Fates - Niberungu no hokan

Illustration of the manga

Fire Emblem if: Niberungu no Hokan (ファイアーエムブレムif ニーベルングの宝冠, Fire Emblem if: The Crown of Nibelung) is a manga whose plotline focuses mainly on Leo, the second royal prince of Nohr. It is an adaptation of the game and follows the Revelation route. The Avatar is depicted in her female incarnation.

It makes some references to other material related to Fire Emblem Fates, such as the drama CD. For example, it mentions the Clarkenstein villa within the imperial palace, where the Nohrian Royal Family officially resides.

The manga is serialised in the magazine Comic Zero-Sum, and began its run on January 28th, 2017.


Author: Yugyoji Tama
Volumes (ISBN):

  • Vol. 1: 25 September 2017

Differences from the gameEdit

  • Several villains were tweaked to have deeper, more complex personality:
    • Iago, while quite similar to his game counterpart, is a much more sympathetic figure: While he did commit some heinous acts due to his position, especially to the Nohrian royals, he legitimately respected and cared about them, but loosened his moral compass due with Garon grooming him with the promise of Dragon's blood.