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Five Gemstones
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveDefeat commander
Units AllowedChrom +13
Units Gained-

“Walhart's defeat ends the war--but Lucina's dark future edges closer. Chrom must perform the Awakening and heads to Plegia to secure the last Gemstone.”
—Opening Narration

Five Gemstones (The Five Jewels in the Japanese version) is Chapter 21 of Fire Emblem: Awakening.


Secret Book (top-left)

Bullion (L) (Below top-left chest)

Noble Rapier (Guarded by two Sorcerers)

Fortify (Right of the two Sorcerers)


The script for this chapter can be found here.


This chapter uses the tome Mire very often. Mire, like other long-range tomes can be cast anywhere from 3-10 spaces from the user, making the player rush to Algol quickly or risk massive Mire attacks. Four Sorcerers in the main room carry Mire tomes; the one in the staircases left of Algol will drop his tome upon defeat. There are many other enemies to deal with also along the way, and there are a few chests that may be of interest. However, due to the mechanics of this level, it is best to avoid them unless your Thief/Assassin/Trickster has very high Resistance and Speed, along with an A/S Support rank partner in a Pair Up to have the Sorcerers deal as little damage or avoid their attacks completely.

Although this is not a timed level, players are essentially given a time limit as one Sorcerer spawns on one side on turn 2, then another on turn 3 to the sides where they cannot be attacked unless lured. They only carry Mire tomes but they can potentially kill a unit if you stagnate in one area too long. Rush Algol as fast if you can if your units are not strong enough to finish the level, watching out for the various enemies along the way.

If the player doesn't mind taking their time, simply lure the Sorcerers on the sides until they are up against the wall, and then blast them with Bows or Tomes, as they will be unable to retaliate back due to the nature of long-ranged tomes. Otherwise, if you don't mind spending a good amount of money buying Mire tomes off Gharnef's or Raydrik's SpotPass teams. This will allow you to loot all the chests as long as you have a healer to restore lost health while fighting them.


  • After Algol gives the word for the men in hiding to come out, after the second turn a Sorcerer will spawn on the upper-leftmost staircase. On the next turn, another Sorcerer will spawn on the second upper-rightmost staircase, and vice-versa until all of them come out.
  • 4 various units will spawn from the four staircases to the left on turn 3.
  • 4 various units will spawn from the four staircases to the right on turn 5.
  • 4 various units will spawn from the main room's western and eastern staircases on turn 7 for 3 turns.

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The Sword or the Knee
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