The First Exalt (初代聖王, Shodai Sei'ō lit. First Holy King) is the ancestor of Chrom, and the founder of Ylisse.

History Edit

The First Exalt is a man who was known to have forged a Blood Pact with Naga, and wielded Falchion to slay the evil dragon Grima, and presumably Grima's blood pact inheritor. Afterwards the First Exalt founded the nation of Ylisse.

It is said the First Exalt was friends with Tiki. Panne also tells Libra that the Exalt stood up for Taguel rights. It is stated by Donnel that the First Exalt's greatest knight and lover was a charismatic Pegasus Knight who used a spear like it was a pair of wings, and convinced many of the Exalt's enemies to join his side.

Notes Edit

  • Based off his history, the First Exalt is presumably a descendant of Marth. Much of the Exalt's recounted history parallels that of Marth's.
    • The description of the First Exalt's wife exactly matches Caeda, who was Marth's eventual wife.
  • Despite his prominence in the background of Awakening, the First Exalt is the first legendary hero in the series to have no name.

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