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Five Gemstones
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveDefeat commander
Units AllowedChrom +13
Units Gained-

“Walhart's defeat ends the war--but Lucina's dark future edges closer. Chrom must perform the Awakening and heads to Plegia to secure the last Gemstone.”
—Opening Narration

Five Gemstones (The Five Jewels in the Japanese version) is Chapter 21 of Fire Emblem: Awakening.


Five Gemstones/Script


This chapter can be very challenging, especially if your units are not well trained. In this chapter, none of your units are safe from attack with the introduction of the Mire dark magic tome, which can pelt enemies from afar with a whopping 3-10 range, which we will see in more chapters to come. What makes this chapter even worse is that aside from the usual reinforcements that spawn occasionally inside the map, Sorcerers will spawn in staircases outside the map, also equipped with Mire magic. These kinds of Sorcerers are a pain to deal with because while they are able to freely attack you, your units are completely sealed off against them unless you purchase Mire magic via Gharnef's SpotPass shop. An Assassin or a Trickster with the Locktouch ability is an asset in this chapter as there are treasures to obtain, yet there are some Sorcerers with Mire magic behind closed doors, allowing you to kill them off and make the chapter a bit easier. It is best to Pair Up your units and keep them together as you advance to the boss; doing so can help you avoid the reinforcements that first spawn near your starting position and provide more muscle against the enemies that are also advancing towards you.  

Previous chapter:
The Sword or the Knee
Five Gemstones Next chapter:
An Ill Presage

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