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Generation 2

Chapter 9: For Whose Sake


(Altena flies to Thracia)

Travant: Altena! What the hell’s going on!? Why didn’t you attack Manster!?

Altena: But father, I…

Travant: I don’t want to hear it! Don’t you underestimate me, Altena. Your skills on the battlefield are like no other, and I depend on you and Arion to work as my hands and feet out there. So what happens? You ignore my orders, lose an entire battalion, and stroll in here like nothing happened! You thoroughly disappoint me, girl!

Altena: I’m sorry, father… but hear what I have to say! How do you ever expect the citizens of Thracia to be content thriving off the blood and sweat of other nations? …Your ways leave much to be desired, father.

Arion: That’s enough! Your opinion is not wanted here, Altena. Now listen and obey father’s wishes! She’s still very young, father. I imagine the sight of actual combat overwhelmed her a bit. Please, father… just this once. Go easy on her.

Travant: Arion, if you wouldn’t baby that girl so damn much, she might not be such a problem for me. Altena… I’ll give you one more chance. Now command a battalion and take Mease back! But if you screw up again, daughter or not, I’ll show you no mercy! Understood!? Yes, father…

(Altena leaves with a new battalion)

Travant: Whew… The kid hates me. I’d swear Ethlyn was speaking to her from the grave.

Arion: Father, she’s still a child. She just doesn’t know where to draw the line sometimes.

Travant: Whatever… Well, I’m off to Kapathogia. It seems Hannibal has a problem with my way of running things. And so I must take measures to make sure he doesn’t turn on me.

Arion: I’ve never seen father in such dismay… What could’ve happened…

(Travant flies to Kapathogia)

Travant: General Hannibal, Mease has fallen to the rebels. I have Altena going in for the attack. I want your armored knight battalion to carry out a raid as well.

Hannibal: Your Majesty, how many times must I tell you? This battle is futile. Only a cease-fire with the liberation army will allow us the time to strengthen internally. Siding with the empire was an absurd idea. And the populace is now in jeopardy as a result!

Travant: Where do you get off!? They killed my men out there, and now they’ve got Mease Castle! What good is a cease-fire going to do us now!?

Hannibal: …I see. Well, it appears there’s no other choice then.

Travant: You’re not thinking of turning on me, are you, Hannibal?

Hannibal: Your Majesty! I happen to have a certain amount of distinction as a warrior, thank you!

Travant: Well, how about we have a little test of your loyalty then… Your boy’s coming with me. You can have him back when this war is over.

Hannibal: Your Majesty! Have you no faith in me!?

Travant: If betrayal’s not on the cards, then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Hannibal: Of all the…

Travant: Bring me the boy!

(Coirpre arrives)

Coirpre: “Father…”

Hannibal: “Coirpre… forgive me.”

Travant: “Don’t worry, Hannibal. You’ll get him back when we’re through fighting. That boy’s not even your real son, Hannibal. Does he really mean that much to you?”

Hannibal: “Coirpre is everything to me, adopted or not…”

Travant: “Don’t tell me the distinguished general has a soft spot for kids. Alright, I’m counting on you!”

(Travant flies to Luthecia)

Travant: “We’re about to go to war, Disler. You got the castle well protected, don’t you?”

Disler: “Your Majesty, it’s my pleasure! Luthecia Castle is impenetrable, Your Majesty. You may put your worries at ease.”

Travant: “I’ll take your word for it. I have very little faith in Hannibal of Kapathogia, though. So I took his kid hostage, and I want you to keep an eye on him.”

Disler: “You can count on me. And what if Hannibal were to turn on us?”

Travant: “You’re to kill the boy. I don’t care if he is a child…”

Disler: “Understood.”

(Travant flies to Grutia)

Travant: “Bishop Judah, will Emperor Alvis uphold our pact and send me some reinforcements?”

Judah: “Aren’t we the cautious one… Rest assured a battalion of knights are on their way.”

Travant: “Alright, then I’m leaving this castle in your custody. You make sure the rebel army doesn’t pull one over on you!”


Lewyn: “A battalion of Dragon Knights just left Thracia. Get ready, Seliph. We’re going back in.”

Seliph: “But Lewyn, the empire is our enemy. Is there any reason we should take on Thracia, too?”

Lewyn: “The reasons’ll become apparent if you handle this properly. This battle is already well underway, Seliph. There’s no going back.”

Seliph: “But the dragon knight on that mountain top back there… She looked so sad. The thought of having to fight her as well…”

Lewyn: “Seliph! Get over it!! This is war. If you can’t handle the heat, then you belong back at Tirnanog!”

Seliph: “Lewyn…”

Oifey: “Lewyn, his Majesty is a little tired, it’s unnecessary to mention that…”

Lewyn: “I know. But everyone is doing their best. We don’t have time to stay here doing nothing. We have to return to Grannvale as fast as possible and stop Loptyr’s resurrection. Otherwise, the world will be destroyed.”

Seliph: “Oifey, Lewyn is right, I was wrong. If we cannot avoid battle, then it is our duty to give sense to this battle. Let’s go, Lewyn, Oifey,I do not want to turn my back away from the path I have chosen anymore!”

(Somewhere else in Mease)

Leif: “Finn, what’s wrong? You’ve been lost in thought ever since we left Manster.”

Finn: “Your Highness… did you notice the dragon knight atop that mountain in Manster?”

Leif: “Yeah, I did. It’s not often you see a female dragon knight, even in Thracia. Why? Was something strange about her?”

Finn: “The lance she was holding was none other than the Holy Gáe Bolg. And her body was enshrouded in the aura of Noba. Just like your father…”

Leif: “Finn! What’re you trying to tell me!?”

Finn: “Well, it means that neither your sister Altena, nor the Gáe Bolg, perished in the Thracian army’s surprise attack on your family.”

Leif: “She… she’s alive!? Then what’s she doing commanding Thracian forces?”

Finn: “I would surmise that Travant took her captive and raised her as his own child.”

Leif: “Hmm… Travant musn’t be as cold-hearted as everybody has made him out to be.”

Finn: “All is not as it seems. Between the two of you, only Princess Altena inherited the Crusader Noba’s lineage from your father. Accordingly, only she can use the Gáe Bolg. And that explains why Travant abducted her. It doesn’t surprise me… a man like him.”

Leif: “So he’s basically just using her. Travant… you’re rotten to the core! Finn, we must let her know the truth! And then we can avenge our parent’s death together!”

Finn: “You’re the only one she would possibly listen to now, Your Highness. You are her brother, after all. I’m sure she’ll open up to you. Please, do whatever is in your power to save the princess…”

Turn 1 – Enemy Phase (Outside Kapathogia)

Hannibal: “Hmph… It appears the rebel army has begun to move.”

Kanatz: “Sir, we await your orders to attack.”

Hannibal: “Let’s focus on the castle’s defense. We shall not attack unless absolutely necessary.”

Kanatz: “But your son…”

Hannibal: “Yes, I know. But I… Let’s just wait and see how things develop first. Kanatz, forgive me, but I’d like you to cover the castle.”

Kanatz: “As you command, sir!”

(Outside Thracia)

Altena: “We’re taking back Mease Castle. All troops, prepare to attack!”

Turn 2 – Enemy Phase Disler: “This is ridiculous… babysitting at my age.”

Coirpre: “Mr. Disler, let me go… My father doesn’t want to fight. The only reason he’s out there is ’cause you guys got me hostage!”

Disler: “You shut your trap! The ‘Shield of Thracia’ won’t be getting any funny ideas with you in my custody.”

Coirpre: “Father, no…”

Enemy Phase After Altena Is Killed (As an Enemy) Arion: “Father! Altena has… she has fallen in battle.”

Travant: “…Is that right? Well, it looks like I’ll be taking matters into my own hands now. Arion, you’re watching the castle.”

Arion: “Yes, father.”

Travant: “Here, I’m leaving this lance with you. Don’t you lose Thracia now, you hear?”

Arion: “…Isn’t this the Gungnirl? Father, what’s the meaning of this? You’re not going into battle without it, are you?”

Travant: “I’ve had enough, Arion. It’s me they’re after anyway. Do as you see fit after I’m gone, okay?”

Arion: “Are you suggesting I call for a truce!? You know I could never do that!”

Travant: “Like I said, do as you see fit. I only ask that you see an end to the people’s suffering. Farewell, Arion!”

Arion: “Father…”

(End of next Player Phase, outside Kapathogia)

Hannibal: “King Travant entered combat? Hmph… Well, the warrior code shall supersede my wishes. Men, I order you to commence attack. Stop the aggressor in their tracks!”

Leif Talks with Altena Leif: “Altena, please stop! It’s me, your brother!!”

Altena: “Brother!? What’re you talking about!? Just who the hell are you?”

Leif: “I… I’m Leif of Leonster.”

Altena: “Leif? That’s Leif as in Prince Leif, I presume… Well, I’m Altena… Travant’s daughter, if you haven’t figured it out yet.”

Leif: “Altena, your real parents, Quan and Ethlyn, were slain by Travant 17 years ago. You also went missing at that time along with the Holy Gáe Bolg. The very lance you hold in your hand right now is the Gáe Bolg of Leonster.”

Altena: “You take me for some kind of fool!? So the person I believe to be my father is my true father’s murderer? What nonsense.”

Leif: “Altena, look at me! Take one good look… and you’ll know if I’m lying or not. Altena, please…”

Altena: “I… How could this be!? I” want so badly to say you’re lying… but I can’t!

Leif: “Altena… you ARE my sister!!”

Altena: “…Wait! I must speak with my father first… I will get to the bottom of this!”

(Altena flies to Thracia)

Travant: “Altena! What the hell’s going on!? That’s twice now that you’ve deserted your battalion!”

Altena: “Father, I have something I” must ask you! Are you my true father? …or is my true father King Quan!?

Travant: “Hmph… you found out, did you… Well, this day was bound to come sooner or later. Yeah, Quan was your father. But what the hell does that matter now? I was the one who raised you… Don’t you forget that.”

Altena: “…So you murdered my real mother and father….”

Travant: “Heh heh… Yeah, I did. You got a problem with that? War is all about death, my dear. What’s done is done.”

Altena: “Grr… You! You’ve lead me astray all these years, father! Er… Travant!”

Arion: “Altena! That’s enough!!”

Altena: “Arion, I swear I’m gonna kill this man! Don’t you try and stop me!!”

Arion: “Step back, Altena! If you oppose father then you oppose me too!”

Altena: “…Arion!? I could never fight you!!”

Arion: “Altena, you’ve crossed the line this time. And now I’ll have you die!”

Altena: “No, Arion…”

Travant: “…Is she dead? Arion, you didn’t need to go that far, you know… Well, it looks like it’s time for me to take matters into my own hands. Arion, you’re watching the castle.”

Arion: “Yes, father.”

Travant: “Here, I’m leaving this lance with you. Thracia is in your hands now.”

Arion: “Isn’t this the Gunguneel? Father, what’s the meaning of this? Don’t tell me you’re going into battle without it.”

Travant: “Arion, I’ve grown tired. It’s me they’re after anyway. Do as you see fit after I’m gone, okay?”

Arion: “So you’re suggesting I call for a truce!? I will never, ever give in to them, father!”

Travant: “Like I said, do as you see fit. I only ask that you see an end to the people’s suffering. Farewell, Arion!”

Arion: “Father…”

(Enemy Phase, outside Kapathogia)

Hannibal: “King Travant entered combat? Hmph… Well, the warrior code shall supersede my wishes. Men, I order you to commence attack. Stop the aggressor in their tracks!”

Enemy Phase After Travant Is Killed (Altena Is Alive) Arion: “Altena, are you all right!?”

Altena: “… Ahh… Arion…”

Arion: “Forgive me, Altena. I had to knock you out with that swing. If I hadn’t, father would have suspected something.”

Altena: “I see… Arion. So where is fath… King Travant?”

Arion: “He won’t be coming back… I received word he died in battle.”

Altena: “…Really? What happened?”

Arion: “You’re better off not asking, Altena. You don’t understand father the way I do.”

Altena: “…Arion, what do you think I should do?”

Arion: “Prince Leif is waiting for you. Go to him.”

Altena: “But what’s to become of us?”

Arion: “Altena… this is our fate. And the sooner we resign ourselves to it the better.”

Altena: “Arion, we can call for a truce! With King Travant gone, there’s nothing stopping us! Besides, I’m not about to fight you!”

Arion: “If it weren’t for father’s parting words, I would… Just go, Altena… now! Next time we meet shall be on the battlefield. But be ready… I won’t go easy on you!”

Altena: “Arion…”

Altena Talks with Seliph Altena: “I’m Altena… the daughter of Quan of Leonster. Prince Leif told me everything. I can no longer oppose you… Please, let me join your army.”

Seliph: “Princess Altena!? Ahh… so you’re Prince Leif’s older sister! The prince and I both hoped that you’d come… He’ll be so happy you’re here. You’ve made the right decision, Your Highness.”

Altena: “This is still happening so fast. But one look into Prince Leif’s eyes… And there before me I saw the gentle gaze of my father… And memories of my mother’s embrace suddenly felt just like yesterday.”

Seliph: “I still don’t understand what motivated King Travant in the first place. Why would he murder your parents and bring you back here? You were just a kid.”

Altena: “He told Arion once that all he was after was control of the Gáe Bolg. And that’s why he needed me…”

Seliph: “So he just used you for that?”

Altena: “I… I’m not sure myself. I know he did some terrible things, but he was a father to me…”

Seliph: “Hmm… Well, it’s all beyond me, that’s for sure.”

Altena: “Sir Seliph, I have one favor to ask of you. Arion… We must save Prince Arion!”

Seliph: “Sure, I don’t want to fight him. I’ve heard too many good things about him anyway. But will he listen to us?”

Altena: “I’ll give it one more shot…. Just give me a little more time!”

Conquering Kapathogia Lewyn: “Seliph, it’d appear that they took General Hannibal’s son hostage so he’d fight us.”

Seliph: “You’re kidding… Oh no, what have I done! Forgive me, General Hannibal.”

(Enemy Phase, Grutia)

Judah: “Kapathogia has fallen to the enemy!? Hrmph, Thracia has proven utterly worthless! Alright, fortify our defense! We must hold the castle until the reinforcements arrive!”

(Northwestern corner of the map, Musar arrives with a squad)

Musar: “So this is Thracia… Heh, what a godforsaken wasteland. The rebel army has gone far enough. Troops, prepare to attack. His Majesty has placed a bounty on the enemy. Now show me what you’ve got!”

Conquering Luthecia (Hannibal Is Alive) Lewyn: “Seliph, look. They’ve been keeping kids locked up in the dungeon.”

(Coirpre arrives)

Seliph: “Who are you? What happened to you?”

Coirpre: “I’m Coirpre, General Hannibal’s son. Who are you? Hey, aren’t you Sir Seliph of the liberation army!?”

Seliph: “Yep, that’s me. But what would make them lock up the son of General Hannibal?”

Coirpre: “King Travant took me hostage. My father didn’t want to fight, so they’ve forced to him against his will. Sir Seliph, please take me to my father! Once he sees that I’m okay, he’ll stop fighting! Please, we must hurry!!”

Seliph: “Hmm, you think so, huh… Alright, we need to find General Hannibal then. Let’s move!”

Conquering Luthecia (Hannibal Is Dead) Lewyn: “Seliph, it looks like General Hannibal’s son was being held hostage here.”

Seliph: “…They locked up his son in order to get him to fight!? How horrible.”

Lewyn: “Apparently, the general’s son, Coirpre, vanished upon word of his father’s death. I’m sure the boy’s not too happy with us… What a shame.”

Seliph: “Damn…”

Coirpre Talks with Hannibal Coirpre: “Father, it’s me, Coirpre! You can stop fighting! The liberation army has taken over Luthecia Castle!”

Hannibal: “Coirpre! You’re unharmed!”

Coirpre: “Yeah, I’m just fine. I want to join Sir Seliph’s liberation army, father. Thracia is not like it used to be… I want to fight for the people!”

Hannibal: “Coirpre, you’ve grown into a fine young man. Alright. I, too, shall join Sir Seliph’s effort.”

Coirpre: “Great! First we’ll liberate Thracia, and then we’ll all take on the empire together!”

(Enemy Phase, Grutia)

Judah: “Kapathogia has fallen to the enemy!? Hrmph, Thracia has proven utterly worthless! Alright, fortify our defense! We must hold the castle until the reinforcements arrive!”

(Northwestern corner of the map, Musar arrives with a squad)

Musar: “So this is Thracia… Heh, what a godforsaken wasteland. The rebel army has gone far enough. Troops, prepare to attack. His Majesty has placed a bounty on the enemy. Now show me what you’ve got!”

Conquering Grutia Seliph: “Lewyn, does Arion still intend to fight?”

Lewyn: “We’ve sent several messengers calling for a truce already, but he won’t listen. I guess the pride of being a Dragon Knight leaves no allowances for conceding in battle. I truly believed Arion of Thracia would have been a more reasonable man… Seliph, you know we can’t turn around now. We MUST engage this final battle.”

Seliph: “Grr… Why!? Why must Arion be so stubborn about this?”

(If Altena was recruited)

Seliph: “Arion! Don’t you understand what you’re causing Altena to go through?”

(Enemy Phase, Thracia)

Arion: “They reached Grutia, did they… Alright, we’ll employ the ‘Three-Headed Dragon’ assault. All reserve battalions to the battlefront! This is our last chance. This battle shall decide the fate of Thracia!”

Enemy Phase After Troops Get Near Arion’s Battalion Arion: “Okay, they’re here… Let’s move out! Victory or defeat… It’s all up to you! Dragon Knights, I command you to attack!!”

Julius Comes to Get Arion Julius: “Arion, this is not your time to die. Come with me… Hahaha!”

Conquering Thracia (If You Lost Julia) Seliph: “Julia!? Oh my god! You’re alright!”

Julia: “Yes, I’m fine. They locked me up in this castle, but I knew you’d come for me.”

Conquering Thracia Seliph: “Lewyn, did Arion really just disappear?”

Lewyn: “Yeah, someone said they saw Prince Julius appear and take off with him.”

Seliph: “Prince Julius? As in Emperor Alvis’ son?”

Lewyn: “Yep. Your half-brother, Seliph.”

Seliph: “It’s hard to believe we have the same mother…”

Lewyn: “Yes… Empress Diadora is where he inherited his shaman abilities from. Return and Recover are just a mere thought away for him. But there’s more to it than that. Prince Julius’ real power comes from…”

Seliph: “Who?”

Lewyn: “…the Dark Lord Loptyr.”


Villager: “The villages in these parts were peaceful while under Leonster’s rule. But we were subjugated by the Thracian army soon after the war.”

Villager: “That King Travant is a right cold man. Thank goodness Prince Arion and Princess Altena are nothing like him. Those two have always been very close. I hope nothing ever comes between them.”

Villager: “General Hannibal of Kapathogia is one of the most revered generals in all of Thracia. He has spent his entire adult life on the battlefield, so he never did marry. But he did take in an orphan several years back raising him as his own. Such a kind man.”

Villager: “General Disler of Luthecia follows King Travant around like a puppet. But afterwards he goes throwin’ his weight around… thinkin’ he’s important… What a jerk!”

Villager: “Could there be any truth to the rumour of a Dark Priest being in Grutia? I can sympathise with King Travant’s situation… But, my oh my, taking sides with the Lopto Sect… what was His Majesty thinking! I’m giving you this Barrier Ring… Now, please, save our Thracia!”


(Before meeting Musar’s battalion)

“I can’t verify this, but word is the empire is sending reinforcements this way. They say Musar is commanding them. Apparently, his father was killed by a Silesian knight among your ranks. He has it in for you all, so you better be on the lookout.”

(After meeting Musar’s battalion)

“You guys took out the empire’s reinforcements? Heh… nice work!”

Hermina or Jeanne Enter a Certain Village (Fake Shannan)

Fake Shannan: “You’re beautiful…”

Hermina/Jeanne: “…Huh?”

Fake Shannan: “Er, forgive me for not introducing myself. I’m Shannan, the prince of Isaach. You’re so beautiful I just had to meet you. If you’re not too busy, would you have time for dinner? I know a good restaurant.”

Hermina/Jeanne: “…”

Fake Shannan: “What’s wrong? Could it be the presence of royalty has overwhelmed you a tad? Well, relax. I make it a point to mingle with commoners just like yourself.”

Hermina/Jeanne: “So you’re… Alright, show me the Balmung then. I’ve always wanted to see it.”

Fake Shannan: “The Balmung!? Er… the Balmung! Yes, I, ah… H, here it is! Yep, the Balmung Shield… world renowned for this dragon carving. See? Now how about dinner?”

Hermina/Jeanne: “You think I’m stupid!? The Balmung is not some stupid shield! And Prince Shannan is more handsome than you could ever hope to be!”

Fake Shannan: “W, wait a min… Don’t tell me you’re a soldier of the liberation army!? Geez, sorry. Hmph… you’re the first girl who hasn’t fallen for the Prince Shannan line. Look, you can have the shield. Just forget I was ever here, okay!?”

Hermina/Jeanne: “What nerve! Well… at least this shield will give my defense a little boost.”

Hawk Enters Luthecia (Secret Book) Youth: “Heh heh heh…”

Hawk: “…?”

Youth: “Over at the public square, I just had a girl confess her love to me while sitting under a tree. Man, I wish I could share this feeling with ya!”

Hawk: “…”

Youth: “Of course! You’re with the liberation army! Here, I have some medicine and also the village’s secret text for ya.”

Hawk: “Er, thanks.”

Youth: “Love sure is a beautiful thing. Now get out there and find yourself a woman!”

Event with Hannibal and Charlot (Berserk Staff) Hannibal: “Charlot…”

Charlot: “Father? What’s the matter?”

Hannibal: “Son, I feel terrible for what I’ve put you through. You may have been better off being raised in a normal home than by a soldier like me.”

Charlot: “Father! What’re you saying!? You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted to be with. And now I can work to help bring about peace. That makes me so happy.”

Hannibal: “Is that so?”

Charlot: “And that’s not all.”

Hannibal: “Yes?”

Charlot: “I’m proud of you, father. The citizens of Kapathogia admire you greatly, and you raised me after all.”

Hannibal: “That’s very kind of you to say, Charlot. You’ve turned into a fine young man indeed. Oh yes, I almost forgot. This staff was found lying in the castle. I believe you can use it.”

Charlot: “Wow, that’s a nice staff. Thanks, father.”


Febail with Patty Febail: “Patty! Are you stealing again!?”

Patty: “Yeah, just a little.”

Febail: “Well, knock it off! I don’t care if it is coming from the enemy.”

Patty: “You think I like doin’ this!? Do you have any idea just how low our army’s food supply is? That takes money!”

Febail: “Yeah, well, I caught a guy making fun of you. He said ‘It’s no wonder you became a thief with a pirate for a mum’. Of course, I floored the guy for saying that.”

Patty: “Let ‘em say whatever they want, Febail. It doesn’t bother me. ‘Cause now we know our mother was a warrior… and of Crusader Ulir descent to boot! I was so happy I started cryin’ when Lewyn told me that…”

Febail: “Yeah, me too. With all we’ve gone through… growing up as orphans and all… I never would’ve dreamed our mother was of noble rank. Do you remember her at all?”

Patty: “Nope, not one bit. How about you?”

Febail: “Just a little… just that she was beautiful and very kind.”

Patty: “…So she’s dead, then?”

Febail: “I don’t know… But you and I are going to look for her when we’re all done here. …And then we can finally find out who our father is.”

Asaello with Daisy Asaello: “Daisy! Are you stealing again!?”

Daisy: “Yeah, just a little.”

Asaello: “Well, knock it off! I don’t care if it’s coming from the enemy.”

Daisy: “You think I like doin’ this!? Do you have any idea just how low our army’s food supply is? That takes money!”

Asaello: “I know, but…”

Daisy: “And the orphans back in Conote need money too, don’t they? I tell ya, I’m beat!”

Asaello: “Yeah, it sounds like it. I wonder how they’re all doing…”

Daisy: “You gotta pitch in, too! You better not be wasting all your arena prize money, Asaello!”

Asaello: “Geez… I’ve gotta learn to keep my mouth shut…”

Patty with Coirpre Patty: “So you’re Coirpre, huh… Here I was all excited to meet the son of General Hannibal, but you’re nothing but a kid…”

Coirpre: “Yeah, but what about you? You’re just a kid, too, aren’t you?”

Patty: “Excuse me! You tellin’ me I look like a child!?”

Coirpre: “Yeah, I am.”

Patty: “You… you’ve got a lotta nerve!”

Seliph with Hannibal Seliph: “General Hannibal, please forgive our military aggression on your homeland.”

Hannibal: “Sir Seliph… I heard you rescued my boy. If anyone is to apologize, it is I.”

Seliph: “General, for you, a warrior revered as ‘The Shield of Thracia’, to be forced into battle the way you were… I just can’t believe how low that King Travant will go!”

Hannibal: “His deceitful ways are contemptible, indeed. He has basically lost everyone’s trust. How he ever hoped to sustain the will of the people is beyond me…”

Seliph: “General, please guide us. We are still young and there’s much you can teach us.”

Hannibal: “Well, if an old timer like myself will do, then you have my loyal devotion, Sir Seliph.”

Lene with Coirpre Lene: “Are you Coirpre?”

Coirpre: “Ah… yes, that’s right.”

Lene: “So you’re an orphan, too, huh… Do you remember any of your childhood?”

Coirpre: “No, none of it. I guess I was just a baby when my father found me in Darna.”

Lene: “You were also in Darna!?”

Coirpre: “You know Darna?”

Lene: “Yeah, I grew up at the convent in Darna. I must’ve been about two when a young lady, a dancer I think, left me at the convent. And that sort of explains why I became a dancer. I thought I might be able to find my mother someday if I did. I’m not all that good yet, but I’m completely self-taught.”

Coirpre: “Wow, Lene, that’s great. I” guess I’ve had it wrong about you.

Lene: “Coirpre, you don’t like dancers, do you…”

Coirpre: “Well, I didn’t before, but I like you, Lene.”

Lene: “Heehee… Thanks, Coirpre.”

Laylea with Charlot Laylea: “Hey, you’re Charlot, aren’t you?”

Charlot: “Huh… Have we met?”

Laylea: “I’m Laylea. You’ve never seen a dancer before, have you?”

Charlot: “No… you’re my first.”

Laylea: “Haha! Well, if you ever have some free time, come on over and I’ll dance for you.”

Charlot: “Oh… okay.”

Julia with Seliph Julia: “Sir, you’re not hurt, are you?”

Seliph: “No, I’m fine. You’re the one I worry about, Julia.”

Julia: “Sir…”

Seliph: “What’s up?”

Julia: “…Ah, never mind.”

Seliph: “Julia, you’re acting weird. What’s going on?”

Julia: “…I just have a terrible feeling that we’ll become separated somehow, never to meet again. I’m… I’m scared, sir.”

Seliph: “Julia, there’s nothing to worry about. Look, I told you I’d look out for you, didn’t I? Have a little trust in me.”

Julia: “I… I do trust you, sir. I’m sorry… I’m always such a burden on you.”

Seliph: “We have been on the move for a while, you know. You’re just tired, that’s all. Once this battle’s over, we’ll be stopping in the free city of Miletos. You can rest up there. Hey, want to do some shopping while we’re there? I’ll get you anything you want, Julia. …as long as it’s not too expensive, that is. I’d never hear the end of it from Lewyn.”

Julia: “Oh, you! Well, that is nice of you… Thanks.”

Seliph: “Ahh… now there’s a smile.”

Julia: “Sir, would you close your eyes for a moment?”

Seliph: “Hm? What for?”

Julia: “I’m going to increase your resistance with the Magic Shield spell.”

Seliph: “Hold on! Doesn’t using that spell put you at some risk?”

Julia: “I’ll be fine… I have so little I can offer you, sir. Please allow me just this once.”

Seliph: “Julia…”

Julia: “…May the grace of the gods be with this person.”

Finn with Altena Finn: “Your Highness, I am Finn, a” knight of Leonster. Please… try to remember me.

Altena: “So you’re Finn… Leif told me all about you. Please accept my gratitude for watching over him all these years.”

Finn: “Actually, Your Highness, I” have an admission to make. The thought of looking for you never crossed my mind as I was convinced that you hadn’t survived. And yet you were living just a country away… My negligence is inexcusable.

Altena: “Finn, you’re crying… What’s wrong?”

Finn: “I… I’m sorry you have to see me like this. Forgive me…”

Altena: “Wait… I do seem to remember something of you, Finn. I always had to be around you, didn’t I… Yes, that was you. I’m sure of it. And I always wanted your attention, didn’t I…”

Finn: “Your Highness, I…”

Hannibal with Altena Hannibal: “Princess Altena, they briefed me on all you’ve been through. Accept my deepest sympathy.”

Altena: “General Hannibal… so you’ve sided with the liberation army as well, have you… Well, I’m relieved. I couldn’t stand opposing you as well.”

Hannibal: “And what has become of Prince Arion?”

Altena: “My bro… er… Arion won’t listen to me. Perhaps he’ll listen to you, General.”

Hannibal: “If you had no luck with him, I can’t imagine he’d listen to anyone. I’d gather Prince Arion intends to face death as a warrior. It’s out of our hands now.”

Altena: “But General…”

Hannibal: “I know how you feel, but some men will yield to nothing when confronted with adversity. The prince probably didn’t want to appear weak in your presence. You must respect his wish, Your Highness.”