Fire Emblem Wii was a Fire Emblem title for the Wii console that began development after the release of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, but was cancelled. Very little information about the game has been made public outside of notes that were published in the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Design Book. These notes include concept art, early screenshots and a diagram of proposed controls using the Wii Remote.[1]

Overview Edit

Based on the information in the design book, the game was to make a number of changes to the traditional gameplay format due to concerns of the series being too niche. It was developed as an experiment to determine what aspects might appeal in an attempt to broaden the franchise's audience and was ultimately cancelled due to a lack of greater focus. The game featured a free-roaming world map with towns and dungeons that could be explored more in the vein of a traditional JRPG, and architecture was inspired by coastal southern Europe. Enemy encounters were also treated in a JRPG fashion, as touching an enemy icon while exploring the world map triggered a battle.

References Edit

  1. "More details on the cancelled Fire Emblem Wii", Published on December 23, 2015

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