiki
  • Azusa
  • Sachi Fujikawa
  • Yuma
  • nNekoR
  • Enomoto
  • Aoji
  • Raita Kazama
  • Homakura
  • Kokon Konfuji
  • Fumi
  • Yoshiro Ambe
  • Watetsu Kurosawa

Cards Edit

Exclusive Cards Edit

Cipher Marth4
Illustrator Yusuke Kozaki Deploy Cost 4
Card No. S01-001ST Promote Cost 3
Class Lodestar Attack 70
Affinities Red Cipher Male Cipher Sword Range 1
Notes Support 20
Quote “ Through the power of the of the Fire Emblem, I promise that I will destroy the Dohlr Empire.”
Skill "Prince of Light" Trigger Once Per Turn When a cost 2 or lower ally unit is deployed, select 1 enemy unit in the Backline, you may move that unit.
Skill 2 "Falchion" Continuous While this unit attacks a Cipher Dragon unit, this unit gains 20 attack.

FE0 Caeda4
Illustrator Douji Shiki Deploy Cost 3
Card No. S01-002ST Promote Cost 2
Class Dragon Knight Attack 50
Affinities Red Cipher Female Cipher Lance Cipher Flying Cipher Dragon Range 1
Notes Support 30
Quote “ This war…doesn’t it break your heart? I wish it would just end.”
Skill “Wings of the Wyvern” Trigger Each time you play a cost 2 or less unit, you may move one or your units.
Skill 2 “Javelin” Activate [ Flip1 ] Until the end of this turn, this unit now has a range of 1-2.

FE0 Jagen
Illustrator Azusa Deploy Cost 3
Card No. S01-003ST Promote Cost 2
Class Paladin Attack 70
Affinities Red Cipher Male Cipher Lance Cipher Mounted Range 1
Notes Support 20
Quote “ Your well-being, prince, is paramount.”
Skill “Battle-worn Veteran” Special This card cannot be placed in the Bond Area.

FE0 Ogma4
Illustrator Sachi Fujikawa Deploy Cost 3
Card No. S01-004ST Promote Cost 2
Class Hero Attack 60
Affinities Red Cipher Male Cipher Sword Range 1
Notes Support 10
Quote “ I've been thinking we should settle this sometime…just me and you.”
Skill “Talysian Guard Captain” Trigger Each time you deploy a unit of cost 2 or less, until the end of the turn this unit and that ally’s attack are increased by 10.
Skill 2 "Levin Sword" Activate [ Flip1 ] This unit's range becomes 1-2, gains the Cipher Tome affinity and loses 10 attack until the end of this turn.

FE0 Nabarl4
Illustrator Yuma Deploy Cost 3
Card No. S01-005ST Promote Cost 2
Class Swordmaster Attack 60
Affinities Red Cipher Male Cipher Sword Range 1
Notes Support 10
Quote “ It can’t be helped…you die here.”
Skill “Killing Edge” Activate [ Flip3 ] Until the end of this turn this unit’s attacks cannot be avoided.
Skill 2 “Solo Swordsman” Continuous If Navarre and the Main Character are the only units on your battlefield, then this unit’s attack is increased by 10.

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