Forge Cards exist exclusively in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, they can be used to forge special weapons at the Base during certain Chapters. There you have the chance to pick a Card to add an extra attribute to your weapon in exchange of a Coin. The card you choose will always be the same, no matter how many times you reset and try again.

The cards and their bonuses are:

  • Arrow - Accuracy +10
  • Three Arrows - Accuracy +20
  • Sword - Might +1
  • Axe - Might +2
  • Twin Sword - Might +3
  • Knight - Might +1; Crit +5
  • Wings - Crit +5
  • Six Wings - Crit +10
  • Vine - No Bonus
  • Soldier - Might +1, Hit +10
  • Goddess - Might +1, Hit +10, Critical +5
  • Raven - Coin +4

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