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For Whose Sake
「FE4」Chapter 9 - For Whose Sake
GameFire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
ObjectiveSeize Thracia
Units AllowedAll
Units GainedHannibal

“Upon liberating the peninsula's northern half, the liberation army stationed themselves at Mease Castle uncertain of their next course of action. Beyond Mease Castle and the towering mountain ranges lay Thracia, home of the Dragon Knights. Aligning with Emperor Arvis, King Travant governed this remote region representing the sole ally of the Grannvale Empire. King Travant stationed both his children, Prince Areone and Princess Altena, at the capital, while the distinguished General Hannibal, dubbed 'The Shield of Thracia', was posted at Kapathogia Castle. Occupying Luthecia Castle was the king's trusted confidant General Disler, and, dispatched from the empire, the Dark Bishop Judah held Grutia Castle. King Travant was prepared for a full-scale confrontation with the liberation army. Even the citizens of Thracia feared Seliph's army to be an invading force and began taking up arms. Is there any justice to be found in this battle? And for whom are we fighting for? These very issues now confronted Seliph and his liberation army for the first time.”
—Opening Narration

For Whose Sake is Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.


Initiator Receiver Receive Criteria
Faval/Asaello Patty/Daisy Luck+1 -
Leif Altena Altena leaves Finn was alive at the beginning of the chapter
Seliph Altena Recruit Altena Travant is dead
Corpul/Sharlow Hannibal Recruit Hannibal Corpul/Sharlow recruited
Sharlow Hannibal Berserk staff for Sharlow Grutia seized, Sharlow Waits next to Hannibal
Patty/Daisy Corpul/Sharlow Luck+1 Corpul/Sharlow recruited
Seliph Hannibal - Hannibal recruited
Leen/Laylea Corpul/Sharlow Luck+1 Hannibal recruited
Julia Seliph Res+3 Grutia seized
Finn/Hannibal Altena Max HP+3 Grutia seized
Hawk - Mag+3, Res+3 Hawk enters Luthecia
Femina/Janne - Def+3 Visit one of the northwest villages, where they will speak with a fake Shanan


For Whose Sake/Script

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